is mccormicks meat marinade seasoning mix good for tenderizing tough meat. it says it has bromelain in it?

is mccormicks meat marinade seasoning mix good for tenderizing tough meat. it says it has bromelain in it? Topic: is mccormicks meat marinade seasoning mix good for tenderizing tough meat. it says it has bromelain in it?
September 19, 2019 / By Asceline
Question: is there any good meat tenderizers out there? also is pounding the meat a good way of tenderizing meat?
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Best Answers: is mccormicks meat marinade seasoning mix good for tenderizing tough meat. it says it has bromelain in it?

Zeke Zeke | 7 days ago
TEA!!! the tanin in tea is a natural tenderizer and not very expensive. It doesn't change the flavor of the meats at all. It does give the gravy on soups, stews, and roasts a delightful brown color. Use left over unsweetened tea on steaks and tougher cuts of beef to marinade in fridge for about 4 hours or more. put large family size teabag in soup pot or stew pot to simmer with the meat. put large family size teabag in roaster with a bit of water to bake in oven. Turn roast about 4 times during cooking and replace water or liquid while cooking. I turn once an hour! Pounding the meat breaks down the texture of the muscles. It does work for tenderizing some things. Another tenderizer is beer!! It does change the flavor of the meat! You can marinade or simmer in beer. Be aware that beer does foam!
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Zeke Originally Answered: Feeding dogs human grade meat and organic meat?
I'm not sure what you mean by "organic meat". Animals, unlike crops, are not directly exposed to pesticides however in the food chain, yes, cattle most likely are being fed GMO's (genetically modified organisms) which are actually grown by farmers to be resistant to pesticide (thanks to Monsanto... ) Most cattle are also given hormones, some are fed dead cows. (see attached link ). Poultry are given antibioitics, fish are filled with mercury. The list is endless. If organic cattle exist, I am not aware of them. Maybe someone here can tell me - and also define what exactly an organic cow is. So, to answer your question: I feed my dogs raw soup bones which are likely derived from the above - these are human grade bones which I buy in the grocery store. They probably glow in the dark (smirk) I don't feed them organ meat (kidney, liver, heart) because the toxins from all these chemicals fed to cattle are concentrated in the organs - why make it worse. Its like supersizing hormones in a can - that, and the fact the mere look of these organs makes me ill. Myself - I am a vegetarian for the most part - have been for over 20 years. I say the most part because I have had to deviate in the last few years after developing intolerances to soy, lentils, peas, corn (which btw, are the main GMO crops - so much for eating a vegetable when they cross it with a fish...). Still cannot tolerate meat, but I eat the occassional bit of chicken. Eggs are my main protein source. Long way of saying - I don't model my diet after my dogs or vice versa because I'm not a dog. I do however feed my dogs human top grade whole foods in addition to their premium kibble because I can afford to - its admittedly getting expensive. If I could buy meat knowing it was raised on a farm that did not use GMO's and did not use any hormones or other chemicals - I would. My sense is "organic" is one of those words that has for the most part become ad speak on labels - we can than the FDA and Canadian food and drug association for that. (conspiracy theory is another topic) @Dogzzz: (Pitcairn) does state the highest toxicity to dogs from food is in cow bones - lead poisoning primarily the issue. In addition to that, I have attached a link. It is a bit too complicated for my brain to decipher - but I interpret it to state poisoning (from their stated sources) shows up in the kidney, tongue, stomach and intestine of cattle and equine. I guess the $64 question is exactly how safe is organ meat - and how do you know the ofal you purchase is not precancerous or filled with other bugaboos? My understanding of illness is that the kidneys and liver as well as spleen and other major organs become enlarged when the toxic burden increases and this is the precursor to cancer. Yes, its true that a healthy kidney will filter toxins - but an overloaded system cannot. Cows (for example) are fed all these hormones and fillers to fatten them along with pesticide based crops - their bodies have to filter that. I simply cannot believe they are able to. Its the same in people - men get enlarged prostates - which lead to prostate cancer. Cattle fed hormones and crops riddled with pesticide have to contend with it - I don't deny pet food uses this crap - my point is they cook it to kill those pathogens. Raw is a la carte. I will appreciate any information from a reliable source that contradicts me (ie an independant source other than a raw food proponent) The "prey" model is based on an assumption that the organ meat we purchase for our dogs is the same as what a wolf would get in the wild. Well, wild deer, moose, rabbits are not fed hormones like domestic livestock -yes, they get their share of pollution like the rest of us, but in my view there is no comparison. Unless you are out killing it in the wild and feeding the guts to your dog - in which case, you are THE dog owner of the year! http://books.google.ca/books?id=NgMX__L3... ***************************************... Add: Go to page 170 of the linked book on animal diseases - refer to the paragraph headed "Pesticides". It states cattle, sheep, swine, horses, poultry and dogs are exposed, and the lungs are most affected, followed by kidney and liver. (I cannot paste the text so you have to read it). Its seems obvious to me that feeding raw ofal to a dog is like serving up herbicide stew. I'll take my chances with raw hamburger and soup bones.
Zeke Originally Answered: Feeding dogs human grade meat and organic meat?
At this point, given the economy, price is the main factor. Most people can't buy that for themselves, their dogs aren't going to be getting it.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir
McCormick's is fine. Bromelain is from the pineapple and is an enzyme to help soften the meat and stretch out the fibers to make it more tender. Pounding always helps but usually doesn't always do as much as a pre-made tenderizer. Did you know pre-made tenderizers are also a good bee-sting remedy? I always keep some in my kitchen.
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Ophir Ophir
but a cheap bottle of italian salad dressing... the acetic acid in the dressing will break down the fat in the meat=tender , and it will have a flavor to it.. Wife does it all the time...
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Ophir Originally Answered: What are the benefits of eating meat? Is meat necessary?
Meat really has no benefits, and it isn't necessary. Consumption of meat slows down your digestive system, vegetarians digest their food quicker and have a far higher stamina than their meat eating counterparts. My grandfather was a vegan and lived to be 99yrs old and fully independent until the day he died. M is right, Beans and Lentils have just as much protein as meats and sometimes even more, not to mention they are richer in iron, fibers and proteins making them easier to digest. Yes eat whatever makes you feel good, I myself am a meat eater, but hopefully one day when I'm ready I will make the transition to becoming a vegetarian. White meats are the healthiest, such as Chicken breast, and fish like cod and salmon. Dark meats are bad for your heart and blood pressure if consumed too much, it is said that dark meat shouldn't be eaten more than once a week. I'd say Pork is the unhealthiest than beef due to the unsanitary issues. In the end one can live perfectly fine, and be a very healthy specimen without the need to consume meat. Hope I could be of assistance, hope I could be of assistance my friend :) Omega 3 can be found in many products which aren't meat, such as Country harvest bread products, cereals, soy/almond milks, and especially walnuts are rich in omega fatty acids. Bran, oats, whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts, and dairy are very rich in protein Sorry I broke the Trees is right, Vegetarians have better and harder muscle than meat eaters, do to their digestive system eliminating waste quicker, giving them the better leaner bodies. Protein isn't the only thing one needs for muscle, fibers, and iron are essential too.

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