What are some safe, effective laxatives for me?

What are some safe, effective laxatives for me? Topic: What are some safe, effective laxatives for me?
October 23, 2019 / By Yolonda
Question: I'm 7 weeks pregnant but I'm suffering from the worst constipation ever. It hurts me because I have constant nausea with this baby. I mean 24 hours a day if I am not eating, I get sick and I cant stand this. My boobs are killing me but I don't really care about that. All I want is for this STUPID nausea and constipation to go away and I will be the happiest prego in the world. Can someone please tell me something I can do or at least give me positive advice because this is even making me emotional. I feel horrible. Please, any consoling advice???
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Best Answers: What are some safe, effective laxatives for me?

Sheenagh Sheenagh | 9 days ago
Awww, I feel your pain. Try the natural way first. Eat lots of fruits esp. prunes and lots of water. If that doesn't work then you should try one of the previous suggestions. For the nausea, maybe you should try crackers (made my life a whole lot easier or dry toast). Stay away from oily foods and stick to wheat, fruit and meats that are not cooked in a lot of oil. Veggies are really good too. Also to make you feel better, I am sending you a HUGE bear hug. Take care.
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Sheenagh Originally Answered: I'm looking for an effective, safe, effective, effective diet pill.?
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Pauleen Pauleen
I went through weeks 6-12 with the most incredible nausea ever. It was completely awful, and I started losing a ton of weight. The doctor put me on Zofran for nausea and I developed a gut wrenching case of constipation.. just in time for Christmas. I choked down glasses of Metamucil, Milk of Magnesia.. and nothing seemed to work. Everyone swore that Lemon and warm water would help [it did a little, but not relief from the gas pains that went with] Finally, I called my doctors nurses line and said "I need a stool softner with a laxative, what can I take. I've tried everything you recommened and if you tell me to try exercise I swear to god I'm going to lose it" They told me Sennokot Plus, it has a stool softner and a laxative. But you have to talk to the doctor BEFORE EACH USE, and to get a dosage, because it can cause contractions in later pregnancy. So, 1 day later, after a terrible experience that night of awful gas... I was completely relieved. I had been crying to my MIL, that though I loved my baby, I hated being pregnant. I was just sooo miserable. Then, at the end of week 13, I started feeling so much better. My boobs haven't really hurt since 11 weeks, and the nausea at 14 weeks is almost completely gone. My doctor gave me a stool softener for regular use, and I've been much more regular. I've also started to "look" pregnant. And thats actually helped a lot emotionally. Feel free to email me any time, Lovinitalready0819@hotmail.com
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Mariana Mariana
Relax, take a warm bath, include more roughage in your diet naturally, grains, molasses, fruit, vegetables, kiwi fruit are particularly good if you include a bit of the furry skin. Make a smoothie with the above. Get plenty of exercise, walking is good. Do not eat after 6.30pm, just take water, or a herb tea. There are herb teas you can drink for constipation also. Drink at least 8 glasses of purified water per day. It will pass, do not worry and stress, as this is all carried through to the unborn child. For the nausea, eat dry crackers. Bright blessings for the future. Peace
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Kody Kody
It is safe to take Colace. Also, they have FiberSure now that is mixable in any food or juice or water without any taste added. Your probably constipated due to lack of water from the nausea. Your bowels pull unused water into them to produce bowel movements. If your throwing up constantly, then your body doesn't have that extra water reserves to pull into the bowel. Try sipping on water all day and for now, stay to dry foods like toast, crackers, rice, anything that sets well with the stomach. Some prenatal vitamins can cause nausea so ask the doctor about different one's. Also, if your vitamins contain extra iron, that can constipate you. Apple juice can be effective with constipation too, or apples themselves, plus they can be good for your stomach. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon. http://www.pregnancy-period.com/first_trimester_of_pregnancy.html
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Jayda Jayda
My doctor said absolutely NO LAXATIVES! They are diuretics and in turn, dehydrate you (which is not good for you or baby). Instead she told be to go buy some stool softeners instead. It does not MAKE you go like a laxative, but it makes your stuff much softer so it does not feel painful anymore inside of you and also makes it less painful on the way out! In the meantime, increase your water intake. Usually the stool softeners help you have a bowel movement within 48 hours.
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Evangeline Evangeline
I had the same problem until my doctor told me I could take Colace. It's sold over the counter and I just take it every night with my prenatal and things have been going good since :o) Constipation is the worst, especially when you are already nauseas! I hope this helps - good luck!!
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Codie Codie
For the upset stomach make sure to eat something every hour at least. It doesn't need to be much but you need to make sure you never get hungry. Also don't ever eat until you are full. As far as the constipation fiber is your best bet. Bran cereal, fruits, veggies, dried fruits are great, and beans. Also make sure you are drinking lots of water.
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Bellinda Bellinda
My doctor gave me a list of medications that are safe to take with pregnancy. Senecot and Colace are on there for constipation. I recommend the Senacot. It's what I used. Colace is a stool softener so this may not help at first if you are realy backed-up. Hope this help and good luck!!
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Bellinda Originally Answered: Is it safe to take laxatives for so long?
You need to discuss what the problem is with your dr. Are you getting the 25-40 g of fibre a day, that is recommended? What is your diagnosis? What else did the dr tell you? When are you supposed to go back? There is more here, than you have told us. If you have some medical problem, then you need to trust your dr. If it is a dietary issue, then you need to address that. Only you know the real answer to these questions.

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