Frankincense and myrrh in the bible?

Frankincense and myrrh in the bible? Topic: Frankincense and myrrh in the bible?
June 16, 2019 / By Ash
Question: I have heard that the frankincense and myrrh in the bible was different that the stuff used today? what was it back then? And did the people back then burn the frankincense and myrrh or keep it? or what did they do with it? And the Magi had brought jesus frankincense myrrh and gold was it used as money or something because i think it was worth its weight in gold? But what would have jesus have of done with it?
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Zeph Zeph | 9 days ago
They were exceptional spices of the day that are plant derived. They look like clumpy sap, and today someone might put a piece into a heated vessel and let its aroma go up into the air. We can get the stuff much more easily today and they are used in perfumes, incense and other applications. Back then, the family of Jesus would need money to fund their sudden trip out of Bethlehem to Egypt, and having a variety of valuables would make it easier to barter and survive along the way.
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Sky Sky
The bible does not say what happened to those gifts. It is thought that the Frankincense and Myrrh given at his birth were saved by his mother Mary and used on his body when he died but there is nothing that confirms this. As far as the gold was concerned I would estimate it was used in their flight to Egypt to escape Herod and his guards who killed every child two years of age and younger in Bethlehem. Since Jesus was a baby at the time he did nothing with it.
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Oran Oran
The three gifts of the Magi were for the three fold office Jesus would fulfill. Prophet, Priest and King. 1. Gold was to designate royalty. Jesus is King of Kings. 2. Frankincense was burned in the Temple to accompany prayer It signified His role as Priest...intercessor between man and God. 3. Myrrh signified Prophet. It was an embalming spice and was used at death, because of its aromatic quality to cover the smell of decay. It pointed to Jesus dying on the cross for mankind. Because there were three gifts, it has erroreously been thought there were three Magi, but this is not correct. There were several, and they were escorted by a troop of cavalry, as many as 200 horse soldiers. They were Parthians and caused an international incident when they entered Israel. Herod was very alarmed by the encroachment and was afraid. Israel was a buffer state between Rome and Parthia. The Parthians were never conquered by Rome. They were powerful men in Parthia (formerly Babylon), which was then ruled by the Seleucids (Descendants of Alexander the Greats General). They were king makers, and Daniel the prophet, was the head of the Magi, when he was in Babylon. He gave the Magi the prophecies of the coming Messiah. These were handed down from generation to generation of Magi. In this way they knew when the Messiah would be born, and came to worship Him. (Magi were mystics and judges...it is the word from which we derive magician and magistrate) We also call them "wise men". Search for "The Truth about Christmas" on the net also research Misslers series on Christmas and the Magi. A fascinating study.
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Leeroy Leeroy
Isn't it amazing that a combination of Myrrh EO and Frankincense EO are known to eliminate cancer (The growing cause of death and $95 billion dollar industry)? The Bible once again saves humanity but people still debate whether it is fiction or history.
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Jade Jade
Each gift was representative of Jesus' mission in this world. Gold represented His kingship, His authority to rule in our lives. Frankincense was burned by priests, so it is representative of His priesthood. Myrrh was a spice used in burials, it represented his death on the cross, the means by which we are saved from our sins. These gifts from the Magi were acknowledgments of who Jesus was and why He was here.
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Finnbar Finnbar
Frankincense and Myrrh are probably from the same plants now as 2000 years ago. Frankincense was burned to give a sweet smell, Myrrh was used in annointing oils. Frankincense: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boswellia_s... Myrrh: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commiphora_...
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Darian Darian
im sure they burned it....it was special though like candles are for us... it was a gift for Mary..
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