i need to get revenge on my sister! any advice on how?

i need to get revenge on my sister! any advice on how? Topic: i need to get revenge on my sister! any advice on how?
October 18, 2019 / By Shanika
Question: my sister is in her late twenties and just moved back home to my parents house, some guy she slept with was calling me she got mad at me instead of him, she got back at me by being with a guy i was with and wears his tee all day at home! i have a bf so that doesnt bother me as much. she's a meth whore, calls me names all day, pushes me around, talks bad about me to everyone she meets! so it would help if you gave me some ideas! I DNT CARE BOUT THE; JUST IGNORE HER! REVENGE ISNT GOOD BLAH! ive put up with her i never tell her anything! so i think i should do something about it! im not willing to whore myself out like her i have a bf! oh and as much stuff as it takes! i was thinking of giving her dog chocolate? good?
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Best Answers: i need to get revenge on my sister! any advice on how?

Ora Ora | 3 days ago
how low do you want to go with this? Like put Near hair remover on her head as she sleeps low? or make her look bad in front of the parents by stealing her house key when you know she will be out late night. she will not be able to get in unless someone is awake or wake some one up to get into the house. clean the toilet bowl with her toothbrush. put cat or dog crap in her shoes. put itching powder in her bed, and in each pair of her underwear. cut holes in her socks. bake brownies and put ex lax in them. but remember what comes around goes around.
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Ora Originally Answered: I'm getting revenge on some girl who ate my food and I'm leaving a drugged cake in the fridge (x-lax)?
You have hit on the best way. Ex lax flavor will blend in with the chocolate cake. Don't add anything else because it might change the flavor.

Mahalath Mahalath
do not give chocolate to the dog!!! that is cruel, and you could get into legal trouble for that! if you have that much of an issue with her...a good ol' fashioned a$$ whoppin' would definately do the trick! better yet, you have a friend of yours call the house...someone who has a voice that your parents won't recognize. Have them say they are with the health department, and they need to speak with "Sister"....regarding a possible exposure to hepatitis from drug use!!!
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Keysha Keysha
what about ................ kissing or sleeping with the guy she is with now and making them break up and u start going out with him and just 2 piss her off even more you can get his class ring or something and bring him around the house like all the time and just 2 make her want 2 die you can tell every single guy she knows something totally embarrassing that is made up or true. well ttys
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Jaime Jaime
Speak out what you think tell her that u already have a bf and u are not having any relationship with the guy and i think she is just jealous (ladies always are u know especially .........) gud luk
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Emmy Emmy
Try searching it on google; there are some good ideas on there without the hassle of people on here telling you not to do it.
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Emmy Originally Answered: how can I get my little sister to eat healthier?
When your mom goes grocery shopping, go with her. Pick out healthy food items, and if your mom asks why, don't say it's because it makes you fat. Say something else, like eating too much meat is bad for your heart, etc. Also pick up the book "Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution", which believe me, is a BIG help. I bought a copy for my mom to take when she goes grocery shopping & our family generally eats healthier. Also, encourage your sister to exercise. Invite her to play some sports, or maybe just go for a daily walk. Afterward, treat her with low fat yogurt or something healthy. Little kids are tough to get through, but if you keep insisting, it should come to them, eventually. Plus - sit your little sister down & have a heart to heart talk with her. Explain how kids can be cruel & how some teased you for being overweight. Get teary. It should click in her mind that being fat is not good. Best of luck! xx

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