High protein diet question?

High protein diet question? Topic: High protein diet question?
January 28, 2020 / By Nicola
Question: Im thinking of going on a high protein diet, but I have a question..will I gain weight? I'm looking to lose a few pounds while still working out so my muscle definition shows up better. will I be able to lose pounds? I dont specialize in bodybuilding by the way. I train boxing...situps, crunches, obliques, high reps with low weights ect.
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Lyndsey Lyndsey | 3 days ago
many people misunderstand about the "Equation" of work out high reps & Low weights = definition low reps & high weights = bulk up this is wrong. reason why people started to believe that high reps and low weights will help them to get cut is because they are on "diet" if you go on a diet you lose the strength to lift up the heavier weight. that's why you HAVE to lift up the lighter weights with high reps to do more or same amount of work out. Also muscle weighs 5 times MORE than fat. So if you keep working out you wont lose that much of weight OR you might gain more weight cuz of muscle. don't worry about your weight but how your body. so my conclusion is that you can go on high protein program but you wont lose weight so focus on "body shape"
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Lyndsey Originally Answered: high calorie high protein diet for bodybuilding?
Well sounds like you are going on a bulk to me. If you are serious about bodybuilding there are all sorts of splits in macronutrients you can do, but one of the most popular is 40/40/20. 40 percent carbs, 40 percent protein, 20 percent fat. Great carb sources are oatmeal, brown rice, and whole wheat bread. Proteins are probably the easiest, but when bulking it can get a little costly. I have found ON brand whey for pre workout and post workout is fairly effective if you are on a budget. They also make a great Casein blend for before bed for repair and mass building. Try to keep your bulk as clean as possible so you can minimize fat gain while you are on your way up. As for supplements fish oil caps are friggin great, so is CLA, and Flax Seed Oil. These are great ways to get your Essential Fatty Acids in and also keep your bulk lean as possible. Spread those cals out over 5 or 6 meals. Other then that man make sure you are lifting heavy and keeping the volume low and you will be fine. Don't make the mistake of eating a bunch of crap to fill out your calories, you will regret the hell out of it when it comes to cutting time. If you are super serious about it, check out Tom Venuto's book, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. It has a lot of great information on how to cut and bulk effectively. Your bulk should be just a caloried up version of your cut.

Kaylynn Kaylynn
At a restaurant split your meal and eat only half meal and take the rest home if the quality is more
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Ida Ida
muscle is more dense than fat. conclusion: weight loss is nearly impossible if all you're eating is protein and amateur bodybuilding.
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Edyth Edyth
you may be used to fried foods but there are other sometimes healthier ways to cook including roasting steaming poaching baking braising and broiling
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Charmaine Charmaine
It depends on what type of protein you will be consuming. There is a lot of protein in meat, but the type of protein found in meat is not easily absorbed by humans, therefore a high protein diet from meat will not do you much good. Your best bet is to use plant-based protein such as nuts or nut butters, vegetable protein powder (sold at Kroger, Whole Foods, etc.) or legumes. This will provide you with proteins that your muscles will easily use to build themselves. This way you will be eating healthy while still obtaining the extra protein you desire (in effect not gaining fat, only muscle). But remember, any excess protein goes to waste, so do not overdo it! Many bodybuilders say upwards of 50g of protein a day is ideal, but your body cannot even use more than 30g/day. Hope this helps!
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Charmaine Originally Answered: Protein drinks or high protein diet?
I use protein shakes with a high protein diet, but my goals are to gain weight. I recommend getting whey protein, but drink it only olny once you've woken up, and after your workout THATS IT. everything meal in the middle should be with chicken, eggs and all that jazz. The importance of whey is that is the fastest absorbing whey protein out there. So after you workout and take whey your body will utilize the protein much faster than if you were to eat a chicken breast or have 2-3 egg whites.......so definatley get some whey protein. Since you are trying to cut up (lose fat) take the protein with water NOT MILK, milk just has excess calories you dont need. The whey protein I use is EAS 100% Whey PRotein form sams club...its cheap and effective. I ve also started using MuscleTech Premium whey protein, also from sams club, I just started using it so I cant give you any pros or cons yet. Ive heard that the Body Fortress whey protein from Wal-Mart is exelent, but it only comes in 2 pound boxes, whereas the ones from Sams club come in 5 pound bags. Yes definatley get some whey...no soy; soy has estrogen and will give you man-boobs. And also eat a high protein diet.

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