My toddler has been constipated for 6 days.?

My toddler has been constipated for 6 days.? Topic: My toddler has been constipated for 6 days.?
July 20, 2019 / By Jay
Question: I have taken my daughter( she is 2) to two different hospitals for her constipation. They haven given her an enima and laxitives but she still has not gone in 6 days. I have looked online tried about everything i can think of. She is just in some much pain. What can i do for her
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Gadiel Gadiel | 6 days ago
FLEET ENIMA! miralax, multiple laxitives. Prunes and LOADS of prune juice. take her to an internist or a specialist! Try a different hospital or better yet consult her pediatrician! good luck
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Gadiel Originally Answered: 6 day old bro constipated for almost 3 days!?
so this baby is breastfed right.....he is NOT constipated then! don't give him syrup either.......a couple of things could be going on here if your mother's milk just came in, then give baby time to start having regular bowel movements....he may still be passing meconium....soon his poop should turn to a yellow seedy consistency OR, your mother may not be breastfeeding him on demand and often enough...tell her NOT to schedule his feedings and let him nurse as much as he needs....even if it's every hour or more often if she is concerned, she needs to go back to the hospital and see the lactation consultant who can weigh the little guy after a feeding to see how much he is taking in

Denton Denton
Hi, I went through this sort of thing with my son when he was about 2 and a half. It was so upsetting and he was crying and screaming because he was in so much pain. We tried everything, apple juice, fibre, suppositories, we took him to the hospital and they did nothing. Finally after about 2 weeks of trying to figure out what to do, we decided to drive him to the children's hospital (1 hr away) to see if they could help. They immediately gave him an enema, then they told us to get Polyethylene Glycol 250. It's just a powder that you mix into their juice, milk, water. it's tasteless. Within a day he wasn't constipated anymore. The doctors at the children's hospital say they recommend it for almost all the children they see coming in with chronic constipation problems. You could ask your doctor about it. It was a total godsend for us. We used it for a few months just to make sure he stayed regular, but eventually he didn't need it anymore. You just want to be careful not to wait too long, because she could have a bowel obstruction which would lead to some serious problems. Good luck. I hope your little one can start feeling better soon.
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Belteshazzar Belteshazzar
Since my daughter was 4 months old she has gotten constipated. Her Doctor told us to give her apple juice everyday. If she goes even a day with out she gets constipated. If you haven't tried giving her apple juice, you should. Also maybe try a suppositorie. I know its kind of gross and all but I've had to do it with my daughter before and its always helped her. Also try foods high in fiber. That also may help. Hope she feels better soon!
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Aaren Aaren
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Aaren Originally Answered: For the last 3 days I've been constipated so I went to the ER.?
They should kick in anywhere from 8-12 hours after taking them. Lay off the fiber and drink a few glasses of water. That will help the softening action. The mag citrate is a stimulant for your bowels, so you have both actions going on, which is pretty much how you want it. If you get real desperate and don't mind a little of the opposite problem (diarrhea) you can take an enema which should blast off in 5 -10 minutes, but it may be a bit of overkill with what you have already taken. Just get some water in to you so there something for the softener to work with. Hang in there. This too shall pass.

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