Purpose for individual ingredients in Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Purpose for individual ingredients in Chocolate Chip Cookies? Topic: Purpose for individual ingredients in Chocolate Chip Cookies?
June 18, 2019 / By Ashleigh
Question: I know that all ingredients are there to create the flavor, but I am just wondering what the individual ingredients in Chocolate Chip cookies are there for. Assume that this is just a standard Nestle Toll House recipe. Also, what is the purpose for the step by step instructions: such as putting the flour, baking soda, and salt in a separate bowl and adding in later? Why wait for the butter to thaw first? Why do some recipes call to beat the eggs separately? What would be the difference between using butter, margarine, or a substitute such as Butter Flavor Crisco? I am presenting a how to speech on making cookies, but I would also like to explain the purposes for the ingredients and reasons for following the steps. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
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Zephaniah Zephaniah | 1 day ago
Hi, Each ingredient has it's own chemistry, flavors, and textures and they all interact. The order and techniques used for each ingredient are important for the development of texture and flavor. Imagine adding the flour after you've baked the cookies! Here are some ingredients and what they do: Flour: a protein and carbohydrate combination. Provides structure and body Butter: Provides oil so that the flour will harden properly. Some of the butter will coat the flour granules and some will be absorbed. In a sense it 'fries' the flour Eggs: eggs provide a sticky texture that keeps the ingredients together when cooked. The fats in the yolks also tenderize the flour. Water or milk: aids in the gelation of the flour (that means it soaks up liquids and becomes more gel-like) Beating eggs not only insures they are well mixed but incorporates air into them. It can make the cookies lighter. Butter is a natural product and margarines are made in factories. Butter tastes better and is healthier but fake foods like margarine can impart a drier texture to the cookie and give it an artificial, cardboard-like taste.
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Zephaniah Originally Answered: Is it better to not eat chocolate and cookies ?
It's better to not eat TOO much chocolate and cookies, but moderation works. If you feel you can't control the urge to overindulge, then incorporating more healthier alternatives may be in order. You're never satisfied eating chocolate because it temporarily hits the pleasure points of our brain, giving us a happy, satisfied feeling. Of course, this doesn't last and when it goes we want to chase the feeling back with more and more comfort food. Hopefully this helps.
Zephaniah Originally Answered: Is it better to not eat chocolate and cookies ?
This made me very sad. Of course you should eat them, but try to not think of them as foods that will fill you up, eat a load of bananas , coconut and strawberries then chocolate after it, so you don't actually fill up on chocolate. Also, eating cookies with milk or tea is a really lovely thing- do it slowly and look at the food while you eat , don't just scarf it down. Take pleasure and savour it. I think with chocolate and cookies you are supposed to want more. So, eat sweet things before them- fruit is good, so you're halfway done with the sweet fix

Skylar Skylar
Chocolate Chip Cookies 1 Cup butter flavored shortening ¾ cup firmly packed brown sugar ¾ cup granulated sugar 1 tablespoon vanilla 2 eggs ½ cup mayonnaise 2 ½ cups cake flour 1 teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon salt 2 cups milk chocolate chips ¾ cup cashew pieces (optional) Bake at 350 for 12 min
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Ormerod Ormerod
Do some real research- read the baking section of a good cook book like Joy of Cooking, or better yer you should go talk to someone who does a lot of cookie baking.
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Ormerod Originally Answered: What healthy things can I add to cookies? What are some cookies that can trick my dad into eating healthier?
The sugar is a problem, but so is the fat and processed flour. Try these: Melt 1/2 c honey, 1/4 c almond butter (or other nut butter), 1/4 c coconut oil (any flavorless oil like canola will do), 1/4 tsp kosher or sea salt, 1 tsp vanilla and 1 tsp cinnamon in a saucepan over low heat, stirring frequently. Meanwhile, combine 1/2 c chopped almonds, 1/2 c chopped walnuts, 1/2 c dark chocolate chips, 1/4 c sunflower seeds, 1/4 c pumpkin seeds, 1/4 c goji berries (or any chopped dried fruit) and 1 c rolled oats in a bowl. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients, mix well and press into greased 8x8 pan. Refrigerate until hardened, cut into 16 bars. This is so good and so full of power ingredients. The bars look small but they are so chewy one is enough. Ingredients can be changed somewhat. Almond butter, coconut oil and goji berries are great but expensive! I don't like walnuts so I use pecans. Just don't add any saturated or trans fats or extra sugar. My friend has a big sweet tooth and was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Too many simple carbs make her throw up. I made these and she ate two in the course of a 12 hour tour with no problem! You could also try using whole wheat flour, turbinado sugar or honey and replace the butter with half applesauce and half coconut oil in chocolate chip cookies. Good luck and thanks for caring about your dad. BTW, don't tell him it's healthy, sometimes men are like little kids!

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