My 7 Month Old Has Severe Constipation?

My 7 Month Old Has Severe Constipation? Topic: My 7 Month Old Has Severe Constipation?
September 17, 2019 / By Livia
Question: She has always had problems with bowel movements and it wasn't uncommon for her to regularly go 10 days between BM. We started offering her solids at 5 months but was refusing until a week ago when she decided she would eat them. she now has 3 meals a day, at this stage just pureed veg and rice cereal with breastmilk. she keeps having problems with her BM, every nappy has a very small amount of poo, its like plasticine and a bit dry. She is well hydrated and has plenty of wet nappies in the day but her poor little anus is red raw and there was bleeding . I resorted to suppositories which worked almost instantly ( had a very large/almost adult size poo) but she was straining so hard to get it out she urinated at the same time and was screaming. The same thing is happening again, very small amounts (tip of finger size) in every nappy. I don't want to keep using suppositories what should I do? Is this normal?
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Kari Kari | 8 days ago
My daughter had the same problem. she would have blood in her stoole it was very sad to see her suffer. my Doctor had recommended miralax. it is over the counter. you just add it to food or the milk. she had started this at about 8-10 months.then i took her off the miralax. once i did it had started up all over again. when she was about 11 months we gave her whole milk. then i tried the 2% and then after that she never had problems again.
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Kari Originally Answered: Severe constipation, tried everything?
i had the same with i was on prenatal vitamins. the day i stopped taking them, was the day the constipation eased!! So, i say eat well, make sure you are getting all the vitamins through food and drink plenty of water, and stop taking the vitamins. it's the iron in the tablets which causes constipation.

Harmony Harmony
No, that doesn't sound normal. I would definitely limit the amount of suppositories you are using. Have you tried giving your baby some undiluted prune, pear or apple juice? About 1 oz between feedings up to 4 oz in a day. If your baby has a bowel movement after 24 hours, stop the juice. If after 24 hours and your baby still hasn't pooped, then you can add 1 teaspoon of corn syrup to your baby's food, 2-3 times a day. Make sure your baby is getting plenty of fibre. Even try a different type of cereal like oat or barley cereal which will make softer poops. This is advice the nurse gave me when I asked her about feeding my 6 month old.
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Dominique Dominique
They have little tummys constipation drops which a friend said work great but what I did was I gave my daughter prunes a lot and also if you lay her on her back on the top of your legs and push her knees into her stomach it will help ease out the bm and gas if she has any hope it helps
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Carrie Carrie
do no longer you hate it while the healthcare expert says its fantastic while your newborn has long gone 5 DAYS devoid of bowel flow!!?? My daughter has constipation issues besides (and he or she's breastfed! circulate parent). even with the shown fact that juice frequently works for us, attempt giving him prune puree to consume, greater juice and greens that help the works circulate. Carrots seem to circulate issues alongside with my daughter. We additionally use a probiotic in her formula to help besides. have you ever tried Karo syrup? (The darkish sort with molasses) it truly works for some human beings. A teaspoon in together with his next drink (no longer the juice even with the shown fact that!). infant rubdown generally will help a bowel flow alongside, once you rubdown their torso and decrease abdomen.
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Angell Angell
definatly not normal. put vaseline to ease the inflamation and redness and also provide a little lube when she does go. give her a table spoon of dark corn syrup in 2 oz of water.
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Angell Originally Answered: What do you do if you have severe constipation?
Have you been back to the doctor? If yes, & he/she stills says the same, change doctors. A dietician can help - make enquiries via your local hospital about a dieticians clinic. Generally eating a diet high in both soluble & insoluble fibre as well as drinking plenty of water should do it. There are some medical conditions that cause unrelenting constipation hence why I say change doctors & see a dietician. You should aim to eat 2 serves fruit, 5 serves vegetables & wholegrain cereals. Oats are a good source of fibre & are low GI. Using a senna preparation can help but it has been known to irritate the lining of the bowel. Taking a dose of Cod liver oil daily is a purgative as well as giving you an important dose of Omega 3 although it can taste yucky. Most importantly - go back to your doctor or find a new one because untreated or poorly cared for constipation can lead to haemaroids. Good luck.

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