My lizards refuse to eat crickets, will they be okay on a worm diet?

My lizards refuse to eat crickets, will they be okay on a worm diet? Topic: My lizards refuse to eat crickets, will they be okay on a worm diet?
September 19, 2019 / By Abihail
Question: My two mountain horned lizards are both loosing allot of weight because they do not like and refuse to eat the crickets I give them. The crickets have been in there so long they've actual bred and there are many crickets in the tank now, so many that I constantly have to remove some of them. But whenever I put in meal worms and wax worms they go INSANE for them. The vet is out of the question because no vet within an hour of my home specializes in reptiles. Will they be okay on a worm based diet? I've seen them eat crickets once or twice a week and I'm currently free feeding them meal worms as they are both very thin. They eat about 10 meal worms a day.
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Sullivan Sullivan | 1 day ago
First, get *all* the crickets out. Never leave crickets in the cage for more than about an hour. They can stress out, and possibly even harm, your lizards. Second, they may be bad hunters. Freeze some of the crickets, and put them in the mealworm dish, see if they eat those. If they do, at least as a temporary measure, you can freeze gutloaded crickets (that is, crickets that have eaten lots of healthy food) and feed them those. You can also refrigerate live crickets to make them easier to hunt. If you can, try (appropriately sized) dubia roaches. They make a great feeder insect (you can even put them in a dish in the cage, and thus leave them there until they're eaten), and they're very easy to raise, as long as you don't mind having a tank or tub full of roaches in your house... I'd feed them 1 or 2 waxworms a day (no more than that), and as many mealworms as they want, until you get them back up to a healthy weight, but try to offer them crickets or roaches, daily. But, again, remove any they don't eat (other than dubia roaches in a smooth-sided dish that they can't climb out of). Once they're back up to weight, I'd try to get them on a more nutritious diet than mealworms.
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Parker Parker
Because they're so super thin, definitely give them what they'll eat. Meal worms are not very nutritious, unfortunately, and wax worms are more like dessert (they're really fatty), so these worms alone are not a great diet. Once they're healthy again, try all different kinds of foods to see what they'll try. Will they eat earthworms? Earthworms are full of nutrition! Some stores also sell a type of worm called "red wrigglers." Will they eat those? And I know this sounds gross, but what about roaches? Roaches are growing in popularity as a feeder insect because they are easy to breed and are very nutritious (more than crickets and meal worms). If your lizards get super-dee-duper skinny and are getting weak from lack of nutrition, you may have to feed them carnivore care, a powdered food that you mix with water and force your lizards to eat. This is not the best option (usually only given to sick reptiles that refuse to eat), and it's the nothing-else-works option, but keep it in mind if it starts looking like you have no other choice. Good luck!
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London London
You should be removing all the crickets from the tank after feeding, they can harm your pets at night. Go get them all out. At feeding time when you would give them the worms, put 1 cricket in, see if one eats it, if one does, put another. They may be feeling over whelmed by the crickets. And the crickets are invading their home.
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Jasper Jasper
It's quite popular for Mountain Horned Dragons to not eat crickets, Have you tried feeding them by hand? it's not ideal but if they won't eat, try picking one up and putting it in front of their mouths. Another problem might be that they just don't like them, try locusts? Also i've heard Earthworms out the garden are a favorite for these lizards
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Gable Gable
meal worms are not nutritous enogh to comprise of its entire diet. they are used as a treat on occasion. crickets should be the main diet.
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