My baby is constipated, I think?

My baby is constipated, I think? Topic: My baby is constipated, I think?
September 23, 2019 / By Abegail
Question: She is eating 1 tablespoon of Dark Karo Syrup in her bottle at her before bed feeding. It seemed to work for 2 months but now she seems constipated. She strains really hard and only has a mustardy stool once a week. But everyday she has these hard stools. She just looks very uncomfortable. I have talked to her pediatrician about this now 2 times and she just says to add more Karo to more than 1 feeding. But I don't know. I kind of want to try milk. I suggested it once to the doctor but she wanted to try this first. Is there a reason she doesn't want to try milk based formula? Anyone have same sort of problem with their baby? Little History: Our hospital didn't let my baby leave the hospital untill she keep 2 ounces of formula down. We tried breastmilk, milk based formula, and soy formula. She finally keep the soy down. But I thought she could have just keep the soy down because she was just learning how to eat and that was the last formula they tried.
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Stephen Stephen | 10 days ago
Babies bodies are very fickle. My son tried 5 different milk based formulas before we found one he didn't throw up much from, Your doctors are knowledgable but they won't know everything, if it is currently hot where you are, try adding a little more water to her milk as this may help with dehydration, also ask your doctor about trying different formula's and be aware that when you do change to try and use the formula for at least a week before trying another one as she (well her digesting system) will need to get used to the suble differences in the formula. Also you could ask about if it is suitable or if your doctor could perscribe some kind of electrolite substance to add to your daughters milk (if dehydrated). If all your daugter lacks is fibre then maybe you should see about a fibre substance to help. I AM NOT OBJECTING to your doctors advise but you should be very careful with the Dark Karo Syrup as there are questions into wether or not it is good for babies health despite the help with their movements. I hope this helps and that your daugter gets smoother bowl movements. Lily
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Stephen Originally Answered: Why is my baby constipated?
Most likely it would be the potatoes. I would try to increase the fiber in her diet. Prunes would be great. At this age she can eat them just cut up without them being pureed. Also try peaches, pears, and other fruits/veggies. You can also give her 2 oz of prune, apple or grape juice mixed with 2 oz of cool boiled water.

Pace Pace
Many babies become constipated when foods are first added to their diet. The main reason for this is that the standard recommended starting foods are all constipating - rice cereal, bananas, squash, and applesauce. Why do health care professionals choose these starting foods when they know they will make most babies constipated? Good question. Even my own Baby Book lists these as starting foods. The truth is, there is nothing special about these foods that makes them better to start out with. Babies don't actually even need rice cereal. So, if your baby becomes constipated after starting foods, here is what you can do. Stop feeding him whatever foods you have started so far. Introduce a food that you know won't constipated him. Some good suggestions include pureed peaches, prunes, or any green vegetable. If your baby will not take these foods, or if these foods don't work well enough, try some diluted prune juice through a sippy cup. Offer water more frequently. Once baby's stools become more regular again, start adding some of those starter foods again, but in smaller amounts, and less often. You will need to determine how much of these "loosening" foods your baby needs to keep him regular. How do you tell if your baby is truly constipated? Simply stooling less often is not considered constipation. Here are some signs to watch for: Straining to pass stools - your baby may strain just for a few minutes, or he may strain for hours or days. Painful stools - if stooling seems to be hurting baby in any way, even if it does not appear unusually large. Large, hard stools - this is a sign, but only if baby is straining or in pain. Large, hard stools that pass easily are not considered constipation. What should you do to relieve the constipation until the loosening foods kick in? If baby is really uncomfortable, you can insert a thermometer about one inch into baby's anus. This will stimulate the anus to open and pass the stool. If this doesn't work, use half of a children's glycerin suppository available over the counter at the drug store.
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Lincoln Lincoln
milk could worsen constipation so I would avoid that if at all possible. My son has always had an issue with contipation, he would scream in agony when trying to have a bowel movement it was awful. At about 8 weeks my pediatrician sugessted 1 ounce of prune juice mixed with 1 ounce of water each day at the same time every day. It really really helped. He still (now 20 months) has mostly rabbit-pellet like poops, but a cup of juice a day usually solves that problem. Ask your ped what she thinks about trying some prune juice. good luck
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Jared Jared
My niece has the same problem! she is now 2 years old but has been constipated since she was a little baby. Her doctor put her on Milk of Magnesia, it works really well, i even use it on my son when he gets constipated. You should talk to your doctor to see if this will help.
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Freddie Freddie
my daughter had the same trouble when she was born, once i switched her to formula she had improved but it was once i started to give her prune juice that she started to become more regular and a lot softer to. I can still remember how much pain she was in and it wasn't pleasant to watch either believe me and i felt helpless, good luck hope you find something that works soon
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Freddie Originally Answered: my baby is constipated.?
Poor thing! You need to get an second opionion or get her to a specialist right away! It shounds like your child could have G.I problems. I would have suggested if it was normal constipation to feed him an 1/2 ounce kero suryp with nursery water. Good luck!

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