What are some healthy foods or healthy food programs?

What are some healthy foods or healthy food programs? Topic: What are some healthy foods or healthy food programs?
December 9, 2019 / By Jodi
Question: I'm 18 (male) and all my life I have been a very active person (I have always been in sports, I lift weights, and I do cardio) but recently I just noticed that my diet and my parents diet's aren't that great. My parents don't usually cook, so we end up eating unhealthy fast food. Yesterday my parents and I decided it was time for a new diet. The problem is that I, nor parents, have any idea as to what we should eat. So if you guys could help me by suggesting a website or some other type of reference as to what we could eat, I would greatly appreciate it. Remember, we want to start eating healthy so a few recipes won't help, it would have to be a bunch of recipes that we could use for the next couple of months. P.S. a little bit of weight loss wouldn't hurt either :]. Thanks again in advance!!!
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Gale Gale | 4 days ago
Ok, I am going to list this out, it will be much easier to read: - lots of fruits and veggies... try and have one or the other in every meal - replace all your grain (bread, rice, etc) with whole grain. much healthier - drink lots of water - stop drinking any pop or alcohol - cut out all junk and processed food... yes, this even means quick pre-made frozen dinners - start cooking all your meals from scratch - have a small snack every 4 hours (nothing big, just an apple, handful of almonds, a yogurt, etc). This will boost your metabolism - never ever skip breakfast - before you consume something, ask yourself, "will this do my body good?" if the answer is no, then don't eat or drink it. Good luck!
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Gale Originally Answered: What would be some healthy fast food choices, other than salads (I'm looking for foods high in fiber)?
Dear Lonely Girl: It takes the same amount of time to pack a HEALTHY lunch from home. Made from 100% love. Than it is to sit through a drive-thru, attempt to communicate with the bilingual at the speaker, unwrap the food that was thrown in the bag, and wulf it down in a few minutes with no regard to what just occured! Your new lifestyle: High protien sandwich: boil some eggs (5-minutes after boil), peel and mash add a little mayo for consistency, sea salt, relish, dash of mustard for coloring., mix and add onto whole wheat bread. Pack some fruit juice or bottled water and classic chips (all the seasoned chips have MSG) You can also just buy the pre-packaged spinich leaves and pre-mixed salads in the super market, buy a low-fat dressing (use sparingly) or a nice Italian or vinigerette. Buy an avacado to slice on top (good for your skin) and/or sliced tofu, grated carrots, etc. simply make it in the lunch room of your office. Others will start to envy you and may even start to join you for lunch. For a snack food at work when you feel like a little sweet. Pack a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich (use real fruit jelly), on whole wheat, and/or trail mix (nuts are high in fiber and no saturated fats like animal meats. High fiber: A great fast comfort food is cereal like the squares with sugar on it. Very high in fiber! You can practically live on cereal, use soy milk instead of dairy. Allow your self to experience the vegetarian meats found in the frozen food section as well. A ' chik patty' on a peice of bread with dressing or mustard is great and optional a slice of REAL cheese (stay away from processed like American, etc) the white cheeses are with no added coloring. When shopping read labels you will really start to get educated and find new healthy solutions! Good luck!

Deanne Deanne
I think it is awesome that you and your family are ready to make the change! The hardest part I have found about eating healthy at home is having fresh veggies in the house so if it is difficult to go to the grocery store a few times a week then I would recommend flash frozen veggies. Also, have some frozen meals as a back up. It is unrealistic that you will go from regularly eating fast food to having a home cooked meal every night. I like the Safeway brand "Eating Right" label, they have a dinner in the frozen section that is just shrimp with veggies, very quick, easy and delicious. As far as cooking, I like the website below. The recipes are easy and realistic. Best of all you can search by ingredients and skill level. Use the "Healthy Cooking" search preference.
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Brielle Brielle
Cut all salt. Get some Mrs. DASH. Then no fast foods, no frozen dinners. Whole grain in bread and pasta. Also, lots of fruits and veggies. I have high blood pressure and over weight. IN six weeks I dropped 7 pounds, no real exercise or physical activity. Other people will also post, but my notes above will be a helpful start.
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Alia Alia
My family has always tried to keep a balanced diet. Keep treats and sweets to no more than one a day. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables- frozen are great if you don't have good access to fresh. Try eating more organic food- it really makes you feel better because you do not have any of those awful chemicals in your body. When eating carbs keep them healthy! For instance- whole grain pasta and whole wheat bread are great. For meat- keep read meat to an absolute minimum (2 days a week at most). Eat more fish because it has lots of healthy omega 3s and oils and good fats. Chicken is great because it is not as fatty as red meat. I hope this helps!! PS, soy makes a great protein substitue and raw soybeans are a great snack! :)
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Alia Originally Answered: DO you think insurance companies that pay for smoking cessation programs in full but not weight loss programs?
The ill affects of smoking have been researched longer. Insurance companies have identified and implemented preventative measures. It is going to take a proactive insurance company to implement an innovative incentive program for weight loss/prevention before this will become the norm in all insurance plans. However, I don't know if all insurance companies pay in full for programs that stop smoking. They may pay a percentage, but there are very few procedures that are paid in full. Normally the insurance holder must cover a certain percentage of the cost. PPO/HMO/Medicare, it doesn't matter, some will just cost more or less. The cost will depend upon if the doctor/program is in the specified coverage groups. The truth that people don't see about insurance companies, is that they aren't discriminating. They are in business to make money and provide a service. To simply discount their business practices without knowing all the facts is an uneducated argument. I know for a fact I don't know all the pros & cons, but I do know from researching the insurance industry: They are alwasy looking for a way to save money.

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