My puppy has bad breath what could be the causes?

My puppy has bad breath what could be the causes? Topic: My puppy has bad breath what could be the causes?
June 16, 2019 / By Aubree
Question: I found a puppy in the street. She is a cross breed boxer and boerbull i think... anyway i could tell that she had been on her own for awhile as she was afraid of humans, it took me awhile to lure her in but when i showed her food she couldnt resist... Her ribs were showing a great deal and she had sores on her ears from the flies. She was in a very bad condition. 2 Months later she has picked up some weight and looking healthy, but her breath is terrible. its been like that from day one and hasnt changed a bit. I could take her to the vet but would like to know if anyone has any suggestions i could try first. I brush her teeth once a week, and she gets bathed regularly. So her hygiene is in peak conditon. I have noticed her poop is usually runny and not solid. Maybe theres a connection? Thanks!! any suggestions would be great. Hi i am feeding her vet food, called optiwoof. the vet has dewormed her and has given her the vaccinations she needs. We did find the owner and apparently they had gotten a warning from the spca about negligence of the dog and i couldnt let them have her back. (not that they even tried finding her) so the spca inspector agreed to leave her by me.
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Abagale Abagale | 4 days ago
Of course you can brush her teeth, my Vet recommends once daily, if at all possible. She needs to go to the Vet for a check-up - that's first. Take a stool sample with you and a urine sample - she may need to be wormed, he will probably check out her teeth for her bad breath. Sometimes bad breath can come from the digestive tract, too. I give my dogs pro-biotics and digestive enzymes to help with an over abundance of bacteria in their digestive tract. If her health checks out fine, I might also look at gradually switching her over to a premium dog food (you don't say what you're feeding her) for overall health. Did you try to find the owner of the pup? ADD: Not familiar with that food at all - but I am so glad you got to keep her. You might give your Vet a call to ask him about pro-biotics. A tablespoon of canned pumpkin given with her kibble will help to firm up her stools for the time being. It has to be sugar fee whole canned pumpkin. Ironically it helps with runny stools AND constipation: http://raisinghealthydogs.com/discover-t... ADD again - just looked up your food. Nope, that isn't a great food. Here are the ingredients: Cereals, meat & animal derivatives, cereal by-products, vegetable protein extracts, yeasts, flavourants, oils & fats, vitamins & minerals and permitted antioxidants. Instead - look for a food that has meat as the first ingredient. Cereals are not that great for a dog, and I also don't like to give my dogs anything with yeast in it at all. If you switch your food - do it gradually: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/pic/articl... '
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Sparrow Sparrow
Bad breath is usually a sign that there is something going on... Whether it be a rotting tooth or a back up of bacteria in the the mouth. Most vets recommend that you brush your dogs teeth daily. I know right now you are doing it once a week. Try increasing it to 3 days a week and so forth until you are able to do it daily. Also some dogs just by nature have bad breath.
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Osman Osman
Where do you live? I can't even find the actual ingredients for this food. Everywhere lists it the same as :Cereals, meat & animal derivatives, cereal by-products, vegetable protein extracts, yeasts, flavourants, oils & fats, vitamins & minerals and permitted antioxidants. Contains no artificial colourants. For all I know that's the best you can get where you live but that food sounds pretty low quality. Low quality food usually causes atrocious breath in dogs especially if you aren't providing dental care.
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Leonard Leonard
Check the food for grain content. Corn especially in food. Your pup may be having a problem with his food. Don't feed table food. Chewies are good for cleaning teeth. You might also try brushing.
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Jalon Jalon
"I found a puppy in the street.2 Months later she has picked up some weight and looking healthy, but her breath is terrible. its been like that from day one and hasnt changed a bit. " Did try to find it's owner? Post flyers? Go to shelters? Vets Offices? Animal Control? Ads in paper? You can't just keep a stray without trying to find it's owner! That's stealing. How would you feel if someone found your dog and decided to keep it?
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Jalon Originally Answered: My puppy (6 months) started off on Science Diet puppy formula but the new bag we bought had a ?
I used science diet on my dog I had that ''new and improved'' formula my dog got the same things! go to pet smart there you will find other types of organic food that won't make your puppy have gas and bad breath because that ones won't have too much fish oil.But science diet is a very low dog diet try to get anothar one get Canidae dog food is the best option! hope I helped. =D

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