Constipated for over a week.?

Constipated for over a week.? Topic: Constipated for over a week.?
January 29, 2020 / By Jera
Question: Why am I always constipated? Usually I don't have many bowel movements...but I haven't had one in over a week! I feel so heavy and gross. And my stomach is so bloated. This has happened before and I took some laxatives, but I don't want to do it anymore. Isn't there something I can do to avoid constipation all together? I also lead a pretty healthy lifestyle. This week for example I did a TON of walking, so it shouldn't be due to lack of exercise. I also drink a lot of water (I only drink water and coffee), eat fiber (usually i have bread and yesterday i had fiber 1) and I also eat a lot of vegetables. HELP! I am actually abroad (for the next 3 months) so I don't know if I can see a doctor... and I don't want to use laxatives because yes, they will make me have bowel movements again, but it won't solve the problem. I will keep getting constipated and my body will get used to the laxatives. and as I mentioned, I get plenty of fiber in my diet. what should I do?
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Flo Flo | 7 days ago
I used to have infrequent bowel movement as well, but now I had once and sometimes twice a day, ever since I started to eat wholegrain rye breads (I always look for the one with most fiber on it), green beans, and lots of water. Yogurts and papaya sometimes helps too. Also, I read somewhere that caffeinated stuff are dehydrating so you will have to drink extra water for every coffee you drink. The supermarkets are selling fiber supplements as well, although I haven't tried it since the wholegrain breads contain lots of insoluble fiber and the beans contain a lot of soluble fiber already. Hope this helps!
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Flo Originally Answered: My 2 week old is constipated i think?
This is completely normal. it just means your baby's digestive tract is maturing. Did your baby get the black sticky poop in the beginning? Then it should've been yellowish creamy. Now it's starting to harden. If he/she seems in stress from bowel movements try pear juice. It's safe for newborns after 1 week and will alleviate hard stools. Hope this helps! But if you're really concerned, you should always ask your pediatrician, NOT Yahoo Answers. lol

Daisy Daisy
Why don't you want to take the laxatives any more Prunes are the best, and powder mixes like "Metamucil" are great in normal conditions, but for now, please take the laxatives. A week is way too long and the next stop could be the emergency room, if even enemas can't help
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Bithiah Bithiah
eat more fiber. not bread- fiber is like green leafy vegetables, fruits etc. eat yogurt. if you are really constipated dont use a laxative use dulcolax (not sure what it is considered) it is a MIRACLE worker!!! i was constipated only once, after i had a c-section with my daughter, and it was so distressing i literally cried, took the dulcolax and five minutes later i felt so much better!
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Aimey Aimey
Never let yourself go long without going.. My Cuz had no ideal she was even constipated. she thought the water and stuff she had commimng out was diarehea and it was not. She died in 2 weeks.. because of toxia in the body... YOU have to get that out.. Lax make me sick and dizzy.. so Stool softners work best..
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Aimey Originally Answered: My 6 week old is on soy formula with rice cereal added. He is very constipated!?
You really are doing a double dose of constipating foods. Some kids get constipated on soy milk. And rice cereal is no longer recommended by many docs because it is recommended to bind up a baby with diarrhea. If baby was put on soy milk because of spitting up, then rice, your doc has only led to more problems. If baby was spitting up burning acid and VERY fussy and in pain, this is true reflux. If baby spits up a lot but not in pain, your baby was just a newborn super spitter. Can baby go back on original formula or breast milk, and then doc prescribe meds IF the baby has true reflux (don't confuse fussiness for colic too). Adding meds for constipation is just masking one more misstep. - again, go back to the doc. Or get a 2nd opinion. Why is baby on soy? IF and truly IF the lil one had reflux, did doc try original formula and meds first?

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