How to get rid of lower stomach and side fat?

How to get rid of lower stomach and side fat? Topic: How to get rid of lower stomach and side fat?
September 20, 2019 / By Anstace
Question: I have some fat on my lower abs, on my sides, and the sides of my back. I have no clue how to get rid of it.Im not fat or anything, im just very self-conscious and very unhappy with how this looks. Any idea on how to get rid of it. Please answer(:
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Best Answers: How to get rid of lower stomach and side fat?

Zaccai Zaccai | 5 days ago
Hi, You’ll make dramatic improvements in your worst trouble spots and most stubborn problem areas if you do simple, yet carefully structured, bodyweight exercises (no weights & no machines) which combine all three types of muscle movement: Concentric, Eccentric and Isometric. This is a crucial factor for man and women that cannot be addressed with typical weight and machine type exercise programs. The only way to combine these for maximum results and SAFETY is by focusing on bodyweight type exercises. Because its basically impossible to achieve this when using weights and machines. A year ago I was an out of shape with my lower body was the worst, carrying an extra fat on my stomach. My thighs and butt are quite big. After joining a program which i accidentally found while surfing the web for my consultancy project, i have made the dramatic changes and i feel young, healthy and sexy again. Even my legs are much more slimmer then before. The point is, there's a much FASTER, BETTER and CHEAPER way to get fit and melt the body butter once and for all without gyms, weights or fancy shmancy expensive exercise equipment. Previously, i have tried all kinds of workouts and spending a fortune just to look good while presenting my clients, but without success. I recommend this workout to you because it's affordable and this is the program that finally boost my self esteem. The trainer is a real pro with a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. He could easily be contacted by email or through toll free number and office address display at the site. The success has inspired me to help others and you could contact me at sandra.drift@gmail.com for more details.
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Zaccai Originally Answered: I'm having pains on the right side, lower side of my belly where my baby is, help!?
i had the same problem with both of my boys when i was pregnant with them, the doctor said it was normal. sometimes the baby lays a certain way on your side and presses against it, which it is uncomfortable, i always got up and walked and rubbed the side of my belly to get the baby to switch positions, if that doesn't help you call your ob and see what he/she says.

Sherlock Sherlock
I had the same problem as you. I was pretty lean except for the womanly shape around my waists. I was disgusted, I could not wear muscle shirts or even normal sized shirts because I had flanks like a woman. I had tried millions of crunches and nothing worked. I then tried a diet called the shifting calories theory. I was very skeptical at first because there is a lot of crap on the internet but I tried it because it made some sense. You can read about it in link below before you decide. By just following the diet, I lost 20 pounds in a month and all the crunches that I did before are showing my abs, it was there before too, but just covered with the layer of fat. I hope you have the same experience and get rid of those lady like figure in the middle, it is a very good feeling. The link is below ... http://19af7npjnhp8k6eqoawl4e6n8r.hop.clickbank.net/ Richy
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Norwood Norwood
Go on youtube.com and type in 8 minute abs. Its kind of corny but if you really stick to it it does work and it only takes 8 minutes a day! Of course working out isn't enough, watching your diet is important especially when your trying to loose stomach fat. So stay away from fast food and try to watch what you eat.
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Lance Lance
You need to focus on 3 things. Cardio, stomach exercises and most importantly nutrition. There is a guide here that worked really wel for me http://www.squidoo.com/Remove-Excess-Belly-Fat-Naturally
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Lance Originally Answered: What is the cause of lower right back and side pain?
Do you have a fever? I would suggest having your doctor paged and asking them if you need to go to the ER. If the pain is severe go to the hospital. If you are about two weeks from your period it could also be ovulation pain and if it burns during urination it might be a bladder infection. I've had plenty of those. Either way, you need to see a doctor. Good luck!! Appendicitis Symptoms By Mayo Clinic staff Signs and symptoms of appendicitis may include: * Aching pain that begins around your navel and often shifts to your lower right abdomen * Pain that becomes sharper over several hours * Tenderness that occurs when you apply pressure to your lower right abdomen * Sharp pain in your lower right abdomen that occurs when the area is pressed on and then the pressure is quickly released (rebound tenderness) * Pain that worsens if you cough, walk or make other jarring movements * Nausea * Vomiting * Loss of appetite * Low-grade fever * Constipation * Inability to pass gas * Diarrhea * Abdominal swelling The location of your pain may vary, depending on your age and the position of your appendix. Young children or pregnant women, especially, may have appendicitis pain in different places. When to see a doctor Make an appointment with a doctor if you or your child experiences signs or symptoms that worry you. Abdominal pain so severe that a person is unable to sit still or find a comfortable position requires immediate medical attention.

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