I haven't pooped in 5 days?

I haven't pooped in 5 days? Topic: I haven't pooped in 5 days?
September 23, 2019 / By Tallulah
Question: I've tried everything; laxatives, tons of water, prunes, apple juice, veggies, those suppository things.... and still nothing. I can feel it inside of me but it won't come out and I have the worst stomach ache.. sorry for being gross lol... but what do I do?
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Reilly Reilly | 2 days ago
This happens to me off and on, I have to watch my diet. After a certain amount of time, suppositories do not work. Too much poop and not enough spread, sorry everyone who happens to read this. I know this is gross. Last time I went 5 days, and my stomach started cramping and it hurt like mad. I went to the doctor and they gave me an enema, which is standard. I would bet all my money that's what they are going to give you. First they jam their finger up your *** to make sure there is no hard stool near the lower end toward your bum, if there is it will have to be surgically removed in some cases. This hurts too, I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Then they will get an enema and the tiny little nozzle going in doesn't hurt, it's the water being squeezed into your already jam packed bowels that will make you scream, and in some cases pass out. Then they say "hold that as long as you can" because something in the water liquidizes stool and makes a person cramp. They bring a pot for you sit on, when you can't hold it no longer because most people won't make it to the actual bathroom. When you sit down, you will **** and scream your brains out. This will go on for about 20 or 30 minutes but then you will feel a hell of a lot better. You will go home and go to bed, but wake up several times throughout the night and the rest of the day, to run to the bathroom. Hope I didn't scare you too much, you will laugh about it later. I know I do. The whole ordeal didn't take more then an hour and, since then, I have been really good about drinking my water EVERY day....lol
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Reilly Originally Answered: What's wrog? haven't pooped but took half of the bottle of benefiber?
Two weeks? Yikes! That's a VERY BIG deal.. If you let it be, the poop inside your intestine will decompose inside your body (you don't want that, do you?). You need to see a doctor immediately. The poop may have hardened, so it doesn't matter if you drink laxatives or benefiber cause it can't be pushed out. In the mean time, try noy to eat anything and srink looots of water. Hopefully the water will flush it out. It's more effective in the morning. Drink at least 1 litre of water right after you wake up. You'll feel funny, but it works everytime for me. Oh yea, don't wait until you wanna go poop. Just sit in the toilet and wait.. Next time, try to poop every morning. Drink a glass of water after you wake up and force yourself to poop. Your body will get use to pooping every morning. Hope this helps. Don't forget to see the doctor!

Mignon Mignon
As a certified herbalist I could name a few herbs and nutritional things you might do. But what I would do is see a doctor IMMEDIATELY. This is the equivalent of a restaurant not taking out the garbage for a month. TOXIC!! There could be an obstruction in the intestines or any number of not so good things. And potentially fatal. Many prominent physicians and researchers believe "Death begins in the colon". I deliberately INTEND to scare you into seeing a doctor right away. I beg you to. I insist. If I was your daddy, I would make you. Good luck.
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Lexine Lexine
First - you're able to in no way enable it pass this long returned using fact it extremely is extremely frustrating to get your bowel shifting whilst it extremely is this finished. you're able to commence with a dose of Milk of Magnesia it is a tender laxative. in case you have no leads to 3 hours, you ought to use some Magnesium Citrate it is a liquid in a bottle on the drugstore. it is used purely for extreme constipation. it may reason some cramping because it pushes the stool with the aid of and then, after each and every thing is complete, you have diarrhea for an afternoon or so. you ought to improve your every day water consumption and your clean end result and vegetables to dodge this from happening returned.
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Julia Julia
As they say, try an enema (pref. a proper nozzle-and-bulb enema with about a litre of cooled boiled water with a dash of liquid glycerin stirred in). If that doesn't make you do a smelly in 5-10 minutes, call the hospital!
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Gladys Gladys
go to ur doctor. they can probably perscribe u a very strong laxative that can help u pass the stool
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Gladys Originally Answered: 6 weeks and constipated. . haven't gone in a few days. . help!?
Aww sweetie I know what you are going through! I'm almost 7 weeks and been going through the same thing.. The list of safe medications you get from your doctor should have things you can take for it... If you haven't been to the doctor yet, ill list my below.. Constipation: whole grain foods, plenty of water [ 6, 8 oz glases a day] fiberall, metamucil, colace, or senekot. Constipation is often a problem due to both physical changes and extra iron. Eat plenty of bluky foods sick as bran, whole west breads and cereals. Fresh frusta and veggies, and drinking water will help. Also the safe laxatives listed above. If you have nausea or morning sickness Emetrol is amazing! Its non-prescription and works magic!

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