homemade baby food/websites/recipes?

homemade baby food/websites/recipes? Topic: homemade baby food/websites/recipes?
January 25, 2020 / By Arny
Question: Ok...is there any recipes you use and want to give? do you know any websites that give recipes for homemade baby food? My daughter has been eatting baby food since she was 4 months and did very good from the getgo.. She is now turning 6 months. And still loving it! I had been giving her gerbers Oragnics but heard that it still could contain bad things, So I decided to make it. Thanks for any help! bugsy ur first site wont work... wish you could try re posting it for me..by editing it
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Unice Unice | 7 days ago
I have been making my own for a long time. I buy frozen organic fruits and vegetables, steam, puree and freeze in ice cube trays, then in freezer bags. I use everything... peas, carrots, spinach, mango, pears, apples, blueberries, raspberries, kale, sweet potatoes, squash, "mixed veggies" (i remove onion from the packages), asparagus etc. I also make breakfast for my kids with frozen blueberries mixed with apples and oatmeal, pureed in my blender and frozen. Another fave is spinach mixed with mango and pear!! Yum. And Apricots are great too. You can also use canned or jarred organic fruit to puree. Another great idea is to add lentils or beans. Faves are lentils mixed with carrots and peas, as well as lima beans mixed with green beans and pears. Good luck.
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Unice Originally Answered: homemade dog food recipes?
One of our dogs has liver disease, too-- multiple vets have been unable to determine the cause or a successful treatment. We tried everything, from medical interventions to holistic ones. We even tried a horrible grain-based diet recommended by a "specialist." Nothing worked. Finally, we decided to return to the prey model raw diet we'd been using for years, and continued using with our other dog. We simply made a few liver-disease-specific alterations-- low-purine meats, for example, and milk thistle supplements. Feeding a dog with liver problems isn't about low protein, as some believe-- it's about providing the right *types* of protein. After a few weeks back on the raw diet, her liver values improved for the first time in a year! And she's continued to improve. I definitely don't recommend any "recipes." Cooking food destroys essential nutrients for dogs-- so it's almost impossible to provide a balanced cooked diet. If you have the expertise, time, and money to *painstakingly* supplement cooked recipes, it's possible to do it, but very few lay-people have the ability to do so. Cooked home diets are almost always incredibly unhealthy and unbalanced-- like the diets you described above, with no calcium source and no organs. A prey model raw diet, however, requires no supplements, when done right-- unless particular supplements are needed for certain medical conditions, as in our dog's case. A good raw diet is usually 80 percent raw meat, 10 percent raw bone, and 10 percent raw organs. This ratio doesn't need to balanced out over every meal, but over the days and weeks. Most raw feeders don't feed vegetables, or feed very few of them, perhaps as treats. There are excellent books about raw feeding-- "Raw Meaty Bones Work Wonders" by Tom Lonsdale is great. Also, "Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs" by Lew Olson has a whole section devoted to diets for dogs with liver disease and liver problems. Lew Olson's book has information about both cooked and raw diets-- but he believes raw is best, too. Good luck. Add to EH Amos-- I meant to give you a "thumbs UP," but I accidentally hit "thumbs down." Sorry!

Sariah Sariah
I haven't tried jarred baby foods yet, I make everything fresh- but I'm guessing homemade fresh baby food is healthier then jarred foods. First of all, the food is fresh and if you get the veggies and fruits from your garden (or someone's garden) or buy it organic you know that it's super healthy. They put preservatives and chemicals in baby food, that's why it always tastes sweeter and better (to adults) then homemade foods. I started her on cereal at four months (cereal and oats) so I obviously bought the cereal, but I make her veggies homemade. So far I have made carrots, squash and sweet potato. They eat so little (only a couple tablespoons a meal), and if you freeze properly it can last up to 3 months without going bad, therefore it's a money saver too. It's easy to make too- peal, wash, steam, cut, puree with some water.
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Nora Nora
I make all of my daughters food. I don't follow a recipe because you don't really add anything else to the food. She is 10 months now and I have been making all of her food since she's started on solids at 6 months. She still gets the boxed rice cereal but all of her veggies and fruits I have made. I just get fresh veggies or fruits, cut them up (to a size where they can fit into a mini chopper), and then boil them until they are soft. We just got a $5 mini chopper from Wal-mart one year as a christmas present and that is what I've been using. Some veggies you have to add some water to so they can puree better but other have enough water/juice in them that they puree up really nice. As the time goes on I make her food a little chunkier everytime and she has done great. I just make sure to give it a week in between each food in case of allergies. Storage wise, I just put the food into ice cube trays and freeze it. Pop a few cubes out, put it in the microwave and your good to go. She's been through pretty much all the veggies and fruits so now I walk down the baby isle to get my "ideas" of what to mix together. Last week I made Pears and Blueberries mixed together. Hope this helps! I work full time and go to school part time, so this isn't just for SAHM's! Anybody can make their babies food! It just take an extra 20 min to give your baby the freshest thing possible and save money!
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Mabel Mabel
I just make all the same things you can by in baby food plus pumpkin. I buy all my stuff frozen. I also buy mixed veggies of different varities. I steam everything and then put it in the blender (it works best) and puree it, but I do it a bit thicker than conventional baby food as my daughter likes to chew her food.
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Kell Kell
Baby food is easy to make. Take broccoli for example. Stem it or boil it to it literally falls apart when you stab it then mush it up. Veggies are easy to make into mush because all you have to do it boil them. Now fruits, I don't know. You can boil apples and pears then put them in a blender until you think it's small enough to eat.
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Irma Irma
http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/ http://www.homemadebaby.com/ Hope these are helpful to you. I think they both have organic food recipes, at least I know the second site does. Good idea on making your own baby food. I'm sure baby will LOVE it, and not too mention its healthier and you don't have to worry about all the jar chemicals. Besides, it might be kind of fun :)
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Irma Originally Answered: Homemade Dog Food Recipes?
I'm not sure making your own food is practical and altogether worthwhile. I live an incredibly healthy lifestyle and would expect nothing less for my dog (a German Shepherd/Greyhound mix), but I feel a hundred-percent confident that she is getting the nutrients she needs with her kibble. But I do give her the best damn kibble I can: California Naturals -- shortest ingredients list of any dry pet food :). I then supplement this main diet with treats like organic cooked meats, frozen yogurt, pureed sweet potatoes, Wellness brand treats, etc. Sometimes I substitute a meal with a cup of cooked chicken and a cup of rice with chicken stock. Very nutritious and easily digested. I hope this has been helpful. And don't worry too much -- there are some really great "commercial" dog foods; i.e. Wellness, California Naturals... brands like that. And don't forget, we're talking about animals that would eat poop given the chance! ;)

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