My 2 Month old seems to be constipated with every formula i tried, what should i do?

My 2 Month old seems to be constipated with every formula i tried, what should i do? Topic: My 2 Month old seems to be constipated with every formula i tried, what should i do?
May 22, 2019 / By Clive
Question: Since he was born i been having problems with formulas. i tried similac advance early shield and he would spit up too much, then tried sensitive for only 1 day and then the doctor switched him to soy. he was using the soy and it seems after using the formula for about a couple days he seems to cry in pain and then when he has a bm it takes him a little while to push out one little poop wich i could smush it but to me it seems like he is constipated. my doctor says to give him cereal now twice a day, but wouldnt that also make him more constipated? what should i do?
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Anson Anson | 3 days ago
Well... first spitting up doesn't mean that he's having problems with a formula, unless he's also losing weight. And if the poo is harder than creamy peanutbutter then he's definitely constipated. Soy formula is constipating as well, and according to the American Academy of Pediatrics soy formula should only be used in 3 situations, none of which fit what you're talking about (true lactose intolerance which is tested from their poo not from spitting up problems, a protein allergy that you would definitely have known about, or if you are an extreme Vegan and insist.) And you're right, cereal at this age would make him more constipated. However, it may help with the spitting up. Also, switching formulas around causes stomach issues, and I think the rule of thumb is that you can't tell how a formula will work with a baby until 2 weeks after they've been on it. Certainly not after one day. What I would do is to switch back to a lactose-low or lactose free formula, and try that for a week or two, unless your doctor can give you a GOOD reason for the soy formula (as in, one of those 3 reasons. Did he do a poo test for lactose in the poo?) Similac makes a lactose free, Enfamil makes a lactose low. Don't worry about spitting up, so long as he puts on weight then there are babies known as 'happy spitters' who spit up and gain weight, and it's all good. As for the cereal... I'd put it off until you can try a lactose-free or lactose-low formula for 2 weeks. Then if he's still spitting up, I'd actually try to start him on a safe-solid, like squash or yams that have few allergy risks, that will help to add fiber, settle well on his tummy, and not be full of iron and constipation causing issues.
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Anson Originally Answered: I just had twins they are premmies babys there about 1/ month i give them formula they been constipated?
no no no... if possible try and give them breast milk the anti-bodies in it will help them develop so much.. and if you cant do that then try changing the formula to something better on there tummies.. try and go to the Dr's too if possible, they may have an infection so it would be best to do that best wishes

Tracie Tracie
My son got constipated a lot, so we tried switching formulas to see if that helped, but that only made it worse. If you keep switching formulas that won't help the constipation so find a milk your baby likes and stick to it. Eventually it will settle down and your baby will be happier. My health visitor suggested feeding my son 1-2oz of cool boiled water to help him along. That has helped a lot so maybe try giving your child some once a day. I wouldn't try the cereal yet, that would make him more consipated.
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Saffron Saffron
I wouldn't give him cereal - it's a little early for that, it certainly won't help if he's already constipated. You can give him small doses (1 oz a day) of diluted baby-ready juices - pear, prune, apple, white grape or pineapple juice. If he's in real pain and/or hasn't done a smelly for 2-3 days, put a baby glycerine suppository in him.
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Nevaeh Nevaeh
Try goats milk formula . But if your baby is still in pain I would switch doctors and get him examined. Water is good for constipation so boiled cooled water between feeds also. alfie
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Lyda Lyda
if it were me.... no cereal until about 3 or 4 months. for constipation the best i found was a bouncer chair with a vibrating function. got mine at target for $35. i would also try adding 1 once extra of water to her bottles of formula for better digestion.
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Lyda Originally Answered: 2 month old baby put on soy formula so far so good except.is this normal?
my daughter is on soy formula also and has major constipation issues. my doctor doesn't seem concerned though. she just suggested that i give the baby pear juice to help her go. it does work. my aunts baby was having the same issue and her pedi recommended giving the baby murilax (a laxative). i think it all depends on the pedi. i would definitely talk to your daughters pedi and see what you can do to help her. the constipation is definitely because of the soy formula though. hope your little lady feels better soon.

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