is eating alot of healthy food and no sweet or fatty foods bad for me?

is eating alot of healthy food and no sweet or fatty foods bad for me? Topic: is eating alot of healthy food and no sweet or fatty foods bad for me?
September 19, 2019 / By Aubrey
Question: i eat alot of healthy food, about 5 fruits and veggies a day, sometimes more, i never eat any junk food, no chocolate, no crisps or biscuits or sweets, i dont eat greasy foods such as pizza and mc donalds, and also no fried foods, i eat foods which dont contain much fat, salt or sugar, because i want to maitain my fitness for football, i know they say you should have a balanced diet but i am comfortable with my eating habit, but is this bad for me?
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Best Answers: is eating alot of healthy food and no sweet or fatty foods bad for me?

Abaigael Abaigael | 5 days ago
i think you are an insperation at healthy eating. BUT The human body uses fatty acids to do everything from building cell membranes to performing key functions in the brain, eyes, and lungs. The functions of fats include: Brain – Fats compose 60% of the brain and are essential to brain function, including learning abilities, memory retention and moods. Fats are especially important for pregnant women, since they are integral to fetal brain development. Cells – Fatty acids help your cells stay moveable and flexible, as well as being responsible for building cell membranes. Heart – 60% of our heart’s energy comes from burning fats. Specific fats are also used to help keep the heart beating in a regular rhythm. Nerves – Fats compose the material that insulates and protects the nerves, isolating electrical impulses and speeding their transmission. Lungs – Lung surfactant, which requires a high concentration of saturated fats, enables the lungs to work and keeps them from collapsing. Eyes – Fats are essential to eye function. Digestion – Fats in a meal slow down the digestion process so the body has more time to absorb nutrients, and help provide a constant level of energy and keeps the body satiated for longer periods of time. Fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) can only be absorbed if fat is present. Organs – Fats cushion and protect your internal organs. Immune System – Fats ease inflammation, helping your metabolism and immune system stay healthy and functioning although im not telling you to go and start eating junk just make sure you eat lots of "good fats"
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Abaigael Originally Answered: What's the difference between 500 calories of fatty foods and 500 calories of healthy food?
With the 500 calories of fatty food you are storing up more of a chance of a future heart attack or stroke than you are if you eat 500 calories of healthy food...that's because the fat gets into your bloodstream and sticks to your artery walls which interferes with the flow of blood throughout your body...

Spencer Spencer
Eating only healthy food is not bad for you. There is natural sugar and healthy fats in the fruits and veggies you eat. You didn't mention if you eat meat or other sources of protein though. If you are playing football protein is important whether you get if from meat or vegetarian sources like tofu soy and beans etc... Also a balanced diet should not include processed garbage like most people eat too much of. You are probably healthier than most of the population because you aren't eating junk.
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Osmond Osmond
no thats good. when people say balanced diet they are talking to fat people who eat the opposite of what you eat. When there was no such thing as fatty fried foods or chocolate what else would we eat? fruit, veg, meat! you can get sugars from fruit, fat from meat and anything else from veggies.
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Leopold Leopold
Sugar, especially complex sugars which is what sweets are, turn into fat. You also probably drink a lot of water because the sweets require a lot of hydration, I think it's something like an ounce of water for every gram of sugar. Ever noticed after eating a candy bar you're always thirsty?
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Leopold Originally Answered: Ideas for high-energy, healthy but sweet breakfast foods?
Hey why dont you try Quakers oats golden syrup flavour .. only takes 2 mins - Its Healthy - Sweet .. very sweet should i say - With High energy ! looks like this: http://www.britsuperstore.com/acatalog/Quaker_Oatso_Simple_Golden_Syrup_360g.jpg enjoy =]

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