What diet pill actually works?

What diet pill actually works? Topic: What diet pill actually works?
January 18, 2020 / By Violet
Question: Ive just had a baby & need to lose some serious pounds. Im wondering what diet pill I could take that would actually show some results..?... Any advice would be great
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Shania Shania | 10 days ago
Are you kidding me??!!! You just had a baby and you're gonna put your life at risk because you're desperate to lose weight?? I'm sorry i dont mean to come down on you but diet pills speed up your heart rate, raise your blood pressure and most of all they are addictive. I used to have a lot of extra weight until a friend recommended something for me. I go to the gym and i sweat a lot so in result i shed the weight... http://www.ardysslife.com/ProductPageRes... The garment is actually activated by your body heat!!! I also eat right and get enough sleep which is essential. Anyway, got any questions.. feel free to ask me... hope i could help!!
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Shania Originally Answered: can someone please tell of a diet pill that actually works?
diet pills are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. if you really care about losing weight and being healthy- see a nutritionist or eat healthy and exercise.

Opaline Opaline
Let me tell you what my doctor told my sister. Do you think the company who makes diet pills actually cares if you lose weight? No, they care about your money. They make the process slow, maybe not even apparent in order for you to keep coming back to buy more. Not only that, but once you stop taking the pill you will put that weight back on in a week. Your best bet, diet, exercise. You know the drill. Get off your butt, thats what makes you lose weight.
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Mahala Mahala
Now I am going to yell, considering the fact that I'm pissed off: - DOESN'T ANYONE SEARCH THESE GROUPS?! I need to have responded this query 10 instances ago 24 hours! If nutrition drugs labored, why are there such a lot of chubby men and women?! I used to weigh over 30st. I now weigh 8st four. Did I pop any drugs no I didn't. The most effective kilos you'll be able to lose that manner would possibly not be coming off your frame!
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Keturah Keturah
see what you have done here, you have attracted answers from scammers. they love people like you.... lol anyhow, TRUST ME! i am overweight myself, and i have had all the diet pills known, none have worked! i cant believe i wasted all my money on them, you can buy pills that curb your appetite, but thats all. there is no such thing as a pill that can BURN FAT. its not possible. trust me, plz, just buy an exercise dvd, this is what i have done and its working, but you have to be PATIENT! putting weight on takes time....and losing weight takes time too. plz plz plz dnt spend on pills. maybe appetite suppressents but not pills that say they can 'burn fat'. fat is stored 'calories'. calories are 'energy', eat 500 calories less than your daily allowence says, and also burn calories, then you will lose weight. because the energy you need through exercise, will be taken from your body fat, and not all of your food intake. go to this site to calculate your daily allowence then you know if your overeating.
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Jaida Jaida
Some may work but that's only because they increase your bloodflow so much that your heart is a ticking timebomb. You may pop them for 3 months then one day take the same amount, go to workout and BOOM ...you're in the ER at age 25 with a massive heart failure.
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Emma Emma
you should not use any your better off going to the gym and losing weight that way cuz the pills don't work and there will be many side affects...... You will also look better if you go to the gym, so just stick wiith the gym :)
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Chyna Chyna
Here i s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look. http://doctors39.notlong.com/4AALf7G
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Avital Avital
I've used every diet known to mankind but nothing worked as effectively as acai berry. I understand they say that pills will not work, nevertheless they certainly worked for me, and they've been showcased on CBS News too. There is a free trial going on right now at http://mopect.buildinghealthy.info , why not try it, what's the worst that could happen?
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Abigil Abigil
Do you want to get more information about it? Please go to http://rds.yahoo.com/**http%3a//doctor-healths.notlong.com/AALf7Gv
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Abigil Originally Answered: Diet pill that really works?
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