What's up with Michael Vick?

What's up with Michael Vick? Topic: What's up with Michael Vick?
September 20, 2019 / By Ascelina
Question: Michael Vick that plays for the Atlanta Falcons seems to think he is God's gift to football. I have heard him in interviews and he states that when Atlanta wins he won the game but when they lose he blames it on the other members of the team. And supposedly he bad-mouthed the Saints last season because they couldn't play their home games in their home stadium. Comen on the place had just been hit by hurricane Katrina. What did he expect them to do. Get out there in during the storm and order it not to hit their stadium. I don't know about the rest of you out there but he kind of seems full of himself. To quote my sister he thinks he is all that and a bag of chips and he really aint nothing. I know it takes a team to win or lose a ball game. And Michael Vick should learn there is no I in team. You play as a team--You win or lose as a team.
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Zefania Zefania | 6 days ago
Michael Vick is an arrogant hot head that thinks he invented football. He seems to think that he plays the game better than anybody else. But look at the Falcon's Record they are 7-6. They really aren't doing spectacular. And when is the last time they went to a super bowl game. I gaurantee you it was before Michael Vick's time. And yes he did say something about the saints. His exact words were "The saints should have to forfiet every home game because they can't play the games in their home stadium and it doesn't seem fair that we have to. He didn't even take into consideration that a Hurricane and just swept the area and destroyed miles and miles of land. Perhaps he couldn't see the water that lingered in the streets and buildings for months. I like that comment by your sister. and yes he does think he is all that and a bag of chips and your also right when you say he isn't nothing.
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Dr. J is "King of Philadelphia"? You either don't live in Philly or your stuck in the 1980's and can't get out. Roy Halladay is currently "King of Philadelphia" if I had to give one out currently...even without the rings.

Siward Siward
hes good at what he does, its not his fault his receivers cant catch... personally i think he should run a little more then he does.
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Opher Opher
Micheal Vick is the one of those players that thinks that he is the best player on the team. Football is the only sport where everyone has to play their position well or the entire team will lose. Micheal Vick doesn't get this. He, in my opinion, thinks that if he plays good enough then he will win the game for the team. That's obvious by how much he runs. He needs to sit in the pocket and throw the ball. Don't get me wrong, he can throw the ball if he stays in the pocket. But he doesn't. He tries to show off and run the ball for a 65 yard down.
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Layton Layton
I am a steelers fan but i must admit i love Michael Vick hes the man what is he supposed do his receivers suck and he has hardly any body blocking him what's he suppose to do get sacked all the time and another thing if somebody said to me the stuff they said to Vick in the game the other day I'd flip them off too. Michael Vick's only problem is his team mates they obviously do not want to win.
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Jackson Jackson
Mike Vick does what he supposed to do. WIN GAMES. Look at the receivers he got. NONE OF THEM CAN"T MAKE A GOOD ROUTE and catch the ball. Damn Vick gotta rush for over 200 yds for the team to win. The Wide outs gotta step up and do something. They got the fastest WR in the NFL but can't catch a ball. Alge the only one catching. So ladies that means they can't catch a pu$$y if y'all threw it to them.
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