What is HEALTHY? I need to eat "healthier"?

What is HEALTHY? I need to eat "healthier"? Topic: What is HEALTHY? I need to eat "healthier"?
September 17, 2019 / By Arline
Question: Right now my eating habbits are bad! I snack on chips a lot. I eat cookies a lot. My dinners arn't so "unhealthy" it's just the fact of me munching on too many junk foods! o: I'm a volleyball player and my season had just ended for club. I want to stay in shape, and eat wayy healthier for myself, and my volleyball career. (I play year round.) please give me websites of what's healthy for a 15 year old, and the average times a day I should eat and that stuff. also I love fruit, and could change fruit to my "snacks" but I need to find motivation to change. /: thanks!<3.
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Zed Zed | 4 days ago
Following the food pyramid is a pretty easy way to make sure you are eating the right things and the correct amounts. It varies a little bit for the size of person you are and your rate of metabolism. It also changes a bit if you are trying to lose or gain weight. I'm assuming you are trying to simply maintain your current shape while making your diet healthier? Go to this site: http://www.mypyramid.gov/ Its got tons of interactive features to help you create the perfect eating plan. On the left side in the blue box, you should see a link for "Interactive Tools". From there, click on Daily Food Plan. It will give you a healthy plan of eating based on your weight, height, physical activity, etc. We all love things like chips and cookies, but if you really want to be on top of your health, I would say limit that to a few times a week and in very small quantities. This is assuming you aren't willing to completely abandon them. If you can, stop eating them all together. Yes, your body does need fats and stuff in a healthy diet, but you will get the good kinds of fat in other food you eat, trust me. The Daily Food Planner will make sure of that. You probably know all about the importance of exercise being a year round volleyball player. I'm sure you are already getting enough of it to be healthy too, so I won't go into that. You mentioned that you would substitute fruits as your "snack". This is actually a great thing to do, its what I do at least. To keep your metabolism going strong, it is good to eat more often than 3 times a day as you get with the usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here's what I do: Get your servings of fruit in between meals. It will satisfy your urge to eat throughout the day, and you won't have to include fruit into your other meals. (Personally, I don't think there's much of a desire for fruit in a meal besides breakfast. Its usually a conflicting taste with the rest of the meal). I know there are all those ads out there saying how healthy fruit juice is and how you can get a full serving in every glass, but try to eat the actual fruits as much as possible. The juice is never as nutritious as the fruit. Mostly because there can be added sugar and junk, but take orange juice for example. You never get all the pulp even if you buy "lots of pulp". The pulp is an essential part of getting the whole orange's nutritional value. Same goes for apple juice. You're missing out on that fiber-filled skin! Same effect goes for pretty much any kind of juice I think. Make sure you alternate what foods you eat in each food group. You can get all the servings you need, but if you keep eating the same foods everyday you'll miss out on certain things. There are no superfoods that contain everything you need. Like I said though, the Food Planner on that site I gave you should take that into account if you decide to use it. Here's a list containing info on a few "best of the best" foods that are recommended to be in everyone's diet: http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/superfoods-everyone-needs Good things to include in your diet regardless of any plan: Whole grain LOTS of water (should be your main drink) Plenty of protein after workouts Multi-vitamin supplements Omega-3 supplements Hope this all helps!
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Zed Originally Answered: I want to eat healthier, what are some common restaurants that sell healthy food? Is subway even consider healthy lol.?
If you are serious about wanting to eat healthier, I suggest you learn to cook. The only thing you can rely on to be healthy is fresh ingredients, freshly cooked. So many people are mistakenly under the impression that food served at Subway is good for you. In reality it is just as bad as McDonalds. Worse, in fact. The sodium content at both restaurants was three times higher than the IOM recommended daily dose: 2,149 mg at Subway versus 1,829 mg at McDonald’s. If you want to be healthy, basically don't eat fast food.

Simon Simon
You literally ARE what you eat. An eye opening thing for you to do would be go to a grocery store and look at the health of the people pushing the baskets. Notice what types of food they put in their baskets to take home and eat. You should see a trend: healthy people eat healthier foods, where as those with crap foods are the ones that are laboring with their health, plodding along behind a basket full of processed white flour and sugary stuff. That should motivate you.
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On On
Really as an athlete and as someone in the middle of development, you shouldn't rely on websites, because there are too many out there with things that are wrong, and proper nutrition is crucial for someone like you, so it's not worth then risk. You should talk to your general doctor about good resources and references to plan a healthy diet, and possibly even ask for a referral to a nutritionist. That's going to be a lot more accurate, therefore safer, and possibly more specific and therefore easier to stick to. Good luck.
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Lawson Lawson
Well you have google and are perfectly capable of googling it. Your coach should be able to help as well and not strangers who know nothing about you. However fruit is high and sugar and you should snack on veggies as well, not just fruit.
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Jack Jack
I don't have any websites just some tips; 1.switch to whole grain 2.eat more vegatables 3. abuse 0calories sweeteners, and low calorie foods to create snacks 4. drink skim milk 5.read labels 6. watch the fat grams 7. try some chicken wraps, cause i love 'em 8. eat eggs!
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Jack Originally Answered: I'm trying to live healthier. Does anyone have any good healthy recipes? :)?
I suggest you checkout allrecipes, it's the only place I ever go in search of recipes, well aside from my mother and grandmother's kitchens. Most of the recipes I can think of that we use in my own home that are stereotypically European or American contain meat, sorry about that. When I went vegetarian I lived off of stir-fries and tofu, and there's nothing American or European about that. Although if you can find taco spice and taco shells it's easy to substitute tofu for beef in tacos. I've left a link for vegetarian recipes below, allrecipes has far better recipes when it comes to vegetarian than I do, I'd never even thought to write any of mine down.

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