is turkish food healthy?

is turkish food healthy? Topic: is turkish food healthy?
December 13, 2019 / By Tillie
Question: i am in turkey and i love turkish food i was woundering if it is healthy i like the adana kebabs if anyone knows if the adana kebabs in turkey are healthy please let me know. i am on a diet so i am trying to find out how many calories would roughly be in one also. thanks
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Roxanne Roxanne | 3 days ago
Turkish food is delicious but not healthy in the sense that they use a lots of fresh butter, spices and dairy cream and sauces. Not exactly ideal for cholesterol. Adana kebabs are made from minced lamb meat and lots of spices. Healthy enough as long as you don't have a problem with spices. Lamb meat is good... but try goat meat for something leaner and with a lighter taste. The Mediterranean diet is considered to be the healthiest, but it does not consist of too much animal fat. Beans, vegetables, more fish than meat, olive oil, fruits... this is healthy.
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Roxanne Originally Answered: Why do you think God made all the yummy food bad for you and all the gross food healthy?
Hi dear Yummy food, healthy food, junk food......Choice is ours.God never bother about it. Body is our church or temple.so be love on our body.choose only healthy and hygienic foods. yes, man is the slave of his stomach.At the same time must be health conscious also. Man is not only satisfied with foods.he wants more. That is good .Read more about healthy foods.Keep a balance diet.And stay away from the doctors. Then God will also love you.

Naomi Naomi
Turkish and middle eastern food is in general very healthy since they use loads of fresh products. Calories wise,sorry it's rather heavy but it also depends of the amounts.
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Lorinda Lorinda
I worked in a Turkish company for a year and at lunch I ate Turkish food, it's tasty, but I gained weight. Be careful!
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Katherine Katherine
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/axtO2 The answer about Greek food is right, but like any cuisine, you can find unhealthy Greek food if you try. Chicken kababs and Greek salad are always a safe bet for delicious and healthy. Another one that you'd probably like is Vietnemese food. It has nothing in common with Chinese food. Because it's so delicious and filling, yet low in fat and healthy. Vietnemese soup, known as pho' has been gaining in popularity for the last decade or so. You can order it with some unusual stuff in it, but if you start out with combination of eye of round steak sliced super thin, and the slow cooked roast beef, you will have delicious combo. It's called Pho' Tai chin, and is served with a plateful of beansprouts, fresh basil, and a slice of lime to squeeze in it. The basil is pungent and delicious and a great accent to the soup. The soup has thin rice noodles in a very mild beef broth base delicately flavored with onion, cilantro, green onion, and just a slight touch of anise spice, ginger, garlic, and a tiny bit of cinnamon. The meats are added right before it is served. It comes out really hot. You can let it cool for a moment. Traditionally, alot of people add a touch of Srirachi chili sauce for some heat, but that's up to you. Likewise, a little bit of hoisin sauce adds just a touch of exotic sweetness. Other Vietnemese dishes are also healthy, but the pho' is a sure fire winner for taste and health. Next Possibility: Japanese food. This is very, very healthy, and is totally unlike chinese food as well. Sushi is as perfect as you get for a healthy low fat protein. Try seared ahi tuna if you want some flavor, and want a tiny bit of cooking but still want healthy and delicious. It tastes like a super tender, most mild piece of beef you've ever had. A good piece will not have any "fishyness" at all. The meals made on the hibachi cooking tables are delicious and healthy too, if you tell them to take it easy on the butter. ********************************** Next possibility: Please try this recipe. it's called "mediterranean pasta." Put some bowtie pasta or tortellini in to boil. Add a spoonful of olive oil to keep it from boiling up. In a skillet, saute' together in about 2 tablespoons of high quality extra virgin olive oil: kalamata olives (yes, they are higher. but the flavor is much, much, much better), sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, garlic, and fresh basil. The amount of each depends on your personal taste. Because each item stands alone in the mixture, it really doesn't matter than much. Just don't overload the garlic and basil. Drain the extra oil when it's hot, add the noodles, saute for a moment more, and it's done! Super easy. Fairly healthy, and you can add some sliced up chicken cooked separately or grilled if you like. **************************************..... Some Indian food is delicious, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it healthy at all. In spite of the answers above, I would disagree that most mexican food is healthy. Maybe some of the traditional stuff is healthier than mexican in restaurants we are used to, but that's not what you'll get in the grocery store or eating out most of the time. Likewise, German food can be delicious but is way unhealthy, as is most British and Irish food. Hope this gives you some thoughts on different foods to try. I love great food and food from other countries as well. Going out to experiment and find new foods is one of my favorite things to do. Tonight I just came back from dinner at a middle eastern place where I had roasted chicken, super tender inside with crispy skin outside, rice, a tangy salad, and baklava and turkish coffee for desert. Except for the baklava and coffee, I'd put this style in the delicious and healthy category too, but there's some stuff they make that I can't eat. It's just too big a stretch for my midwestern taste buds. good luck experimenting! - Kevin
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Helene Helene
any delicious food is not healthy lol. but i know it has alot of oil. SO MAYBE ONCE IN A WHILE WOULD BE GOOD.
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Helene Originally Answered: why does healthy food cost more than unhealthy food?
That really depends on where you live & what access to healthy food you have. In my local supermarkets I can find a very large variety of fruits & veggies for a pretty low cost. Going to the local fast food establishment with the same amount of money will feed me for a day. At the supermarket I can get enough fruit/veg. & even some lean meat to last several days. Even if it's not organic, it's still a lot healthier than fast food.

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