why is Organic foods so much better for kids?

why is Organic foods so much better for kids? Topic: why is Organic foods so much better for kids?
September 19, 2019 / By Anora
Question: I am 26 and pregnant with my first child..I want to know why there is all the hype about organic foods? I never ate and still do not eat organic foods and have had all those "Bad hormones" in my system and I am just fine...also if a child eats all organic milk and then say at 7 years old the parents change to regular milk...will there be a reaction?
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Youkahainen Youkahainen | 3 days ago
I have never (intentionally) eaten organic foods in my life. I can safely say to you I have no extra limbs, I'm not light green and I have retained all my senses. Organic food is just food without (harmless) chemicals added for higher crop yields. So that kinda explains the price. Just give them baby food anyway :-p
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Youkahainen Originally Answered: What Are Some healthy foods for kids?
Hi, Some Healthy Foods: Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy products, variety kinds of Beans, Pulses & Grains. These are on top of my mind. You can take few of the above items as examples, show their nutrient values and explain how those values are good for kids. Some Unhealthy Foods: Burgers, French Fries, Chips, Donuts, Ice-cream, etc., You can explain how the fats in these foods are bad & also how those unnecessary calories can harm kids. All the Best with your project :-)

Shephatiah Shephatiah
I am actually very too young to have kids but I do know some things about organic produce! There should not be a reaction because milk is milk the difference is that the cows are not treated horribly when it is organic. Sort of like chicken eggs "free range" means the chicken was not couped up in a horribly small cage. When the animal is treated well it does not have so much stress and is happy so the produce is good for you! Also fruits and veggies that are organic do not have harmful pestisides that are really bad for you and plus they taste bad if you don't wash enough! The only bad thing about organic is that it is sometimes more expensive. My mom tries to buy as much organic produce as possible!
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Norris Norris
First of all, organic foods are foods that are grown without the introduction of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals so yes they are better for you. And no there would not be a bad reaction if your child has organic milk and is switched to regular milk. My son was fed organic baby food and he drank regular milk when he was a year old and it did him no harm. I didn't like the taste of organic milk it tasted like the cow got into an onion patch really yucky definitely not worth the 6.00 my husband had made the mistake of paying. Anyway, whether or not you feed your child organic is completely up to you. My son doesn't eat organic anything now except on occasion when we buy vegetables they are usually organic but other than that, we eat regular food. Rarely does a person who starts their child on organic stays with them on organic especially this day and age when everything is going up.
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Lambert Lambert
The hype is because some people have an irrational fear of anything man-made, and are willing to pay good money to act on it. There's a sub-culture built around that. If people are willing to pay, some good business type will figure that out and supply it. If you come down to it, ALL food is organic. There's no such thing as inorganic food. If you grow vegetables without "chemicals" (fertilizer and pesticide) you need great growing conditions and lots of effort, so most 'organic' grown food would just be stumpy, bug-eaten, and not as good at all as other. The stuff that makes it to market is good, but very expensive. And then the plants, when they are attacked by bugs, will make their own pesticides. These things wash off before you eat the food anyway, except the ones the plants make for themselves. There's really no difference, when you eat them, between "organic" and "regular", except the organic can cost a lot more. Food is food, and kids need calories. Eat a balanced diet, feed the baby a balanced diet, and don't worry about it.
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Isaiah Isaiah
There have been numerous peer reviewed studies that show that children that eat organic foods have far fewer pesticides, etc.. in their systems than kids who eat conventionally raised food. Kids are much much more sensitive to chemicals in their diet than adults see http://www.organicconsumers.org for a lot of information about this topic. the "hype" about all this is a couple of things. research on organic food and farming started getting serious in 2002 (universities got in on the act) when the USDA took control of organic certification. It takes at least 5 years to get any meaningful data when it comes to farming and feeding studies so we are seeing the first of the research papers (there will be more, a lot more in the coming months and years) The second reason is because multinational corporations have gotten on the organic bandwagon in the past couple of years and they are marketing the concept heavily (and that is hype)
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Isaiah Originally Answered: are these good foods for kids?
I don't know about the yogurt...like you said it is healthy, but I have no idea if you can eat too much of it. If I were in your position I think I'd let him have one container of yogurt, and then have him eat something else (like fruit) just in case too much yogurt is a bad thing. Or you could start making yogurt shakes for him, my kids love them. We mix one container of yogurt, a couple ice cubes, about a cup of milk, and some kind of fruit (bananas or strawberries usually) and it makes a great milkshake. It's very healthy; there are no artificial sweeteners or anything in it. We give our 3yo and 2yo tea, sometimes caffeinated but really watered down. We might heat one cup of water in the microwave, add the tea and let it steep for a very short amount of time, then add at least one cup of cool water and split it into 2 glasses for the kids. That way it is watered down AND the cool water keeps it from being too hot. Honestly I don't worry too much about caffeine. Our kids never get soda, period...I can't stand the taste of it so it is never in the house. I definitely think having a cup of tea every now and then is better than eating fast food or other junk food all the time. If tea is the worst thing he drinks you're in good shape. :)

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