My 6 week old baby is constipated(yesterday and today). I am breastfeeding. What must I do?

My 6 week old baby is constipated(yesterday and today). I am breastfeeding. What must I do? Topic: My 6 week old baby is constipated(yesterday and today). I am breastfeeding. What must I do?
October 14, 2019 / By Shavonne
Question: I can see she is uncomfortable and it's getting irritating. She is being fed enough I drink enough water What can I use to make her better and what causes constipation?
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Pamella Pamella | 7 days ago
It is a myth that breastfed babies never get constipated. (proof positive, I exclusively breastfed, and my son was constipated, I could see it the way his bowels came out, when they finally did, he was in pain when he was eliminating) sometimes a change in your diet helps. when my son was constipated at that age, and I was still breastfeeding, not eating veggies, fruits, whole grains (in that order) helped to eliminate his constipation. Also try giving him Mylicon drops. it's suppose to help or gripe water.
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Pamella Originally Answered: constipated for over a week?!?!?
i know how scared you are. i had my son 7 weeks ago. since then i have not been to the toilet by myself. i tore in childbirth, then got a fissure, so held back. then 3 weeks later i really needed to go, so tried but it was stuck, it was so hard and compact it could not fit through my anus ( sounds gross i know but i cant tell it any other way) i was screaming in pain, sweat pouring of me. my b/f called midwife she came, and sent me to hospital, i could not sit down, as it was so painful. the doctor came to my cubicle and told me i would need a enema, after he did a examination. he tried to feel in my back passage, but it was so blocked and hard he could not. anyway they did the enema, and it was the worst pain ever, it moved the foeces, but caused a 2nd degree tear in the process. i thought that was the end, but it wasn't, 2 weeks after it happened again (i'd not been till this time) and i had to call a ambulance. it was so babd a enema would not work so they did manual extraction, you are not put to sleep, but given gas and air. i've never screamed so much in my life. then last sun, it happened again, i went to A+E and they did another enema, this time i was freaking out as i knew the pain that was coming. they gave me so temazipam, then the enema. then gave me gas and air. i again passed the blockeage, and its like cement not poop, does not smell, just extreamly large and hard so muscles cannot pass it. again i tore 2nd degree and had 3 stitches. no one can tell me why this keeps happening and im so scared, ive not been since last sunday, i've taken so much fibre, lax, softner and its not working. i pray i can go soon, with out all the pain. so please drink loadsa water and take your senna, if you need to go don' hold back. its really serious. i would not want you going through this. i never thought i would ever in my life say this, but what i went through was WORSE than child birth! i have not told anyone about this! its so embaressing, and having some hunky doc pic poo outa your **** is not pleasent! you be brave and take lotsa stool softners so it just falls out! if it still not working email me i have loadsa tips. nikita x

Marcy Marcy
You should probably call the doctor to see what he says. Could it be a possibility that she isn't constipated and is just trying to pass gas?
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Kirstie Kirstie
breastfed babies cannot get constipated unless you are using formula as well. 6 weeks old colic can begin. try warm baths
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Janis Janis
You could give her a baby-size suppository (make sure it IS baby-size, so you don't have to cut it up).
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Ethel Ethel
Its a good thing that your breastfeeding but if you baby is constipated you might want to take the baby to the doctor or since everything you eat goes to your baby try eating some prunes it make you go a little more but it might also help the baby. hope this helps
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Clarissa Clarissa
my lil one went through the same thing at 7wks old.. but it's not constipation.. BF babies can't get constipated :) .. I took my lil one to my doc, and he said around that age, they go through a change.. They go from once or a few times a day, to maybe every 2nd 3rd day.. some even a week passes and no poos.. BUT, I would def take your bub to the docs, if your worried :) I read that the longest a BF baby has gone without poopin was 14days, and they were not constipated.. My lil boy is 2mnths old now, and goes every 3rd day.. which is a nice break on the nappies ;) lol
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Clarissa Originally Answered: Constipated for over a week.?
I used to have infrequent bowel movement as well, but now I had once and sometimes twice a day, ever since I started to eat wholegrain rye breads (I always look for the one with most fiber on it), green beans, and lots of water. Yogurts and papaya sometimes helps too. Also, I read somewhere that caffeinated stuff are dehydrating so you will have to drink extra water for every coffee you drink. The supermarkets are selling fiber supplements as well, although I haven't tried it since the wholegrain breads contain lots of insoluble fiber and the beans contain a lot of soluble fiber already. Hope this helps!

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