My daughter is 21 months and she has a constipation problem, been giving?

My daughter is 21 months and she has a constipation problem, been giving? Topic: My daughter is 21 months and she has a constipation problem, been giving?
September 20, 2019 / By Kat
Question: her Miralax only 1/2 tsp everyday, RX by the pediatrician and then I recently started giving her the canned manderin oranges and that seems to really help? anyone had the same experience?
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Hazel Hazel | 7 days ago
My son has that problem, he is 20 mo old. One other thing you could try, mix 1/2 prune juice with 1/2 7up and get her to drink it. Its supposed to taste like Dr Pepper but I don't know. She doesn't have to drink a whole lot but just a 3 or 4 sips. It has helped my son tremendously. He is also on Miralax, but we've had to up his dose to a full cap daily. You can also do that with her, it won't hurt her any bit. Try to keep her away from eating too many starchy foods, like potatoes, carrots, breads, and even too much milk can be a problem. My son is only allowed to have 2 full sippy cups of milk daily. The rest of the time, he drinks water or Juicey Juice. One good snack for her that will help her be more regular is raisins. I hope this information is good for you. Good luck.
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Get her to the vet ASAP and ask him/her to consider a diagnosis of pyoderma. There is not enough information, and without seeing the dog it's difficult to say, but if it were pyoderma, then your dog might also be hypothyroid - let your vet check for that at the same time (that's a blood test) It it were pyoderma, your dog may need steroid treatment (prednisolone) and possibly antibiotics for secondary infection. If it is not pyoderma, those bumps and pustules may indicate an autoimmune problem (Pemphigus ?) or possibly an adverse reaction to a vaccine (if she's been recently vaccinated).... those are the possibilities I can think of. But whatever it is, don't mess about, please get her to a vet.

Dorthy Dorthy
My daughter is nearly 3 and has a constant constipation problem. But she's a picky eater won't eat fruit unless banana or applesauce (both binding from what I hear). My ped gave me a RX for Miralax but I haven't used it yet. He told me to use Milk of Magnesia and she takes 3 teaspoons a day plus I put Fibersure in all her food. She will still try to hold it in and crys when I put her on the potty but hopefully this will help her. Right now it's in her head that when she goes it will hurt. She had one bowel movement that hurt and we've had this problem for months now. He said to keep her on Milk of Mag for the next 6 months and then wean her off for about 3 months after. Hopefully after all that time it will get out of her head that it will hurt but it sure is messing up potty training. She won't tell me when she has to go until too late and ends up doing it in her pants. Good luck, it's a long hard process to get past.
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Cathleen Cathleen
A tablespoon of corn syrup a couple of times a day will keep things moving. The sugar acts as a laxative, same with the canned oranges and the gummi bears. corn syrup for children's constipation is an old tried-and-true remedy that has been used for years in my family. My grandmother swears by it. It is completely harmless and easier to take than most OTC meds. It is also cheaper.
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Annamae Annamae
My son also had constipation problems when he was a baby. We gave him a small baby bottle of watered down prune juice when he got constipated and it seemed to help him a lot.
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Wolfe Wolfe
my son was always constipated we had a shelf just for him with enemas. i found though that a hand full of sugar free gummy bears ( something in the sugar free part acts as a laxative) 2-3 times a day kept him regular and it was more fun for him then enemas or kids milk of magnesia
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Shannon Shannon
kayrol syrup and lots of water. (warm) Works better than rx and you dont have to worry about medicationg your child all the time. That and a nice warm bath a belly massage and that should do the trick.
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Nally's White Cheddar Popcorn I don't know why, BUT IT'S LIKE CLOCKWORK. I'm on a pain management protocol with narcotics and various other drugs that are constipating and unbeknownst to me, the best solution, I discovered by complete accident, is that popcorn. It's probably because of the popcorn husk. I went the laxative route and regret it. There is a natural pill or juice that you can try called "ALOE VERA JUICE" or "ALOE VERA CAPSULES".

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