What are some simple ways to add horsepower/reduce weight of my camaro?

What are some simple ways to add horsepower/reduce weight of my camaro? Topic: What are some simple ways to add horsepower/reduce weight of my camaro?
January 18, 2020 / By Alanis
Question: I have a 91 camaro RS with a 5.0 (305) and it's already pretty fast, but I would like to add some horsepower here and there. I don't race it and I'm not willing to put thousands of dollars into it. I also often have passengers in it so I dont wanna tare apart the interior. Any simple horsepower gains you know of? And what are some things that the car definitely doesn't NEED that I could remove? I already took out the cat converter but that was more for sound not weight reduction (and i know people that will help me pass an inspection). Just some simple, cheap suggestions. Its carburated by the way and I have an edelbrock air cleaner. thanks for your help asshole. and yeah, it sounds better. I hear it not you. By sound deadening material do you mean the carpets and stuff? Or is there specific things youre talking about that I could take out? it is a tbi. what wires are you talking about? theres so much stuff under there that i didnt expect to see but im not ripping just anything out. and where is the spare tire?/is there one? if there is i would like to take that out that helped in my other car
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Best Answers: What are some simple ways to add horsepower/reduce weight of my camaro?

Travis Travis | 3 days ago
Best way to add horsepower is to improve how fast the engine brings in air and expells the burnt exhaust. I would do a intake, header and a real exhaust up grade. After that i would go with a mild after market cam To reduce weight, go through the interior of the car and remove all of the sound deading material....
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Rees Rees
If your carb'ed and HEI now rather than throttle body injected you can do quite a few things Get a dizzy recurve kit and use the light and med weight springs out of kit, keep your stock weights and center plate Set timing at idle to 16* BTDC with vac line un hooked and plugged off K&N air filter to fit your air cleaner housing Install headers, aftermarkert Y pipe, single 3" cat back system Yes the sound deadening is the pad under the carpet.. Kinda made onto the carpet of third gens. I replaced my stock carpet with the thin speaker box type carpet. The stock carpert and sound deadener weighed 52 lbs... The thin speaker box stuff to do my whole car weighed 7 lbs If your running a carb now, then you dont need the computer and 75% of the wires under the hood.. All that stuff on mine weighed in at 10 lbs Yo can go to a fiberglass hood. My stock steel hood weighed 67 lbs, my harwood bolt on 4" cowl glass hood weighs 51.
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Maximilian Maximilian
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Grey Grey
Your spare tire is located in the rear hatch area on the passenger side. open hatch and locate the three BIG plastic screws and remove, lift up and in on the panel, the spare is behind there.
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