how to lose my appetite completely?

how to lose my appetite completely? Topic: how to lose my appetite completely?
September 19, 2019 / By Aura
Question: im on a HUGE diet for the past week all ive been eating is snacks, candy, ALOT of chocolate for sure and im now 160! im 13yrs old and im 5'4 - 5'5 and like a month ago i lost my appetite completely! for no reason it was just random and it went on for a week and i actully lost some weight ..(: but now i gain alot and i wanna lose it idk wat the hell i did for me to lose my appetite but i loved it! lol sooo..? any ideas plz appreciate it (: omg ppl of course im going to eat healthy and exercise 30 min. a day ...
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Abbigale Abbigale | 2 days ago
You need about 1852 calories (I calculated using your information) and yes it's to lose weight You can't get rid your appetite sweetie but you can get your binging under control Don't allow yourself to go too long b/w meals you want to avoid getting to that ravenously hungry state. Some healthy snack ideas hummus w/ raw veg, a slice of multigrain bread w/ a bit of natural nut butter or apple slices with nut butter, fruit and cottage cheese or string cheese, natural yoghurt with fresh berries or muesli, fruit and/or vegetable smoothies, plain nuts and seeds maybe mixed with some dry fruit, edamame, healthy crackers with some of that lowfat Laughing Cow Cheese, oatmeal (add some fruit, almonds, ground flax seed), sweet potato with cinnamon yoghurt, healthy cereal, kashi or luna bars, brown rice in rice milk Always eat breakfast and ideally make it your largest meal Stay hydrated This might be hard but MSG and other flavor enhancers stimulate appetite (fast and processed food contains a lot of unnatural additives) so try to cut down on such foods Sugar and salt can stimulate eating so reduce them and cut out soda entirely You have to find out what's really going on that makes you want to turn to food Are you bored (this is one of my biggest reasons for overeating)? If so get outside, call up some friends you could get together and play tennis or Frisbee something fun that isn't linked to food, do something intellectually stimulating that consumes your attention (don't mindlessly watch tv or surf the net, in fact cut off the tv those food ads will suck you in, you need to do something that snaps you out of your coma basically), clean or redecorate as much as I hate cleaning it actually keeps me from snacking, make time for hobbies or get a hobby if you haven't any Are you thirsty? Have a glass of water, sometimes the urge to eat is actually thirst Are your stressed out? Exercise, confide in a friend, express yourself paint, write in your journal, carve whatever, practice some yogic breathing techniques, meditate, get some fresh air maybe a nice walk or bike ride preferably somewhere like a park or forest, play with your pets (if you have them), take a nice bubble bath, or get a massage if possible Are you tired? Get some fresh air, have a few plain nuts or seeds, drink some water, take a 30 minute power nap, take a shower Are you sad? Talk to a friend, have a comedy night, vent in a journal, do yoga (helped me through Depression), meditate a useful technique is to simply observe your thoughts/feelings without adding on to them, and label thoughts as these arise simply "Thinking" Don't label your thoughts or emotions as bad or wrong or as good either, simply accept them and let them pass. Moods are like weather they will pass things will improve you have to learn to be with uncomfortable feelings, a lot of people try to bury their feelings beneath food to break this cycle you have to face your thoughts/feelings in an open, gentle, and nonjudgmental manner Don't have junk food just laying around in plain site, always store junk food if you will have it in the home high up behind closed doors Eat till you are 80% full, slow down and savor your food, if necessary eat with chop sticks or set your fork down b/w each bite it takes about 20 minutes to recognize the sensation of being full so try to stretch your meal time for 20 minutes. Keep your sat fat 14 grams since you are dieting and aim to get more healthy fats (fatty fish, olives, avocado, plain nuts and seeds, olive and flaxseed oil) Divide your plate 1/2 fruit and veg, 1/4 fiber-rich carbs (aim for 24-38 grams of fiber a day it will make you feel more sated but if you don't consume much now gradually increase intake otherwise you will get stomach pains), 1/4 lean protein Keep a food diary and record exactly what you ate as well as any triggers that might have led to binging It may help to have a glass of water or a bowl of miso soup (seaweed is fantastic for the metabolism) before a meal If you mess up at one meal, oh well get back on track with your next meal, don't try and guilt yourself, keep your messages positive Eat a variety of foods to avoid nutritional deficiencies (it was also keep you from getting bored), you need to aim for 100 different healthy foods a week be adventurous try different cuisines, new recipes etc. This site has tons of healthy recipes http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/content/recip...
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Abbigale Originally Answered: my 2 1/2 old son has completely lost his appetite. he is becoming slimmer by the day.?
Hun, you need to call your sons pediatrician to make sure that it's nothing serious. He might be just going through normal changes in his eatting habits, or he might have something wrong with him (cold, tapeworm, etc.). If haven't already, call the on call nurse at your pediatric clinic and see what they have to say. They might want you to bring him in to see the doctor in the morning. Please call though, I'd hate for your little boy to get dehydrated and have to be hospitalized and placed on IV's and such. Good luck to you and take care of your little one!

Standish Standish
you do not want to lose your appetite completely. You want to control it. There are several ways to suppress your appetite naturally. You do not want to starve yourself as this will tell your body to hold on to the fat already in your body. Natural Appetite Suppressants Pinolenic Acid is a nutrient that reduces your appetite naturally. It also aids in the digestion of dietary fats helping weight loss. Pine nuts contain pinolenic acid, a naturally occurring polyunsaturated fat that actually stimulates two powerful hunger suppressing hormones. Green Tea extract works by promoting thermogenesis, which increases the metabolic rate, inhibiting fat digestion, and boosting your energy. It also increases fat oxidation which helps the body use fat as an energy source. Coleus is an herb that promotes the breakdown of fat in the fat cells and aids in weight loss. Coleus stimulates fat metabolism helping fat loss when dieting. Protein takes longer to digest and does not affect your blood sugar in the way that carbohydrates do which suppresses the appetite by making you feel fuller longer. Guarana has a stimulant affect much like caffeine, it helps to boost energy levels and suppress the appetite. Foods That Suppress Your Appetite Water is an easy way to suppress your appetite. If you drink an 8-ounce glass of water when you first start feeling hungry you should notice that it curbs your appetite. If you just drink a full glass of water and wait 10 minutes you may see that your appetite is either completely gone or dramatically reduced. Green vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, bokchoy, and other leafy vegetables are very low in calories and they fill your stomach to make you feel full, turning off the hunger signals in your brain. Apples are a great appetite suppressing food because the bulky fiber fills up your stomach and turns off your appetite control hormones before you overeat.
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Ottis Ottis
You don't want to lose your appetite completely. What you need to do is start to work out and eat healthier. When you want junk food, MAKE yourself replace it with something healthy. Have a cheat day every week where you eat as much junk food as you want. Also, ask your parents to buy more healthy food.
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Lev Lev
How about instead you eat a healthy diet and exercise? That will help you lose weight! Sorry, but wishful thinking doesn't actually do much!
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Jamison Jamison
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Jamison Originally Answered: How long does it take to completely rid of hemorrhoids?
Sometimes it can be cured by surgeries. There are lot of pills and herbal products available on the market. Most of them are useless and some stuffs will only work for some people. Visiting a good doctor is a good idea. He will be able to give you a treatment method suitable for you. If you are affraid to visit a Doctor, you can try some natural home remedies like Stool softener, Witch Hazel, Sitz bath etc. Sometimes it can be cured permanantly within 4 weeks time by these natural remedies.

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