Cause of excessive bowel movements and sensitive stomach?

Cause of excessive bowel movements and sensitive stomach? Topic: Cause of excessive bowel movements and sensitive stomach?
September 23, 2019 / By Ariana
Question: My boyfriend has had a pretty sensitive stomach throughout his whole life, and I believe it's something that runs in his family. He is now 26 and lately has been dealing with excessive bowel movements. Lately he doesn't even finish eating before he has to use the restroom. He's lost weight. Still looks healthy but I'm starting to get a little concerned. He's not one to go to the doctor for anything. So if I could get any ones opinions, remedies, or advice that'd be great! Thanks!!
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Zander Zander | 6 days ago
Hi Nikki. The first question I would ask you is does he have any blood or mucus in his stools? If so, with the symptoms above, I would recommend he saw his doctor because he could have something like colitis. Anyhow, any unusual bowel activities should be seen by a doctor.
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Zander Originally Answered: How many bowel movements for a baby is normal?
newborns can have 6-12 or sometimes more bowel movements a day but if you are worried speak to your midwife or health visitor, as your baby is 4days old (congrats by the way) you should be able to ring the hospital where you had him for advice. best of luck :) ps. its up to you how you feed your baby and even if people disagree with your decision they have no place to judge, its noone elses business
Zander Originally Answered: How many bowel movements for a baby is normal?
frequent bowel movements in new borns are normal breast fed or not. this is why you should wait a few minutes after they are done feeding to make sure that baby finishes pooping so they won't poop while changing or soil a diaper in 5 seconds after it is on, but that is inevitable and will happen. if anyone give you grief about nursing remind then it is an option and a desicion that you and you alone had to make and are not ashamed to have made. formulas are nutrisious and well balanced for baby, and get snide with them if you like for butting into your life and giving you hell... respond back...oh really i didn't know that (if they mention that breast feeding is better), i thought that arsanic was much better for him... i hated people telling me what to do when i was pregnant (i breast fed and the few who think formula is better go on me but i told them off) they would say oh you shouldn't eat that or don't you know how much better water is (as opposed to gatorade) i decided if they were rude enough to butt into my life and tell me what for they were asking for it........ but remain calm and don't yell it, just put a little bi*** into the way you say it and make it matter as fact, so it comes across as hey i hear ya' now bleep off. and pay no attention to the as**** that tell you what to do or make on word beyond what brand he drinks, "yes i give him simulac, thank you for noticing how much i care for my son in giving him the best formula out there!" and turn away and just start cooing with baby. i love bi***y sarcasim it upset those who thought they were going to "educate me" of course use sparingly, one liners. the be really plesant with others in front of the jerks and coo lovingly with baby, and don't let them see it if you get angry, because if they see you gruff or angry they will just say, oh what a b. but if other then that one liner you are pleasant and kind to others well, that makes a whole other impression. (it does take practice to perfect this though)

Sibald Sibald
Well,it 'may' be due to IBS,which stands for irritable bowel syndrome.And,with this medical condition,a person might experience similar symptoms as your b/f...such as,having to go to the restroom on a regular basis(excessive bowel movements),constipation with periodic diarrhea bouts,and stomach discomfort/pain,cramping and stomach sensitivity as you mentioned.As for the weight loss.This is something that your b/f must speak with his doctor about,but it may be a result of extreme IBS. Keep in mind...I'm not offering any kind of diagnoses,this is for his/a doctor to determine.I'm only offering a suggestion as to what this 'may' be. I hope he starts feeling well soon.I again suggest he speaks with his/a doctor in reference to his symptoms.Take care.
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Ofer Ofer
jennifer has said all I would have but there is a growing intolerance for some foods such as wheat so an allergy test would be a start.
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Ofer Originally Answered: post surgery bowel movements?
this is pretty normal after surgery as a side affect of anesthesia. Constipation can also be caused by a number of pain medications, and from also inactivity from surgery .Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat some fiber containing foods. If it isn't resolved in a day or two definately call your doc.

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