how to lose weight easy and quickly?

how to lose weight easy and quickly? Topic: how to lose weight easy and quickly?
January 18, 2020 / By Chadwick
Question: im a teenager and I am somewhat active and I want to lose weight fast and quickly. I hate being that big kid in school. please help and if your going to be jerks just go on.
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Best Answers: how to lose weight easy and quickly?

Alphonzo Alphonzo | 5 days ago
For weight loss, dieting is more effective than exercise. Reducing your intake of junk sugar will help. Foods such as desserts, sweets, cakes, cookies or biscuits must be eliminated or substantially reduced. Cereals must be restricted to those that contain less than 15% total sugars and junk sugar loaded foods such as pizzas must be avoided. Junk sugar bowls must be abolished. Junk sugar health hazards are discussed in http://au.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%22s... The natural sugars in fruit and vegetables are OK as they metabolise to glucose slowly due to their high fiber content so they have a low to medium GI value. Fruit and vegetables are low in calories and are not fattening. Most fruit and vegetables are metabolism boosting foods and that helps for weight loss. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are exceptions and can be fattening. Fattening combinations that you need to avoid include combinations of protein foods (such as eggs, meat, poultry, sea food, cheese and nuts) with starchy carbohydrates (such as bread, cereals, pasta, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn). Apparently the Lemon Detox Diet is the worst diet there is as in http://sg.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%22l...
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Alphonzo Originally Answered: how to lose weight quickly?
There is no way to burn fat quickly you have to start with a work out and diet program and stick with it. And if you do as mehgan suggested she's right you will gain it all back but she left one important thing when you put back what you lost you can multiply that by 6-10 more pounds so in other words if you lose 2 pounds you will gain that back plus 6-10 pounds more. I would suggest you not worry about it and just start working out now so next year you will be in shape. Edit: No they dont work its just a gimmick it may make you look slimmer for a couple of hours because they are compressing your body fat so it moves then when its gone your fat will slowly migrate back.

Tessa Tessa
losing weight and quickly? lol thats like someone delivering a billion dollars to your house no strings attached. losing weight easy and quickly. Interesting question. Very interesting indeed!!!
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Rosaline Rosaline
Ignore those asshats - I've been calorie counting (1200 per day) and I've lost a stone and a half in 3 months - this is the most productive and useful way I've tried and it's noticable. Try it - it might not work with everyone though..
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Morgane Morgane
Consume honey before bed because consumption of honey may help to burn more fat during those early hours of sleep
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Morgane Originally Answered: How can I lose weight quickly?
If you are trying to lose weight then you have two choices. You can eat less and/or exercise more. Or the second solution... Cheat, keep on reading to see how! If you are intending to lose weight by consuming less then you will need to cut down your current calorie consumption. Calorie consumption for an average adult is around 2,000 a day (female) and 2,500 each day (male). When you need to lose weight then it is suggested that you reduce calories by about 500 each day. This should be sufficient for gradual weight loss provided you have a suitably healthy diet and are getting some exercise. When it comes to physical exercise, cardio is definitely your most desirable option for losing weight. This can enable you to burn off even more calories which in turn can help you lose considerably more weight. It is often not advised to do workouts that will build alot of muscles (like weight training) if your main objective is to lose weight. The simple explanation is because muscle weighs considerably more in comparison with body fat. So even though weight training can help to make you significantly more healthy, and more lean, people are often disappointed whenever they take a look at the scale and realise they have not lost any weight. Here are certain examples of exercises to lose weight together with roughly how many calories somebody will burn up in a 30 minute session. These are estimates for a 150-pound person and will vary depending on your weight. 1. Running 5 mph: 270 calories 2. Going for a swim: 270 calories 3. Cutting the grass using a push lawn mower: 200 calories 4. Stationary bike: 238 calories 5. Step aerobics: 340 calories 6. Taking walks 4 mph: 170 calories That was the "Hard work" approach for losing weight. It might not help you lose weight quickly like you asked but it will def work in the long run. If you want to "cheat" and lose weight quickly then you can see how others are doing it by watching the videos at: http://www.webonweightloss.com

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