I am SEVERELY constipated! Help me!?

I am SEVERELY constipated! Help me!? Topic: I am SEVERELY constipated! Help me!?
July 20, 2019 / By Kimberley
Question: Okay, so I haven't had a bowel movement in around 4 weeks (a month). I feel like I need to go but it's too hard to come out. I have tried pretty much everything. I drank a whole bottle of milk of magnisia, vitamin C power (if you over dose on it I heard that it will send you to the bathroom.), fleet enima (idk how to spell it), I have used suppositories! I feel like it'll never come out. Can anyone give me advice on what to do or what it is? Please help me. I'm in excruciating pain. My stomach looks like I'm pregnant and I am nauseated too. It hurts to walk or move. Helpppppp. I have been crying it hurts so bad. Like I've been in this situation before but never this bad.. I just need to be helped..,
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Humbert Humbert | 4 days ago
This Site Might Help You. RE: I am SEVERELY constipated!! Help me!!!? Okay, so I haven't had a bowel movement in around 4 weeks (a month). I feel like I need to go but it's too hard to come out. I have tried pretty much everything. I drank a whole bottle of milk of magnisia, vitamin C power (if you over dose on it I heard that it will send you to the...
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Humbert Originally Answered: severely constipated help meeeee!?
Please do the things that help and not hurt you internally. Constipation is a different issue with everyone and each person will find that there body might need something different. You also need to tackle it from the inside out. First, a well balanced, high fiber diet is a must. After each smaller meal of up to 6 a day take a different type of laxative like Miralax, a personal favorite, lactalose, and whatever your gentle sided brand is. Generic is always the best buy too. Try to stay away from any enema's though. You shouldn't need them. Then you should use products like extra virgin olive oil on salads or these types of changes will oil your intestines so that the movements can come down and out. Push, never squeeze them out too. A stool softener 2-3x a day does wonders with 8-10 8oz glasses of water a day to go along. A good exercise program that relaxes the stress and anxiety in your life works too. Take things at a level pace and be happy, with an attitude to go along with it. Take care of yourself. Everyone does have aches and pains, but not stabbing pain where even a tampon is painful isn't natural for anyone. It's a protective device, not a dam that clogs the water back. Explosive diahrrea? I only had that once when I had diverticulosis and couldn't stop for anything. I remember my poor hubby helping to clean me up, and that was embarrassing for me. You have a long and happy life ahead of you so please try to get a hold of this constipation now, so you can start to live it to the best of your ability and tell your mom you need her support, so you can share a relationship together sometime soon. Good luck and God Bless

Ernie Ernie
If you have done all that and still haven't had a bowel movement, it's time to see a doctor. If the pain is so bad that you are crying, it's time to go to the E.R. or urgent-care center. This has gone way beyond the point where you can take care of it without professional assistance.
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Colton Colton
If you haven't had a bowel movement in a month, and a fleet enema did not work, you need immediate medical assistance. You should visit an urgent care center or ER today.
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Ariel Ariel
I would go to the hospital ASAP because usually laxatives and enemas always have some kind of effect and it says right on the package if those don't work go to the hospital. You might have a intestinal blockage or something serious so i would go and get it checked out!
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Trudi Trudi
Hi there: Try this it is called the sure shot. cause it will work. Drink some mineral oil mixed with grapefruit juice. About a half glass of both. You have a fine day.
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Trudi Originally Answered: Recently both my dog and cat have had to go to the vet and they both were severely constipated.?
What are the main causes of constipation in pets? The most common cause of constipation in pets is an incorrect diet. A lack of fiber (and sometimes excessive fiber) can be a problem as well as indigestible bones which can be swallowed and produce a cork-like blockage in the digestive tract. Other causes of constipation include worm infestation, lack of exercise and furballs (in cats). Symptoms of bladder infections (such as straining) can also sometimes be mistaken for constipation. Constipation can lead to a build up of toxins, which can cause numerous health problems. If your pet suffers from chronic constipation, then it is important to treat the condition holistically. Diet is the key element in the treatment and prevention of constipation. Use herbal remedies and dietary supplements that are specifically aimed at maintaining bowel and digestive health, reduce reliance on dried and processed food, provide lots of fresh water and include roughage and fiber in your pet’s diet to help prevent and treat constipation effectively and naturally. As part of a holistic approach to treating your pet, natural herbal remedies and dietary supplements also help to build and strengthen your pet’s immune system, encourage the elimination of toxins, and generally improve the overall health of your animal. Natural Treatment The first step to relieving constipation is by gradually switching your pet's food to a natural diet containing whole grains (barley, oats, or whole wheat), meats and vegetables or a high-quality canned food. Try adding a tablespoon of bran or canned pumpkin to help the animal's stool hold moisture. Fiber keeps things moving Adding fiber to the diet will help accelerate the elimination process by increasing weight and water content to the stool. Additionally, fiber helps to optimize the animals "good" intestinal bacterial.

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