are you supposed to drink more water when you have a urinary tract infection?

are you supposed to drink more water when you have a urinary tract infection? Topic: are you supposed to drink more water when you have a urinary tract infection?
October 15, 2019 / By Anita
Question: when you have a urinary tract infection you pee frequently and only a little but of urine comes out. i have a urinary tract infection and the dcotor gave me a 3 day prescription of antibiotics for it. do i drink more water even though im peeing frequently anyway? anyone else who went through this, plz empathize. thanks.
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Wilson Wilson | 10 days ago
Drinking more water can't hurt at all and will only help flush out your system and kidneys and keep your urethral tract free of any bacteria. Usually the patients I work with are told to increase their intake to help dilute the bacterial load. Also yogurt and/or acidopholus are great in keeping your natural intestinal beneficial bacteria levels in check when you are on antibiotics.
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Wilson Originally Answered: Suggested Amt. of Water to Drink Daily?
Water is well-known to cleanse your body of harmful chemicals through your intestines and conjointly throughout your urine tract. While not proper water intake, our bodies break down terribly quickly, in a matter of days. Without food, but, some folks will live for every week or two. That simply shows how necessary water is to our bodies. Three 3 fast tips for taking in more water. 1. Continually have water available. 2. Keep it cold. :) 3. Selected water in restaurants.

September September
As a former sufferer of frequent UTIs, I feel your pain! :-) It's important to drink adequate amounts of fluid while you are being treated for a UTI. It helps the antibiotic to work more effectively. You don't need to drink ridiculous amounts of water, just don't restrict fluids because you don't want to keep running to the bathroom. It's a pain, to be sure, but your body needs the fluid right now. Staying hydrated can also help to actually decrease the intensity of pain you feel with urination because the urine is more dilute. The good news is that the symptoms of frequent urination usually clear up rather quickly. You should start feeling better after the first dose or two of antibiotics. Just be sure to keep taking ALL the antibiotic, even if you feel much better, so that you completely eliminate the infection - otherwise it may come back to haunt you! (Been there, done that - yikes!!!) Try to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day while on the medication. It's OK to count coffee, juice, or soda as a couple of these, but plain water is best. Hope this helps and that you feel better soon! Meanwhile, drink
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Nethaneel Nethaneel
Drinks lots of water to help flush everything out. Periodically have some cranberry juice - good for the urinary tact.
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Kimball Kimball
I would say that if you have an infection like this you should be drinking water or cranberry juice. The juice cleans out your system good. Most Dr.s will tell you this. Caffine products tend to make your issue last longer.
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Hugo Hugo
I went through this just a few months ago. Yes, you need to drink more water but if you get tired of water, 100%cranberry juice works just as well if not better.
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Ern Ern
Yes water and also cranberry juice are great to drink, but don't over do it as you can also get sick from drinking too much water.
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Colt Colt
Yes. Your kidneys and bladder need the extra water to flush everything out, so even though it's uncomfortable you need to drink alot of water.
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Aric Aric
i have that problem to but i still drink around 5 or more bottles of water each day because its better for you to drink than anything else and i'd say that you'd drink more water even tho you are having this problem
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Aric Originally Answered: Why is it that people believe that they need to drink so much water? Why do they believe it will eliminate.
Recently this whole concept of drinking lots of water was disproved. By drinking when you are thirsty you will get enough water to eliminate the water soluble wastes from your body without forcing water. I find it totally ridiculous to see these people (usually women) walking around with their water bottles and sipping away where ever they were. It is not necessary and only increases your urinary output.

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