My 4-Month Old Is Constipated?

My 4-Month Old Is Constipated? Topic: My 4-Month Old Is Constipated?
July 18, 2019 / By Mark
Question: she'll be 4 months in 3 days and shes constipated, she was eating WAY to much so the dr told us to start her on food and that was the march 17, we started by adding rice cereal to her milk then upgraded to bananas and then later sweet potatoes... after the sweet potatoes she pretty much stopped pooping the last time she pooped was 2 days ago and it was really hard, she tries poop but just ends up crying from im hoping frustration... i read on the internet that i should add prune juice with her formula but id prefer to hear other mothers' solutions... **PLEASE FROM EXPERIENCED PARENTS ONLY** i didnt overlwhem her with food, she stayed on each on for about a week, and the rice cereal is 2 teaspoons to every 4oz and no, she weighed 14.5 ounces when she was 3 months and 2 wks, and eating around 27-30 oz a day, every time id cut her short shes SCREAM at the top of her lungs till she got what she wanted, shes went though growth spurts and its thats not what it was..
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Jerijah Jerijah | 9 days ago
Bananas are constipating....so is rice cereal and sweet potatoes are kind of thick and can be as well. My daughter has always had trouble pooping. She gets 1oz of pear juice every morning to keep her going soft as she normally gets hard poops. Its what her doctor recommended. You can also try prune or apple juices as well. I stay away from prune as it makes my daughter go like crazy. If you do try juice be sure to dilute it. If you want you can also try foods like pears, peaches and prunes as they make them go too. If you plan to continue with the solids try oatmeal cereal instead of the rice. It is less constipating. Stay away from bananas and apple sauce until she is on a variety of foods and you can incorp. less constipating foods on a daily basis. Broccoli makes my daughter go too. I make it myself and give it mixed with her sweet potatoes or squash. edit: also wanted to add.....once you give her something to go dont put her in a good outfit as she might have a diaper explosion. My daughter pooped 6 massive poops the one time we gave her prune juice......it was a mess!
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Jerijah Originally Answered: 4 1/2 Month old keep getting constipated?
Ya i would wait, sounds like his digestive tract isn't ready for it yet, that's why most people start at 6 months so it doesn't do any damage. Just try again when he is 6 months. Better to be safe then sorry.

Gifard Gifard
Whoa mom, slow down! Too many things all at once! The faster, and earlier, you add solids, the more chance of allergies or intolerance to them, as her system is not ready. Try just rice cereal once a day for a few weeks, so her little body can learn to digest! She doesn't have strong enough stomach acid yet to properly break it down and get it through her system! You can also give her a bit of watered down apple, pear or prune juice once a day. Iron in her cereal may also cause constipation. My niece had constipation a lot when she started solids. Their pediatrician had them put a teaspoon of DARK Karo syrup in her bottle, up to twice a day. It worked! Then, at about 6 months, add ONE vegetable per week, plus the rice cereal! Then every week, add another vegetable to her diet. Adding fruits after vegetables allows them to taste less sweet first. They will prefer sweets over veggies. Meats will be last. Good luck and don't rush!
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Donaghy Donaghy
My son is 5 now, but I had similar experiences with him at the same age. My resolution was to give him diluted apple juice (apples have much effect on the GI) or apple sauce and make sure he was well hydrated. The apples worked very well. One thing the doctor did tell me at that time was that if he wasn't gassy, or his poop wasn't broken up and dry that he wasn't constipated; he would go when his body was ready. But rest assured that when she finally does go, the flood gates will open; be prepared for all the missed days worth!!! I know it can be frustrating, but if she seems fine, she's probably fine. One other thing is that it could be the formula. I had to switch my son's formula twice before I found one that didn't give him gas or make him constipated. We ended up sticking with Similac Advance with Iron (only because he was anemic) but Iron generally causes constipation. Good Luck!!!
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Braeden Braeden
honestly, just because your dr. said she can start foods, there is no reason to get adventurous just yet. keep it simple with apples, prunes and such. you don't want to shock her system and get her all backed up. in the meantime until she poops, i would hold off on the solids. she could very well be getting dehydrated. around 3 months, babies hit a growth spurt and seem to eat alot more, but it passes. to help her go, you can take her temp rectally, massage her tummy and apply a warm cloth, offer diluted prune/ apple juice or call the doctor for his advice.
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Adina Adina
my daughter is 4 and a half months, and we started her on rice cereal and had the same problem. what my husband and I did was mix it into her bottle, and made it very watery. Ontop of that we've started feeding her prunes, and carrots baby food and she's been fine since. you should try her out on prunes and carrots as well because its fiber, and will go through her fast. Best of luck.
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Stephani Stephani
I certainly have this comparable concern with my twins who're additionally 4 months previous! My pediatrician mentioned No to maximum juices besides because's an irritant for their little bellies..yet she mentioned no the the water because of the fact it provided NO nutrients whatsover. She mentioned upload 2 teaspoons prune juice to accepted bottles...that may no longer adequate to fatten him up so dont complication approximately it. you're able to do it each bottle in case you opt to. I did it thrice an afternoon till finally all of it started loosening the bowels movements and now i proceed different than i basically supply it as quickly as an afternoon. It doesnt disillusioned their bellies..however the spit up afterwards could be fairly gross finding! have faith me i gave them pear and apple juice till now because of the fact a chum of mine mentioned so...yet they had a terrible abdomen discomfort! The prune juice works super!
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Queenie Queenie
I personally dont like adding stuff to the bottle. Try giving her baby food prunes, sugar water(just a pich of sugar in warm water), a teaspoon of kayro syrup,or apple juice.It is more than liklley her bady getting used to solids. I kinow the rice use to constipate one of my daycare kids if he had to much. Good luck i hope this helps.
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Meave Meave
My daughter had the same problem. Our Dr said to give her pear juice. It worked for us. Its usually only sold in the baby food section I think Gerber sells it.
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Meave Originally Answered: My 2 month old is Constipated?
You can use a q tip with vaseline and stimulate his rectum, or you can use baby glycerin suppository. Giving him any kind of juice isn't going to work because he has something that is stuck. Once you get him unstuck then he should be able to have regular bowel movements again. Call your doctor and they can give you more information on what to do. K is wrong!! If a baby usually has bowel movements that frequently and then just automatically stops and they get uncomfortable like you described it is because they are constipated. You know your baby and you know when they are not acting right or when their having trouble having a bowel movement. Just like an adult, if you have a bowel movement everyday and then you don't the next 2 or 3 then you get uncomfortable and probably grumpy too. Saying that a baby who doesn't have a bowel movement in 24 hours isn't constipated is nuts. Babies eat a lot and therefore they should have quite a few bowel movements. A healthy BF baby should have a bowel movement after every feeding. A formula fed baby at least once a day. Otherwise just like you described your baby will be constipated and feel horrible. I have dealt with constipation a lot with my kids and have talked to doctors too about this. Call your doctor and I am sure they will tell you to do exactly as I described.

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