Losing Weight In 3 Weeks?

Losing Weight In 3 Weeks? Topic: Losing Weight In 3 Weeks?
September 23, 2019 / By Arleen
Question: I'm 15, 4'11 and I weigh around 104 pounds. I'm not fat, just a little chubby. For breakfast I eat 1 bowl of Special K cereal, I have been for 2 weeks but now I am eating 1 boiled egg with a piece of toast (no butter). For lunch I have a protein drink and for dinner... whatever is healthy. I feel great and energetic. I want to lose about 6 pounds for spring break. I bought a new bikini and I look a little chubby. I love my diet because what I'm eating tastes good and I eat 3 square meals a day. I have been working out for 25 minutes a day but starting today, I am working out for 45 minutes a day. Could I lose 6 pounds in 3 weeks? I am motivated! This is also my permanent diet and exercise schedule.
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Zebulon Zebulon | 1 day ago
Just eat right, dont eat nothing at lunch. The most important meal of the day is breakfast, and I do not eat it, but it is important! Eat healthy, do not have fatty foods, eat protein, and vegetables. Eat a supplemental amount nothing crazy. For a girl working out, you do not want to do any HEAVY lifting ever. Keep it simple. Do cardio, which involves going on an elliptical machine for at least 45 minutes at the gym. Then go some nautilus workouts with high reps of at least 15 reps of 3 sets each. Do not live heavy weights once again. If anything you want to go for toning which is lighter weights for high reps. If you have any other questions dear, you know where to find me, good day/night. :)
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Zebulon Originally Answered: Losing Body fat without losing Weight?
Atkins diet - lots of protein, low carbs. Also watch the amount of fat and sugar you eat. Weight lifting AND cardio. You're gonna have to lose weight (fat) and gain it (muscle) simultaneously. Depending on how big your abdominal muscles get, your body fat level should be around 5 to 10%.

Silvester Silvester
TRY THIS, and stick to it. The first 3-4 weeks are the hardest until your body adjusts to the change. Results will be in about the same time Fruits and Veggies Eat more plants and keep away from stuff that was made in plants. Don't eat anything that comes in a can, box or package.... .....THEY HAVE ADDITIVES IN THEM THAT MAKE YOU ADDICTED TO THE FOOD..... If man made it, don't eat it NO white BREAD or SUGAR Stay away from FAST FOOD Walk your dog, or walk a friends dog Don't think of it as a diet, but think of it as a lifestyle change I have lost 25.5 pounds in 2 months, drink lots of water. I usually eat a meal of what ever I want once a week....controlled portion....this really works......... Write down every thing you eat Take a multi vitamin at night
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Ollie Ollie
Try eating more often. Honestly I always thought it was stupid...but I have been doing it for about 6 weeks and I haven't been doing any cardio and I lost 5lbs...3 in the first 2 weeks give it a try ps. go to the mayo clinic website they have a really good caloric intake calculator..it is nearly perfect..if u know how many calories your body burns everyday then u can get a better idea of how many calories you should be eating in order to create a deficit. ; )
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Law Law
You have no need to lose any weight. You couldn't be chubby at your weight. And even if you are, being a little chubby is really hot. You sound healthy, and that's what's most important.
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Law Originally Answered: Help Losing weight.not good at losing it tried and tried but no weight loss!?
It's all about learning to count calories and keeping your intake below your output. It really is that simple. The hard part is learning what foods have how many calories. Once you get past that, the rest is easy. Just a matter of eating to live instead of living to eat. Here's a short but helpful blog I've put together and use often, because it's so true: Here’s all you need to lose weight all over, look good, and get really healthy. First, you have to realize there is no quick, long lasting weight loss plan or pill that is going to do the trick. It’s purely mental. You have to learn to “Eat to live, don’t live to eat”. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is, if you understand that you are going to be reprogramming how you think about eating for the next few weeks. Old habits die hard, right? Not really. You get rid of bad habits by replacing them with good habits. If you learn to count your calories, keep calorie intake lower than output, exercise moderately, and eat only healthy food, you will lose weight. That’s a fact. All it takes is repetition. All success stories have this in common: The successful folks among us know how to be patient, persistent, and consistent. Set a goal, write it down, and stick with it. The benefits of feeling good will outweigh any sense of sacrifice you might feel about having to push away that cake and ice cream. Here are some helpful and healthy links to help you get started on your way: http://www.geocities.com/seabulls69/weig... http://www.chetday.com http://www.drmcdougall.com http://www.bodybuilding.com http://www.calorieking.com/

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