I have been constipated fo a whole week what can I do?

I have been constipated fo a whole week what can I do? Topic: I have been constipated fo a whole week what can I do?
July 20, 2019 / By Pamela
Question: Ive been constipated for a week and Ive tried Laxative orally and rectally over the counter and Im running out of ideas what to do. Any suggestions? Help please :(
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Marcia Marcia | 7 days ago
In opposition to above, You DO NOT stop taking medications that can cause constipation. What about the other reason, That is just nonsense. Now to take care of your constipation. Drink lots of water and eat foods that are high in fiber or use a fiber substitute like Benefiber or Metamucil. Since you have taken a laxative, you may want to try taking a laxative that includes a stimulant like Ducolax or Sennakot. These will help stimulate your colon to push it out. Also, i'm sure you have probably been straining to defecate since you have been stopped up for a week. You may want to try using a glycerin suppository as well as these ohter things to help lubricate your sphincter when your poo is on its way out. This way you will lessen the chance of causing hemorrhoids and it wont hurt so bad. Good luck, And drink lots of water :-)
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Marcia Originally Answered: iv been constipated for about a week?
It's highly unusual for a 13 y/o to be constipated but it isn't impossible. You say you been constipated for a week. With you writing that you feel like you want to vomit, that's a sign of bowel obstruction. That's an emergency. You need to tell your parents, the school nurse, or go down to the ER as soon as you can. Regardless of whether you have a bowel obstruction or not. You should see a Dr. to determine the cause of your constipation, it could be psycho-social, or diet related, or because of your inner anatomy. If you don't you'll make the problem worse over time. By being constipated, you'll stretch your intestines to the point where they don't work anymore.

Kirsten Kirsten
I haven't tried it but I've heard that Super Colon Cleanse is great for restoring things to normal (no upset stomach). It has herbs in it and you take it over a period of a week or more. You can get it at some health food stores and gnc. Also eat lots of fiber (fruits, veggies and whole grains) and drink a lot of water every day.
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Janie Janie
I dont know if your a coffee drinker or not but get a real hot drink when you first wake up in the morning. Drink it as fast as you can. Not all of it, hell not even half, get a couple good gulps in there I bet you go. Or hell, even heat up prune juice, thats even better. Hope everything comes out alright.
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Estelle Estelle
It sounds like your megacolon is back. I had the comparable issue whilst i became a newborn and teenager. you will get wiped sparkling out, yet once you permit your self get constipated lower back, it may come back. in case you're waiting to work out your generally happening scientific expert, you could attempt to scrub your self out with a tapwater enema. i'm no longer talking with reference to the small pre-measured Fleet form, however the style that contains a quart or 2 of heat water administered with an enema bag. you will get an enema bag at a pharmacy. this is nearly a warm water bottle with a tubing attachment. you could ought to ask the pharmascist to show it out for you. this form of enema could nicely be self-administered yet is somewhat bulky. you could could desire to ask a discern for some help. in case you will get a minimum of a quart of water on your colon, it is going to scrub you out and supply you some relief till you will see your scientific expert.
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Claribel Claribel
Try eating more foods with fiber and taking walks. Sometimes getting up and moving can help stimulate the bowels. If that doesn't work then you'll want to consult with your physician to see what other options they can offer you.
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Bea Bea
Try drinking some Senna tea. A few cups of that will help. afterwards drink plenty of water, especially warm water.
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Bea Originally Answered: constipated for a whole week?
Better see a specialist-doctor on gastroenterology ASAP. Something is very wrong with you. All the food residue that is trapped in your large intestine is slowly poisoning you. Also this condition is conducive to growths that may lead to colon cancer in your adult years. See that doctor right away and dont waste time asking help in websites like this one.

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