Laxatives made me constipated?

Laxatives made me constipated? Topic: Laxatives made me constipated?
June 18, 2019 / By Anona
Question: I was grocery shopping with my mom a few years ago in an asian supermarket and saw a box labed, "diet tea" on it. it claims that it could help the consumer shield fat from the body, so i bought it and tried it. I drank the recommended dosage (two cups of tea a day after meals). For the first few hours I was fine, and then about five minutes after my second cup, I had horrible dirrehea... It hurted so much and lasted overnight too! I was pooping like crazy that day! lol And then..... I've been constipated for years since then! Why is that? I've only tried it once, and never dared touch that tea ever again... but as an asian, I drink a lot of green tea. One time right after my laxative tea diarrhea incident, i drank a CRAZY amount of green tea. And then I became constipated! Is it more likely that the green tea caused me to become constipated, or the laxative diet tea? or both? how can I fix my constipation?
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Ywain Ywain | 1 day ago
Basic fact. Laxatives can and will lead to laxative dependence. Since you say you have been constipated for years after that incident; I suspect you are taking laxatives to relieve your constipation. This leads to needing more laxatives in order to poop. Increase fiber, water and exercise. Set aside time to poop every day. Put a step stool under your feet when sitting on the toilet. This will cause you to be in more of a squatting position which helps with stool passage. Try eating prunes and dried figs. They are high in fiber.
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Ywain Originally Answered: what are some home made laxatives you can make?
Kiwi fruit is an incredible organic laxative. this is been studied to assist human beings have greater bowel movements each and each week, boost the transit time of foodstuff by your colon, and boost delight inclusive of your bowel movements. attempt a million in the morning after breakfast and a million at night after dinner. If that would not paintings, you could boost to 3 consistent with day.
Ywain Originally Answered: what are some home made laxatives you can make?
Try drinking some hot water with some lemon juice in it. Fresh squeezed works best... but concentrated will work if you don't have any fresh lemons in the house. The epsom salts will work as well, but trust me... they taste horrible!! It's also really important that no matter what treatment you use, you also drink plenty of water. For one, it will keep you hydrated and two, it also helps your bowels work properly. Good Luck.

Shemaiah Shemaiah
If you drink a ton of tea, you can get constipated. This is because it actually pulls water away from your body while in the digestive tract. What you can do to "fix" the issue is to: 1. drink more water instead of tea 2. eat more leafy foods (high fiber) 3. take some gentle OTC laxative / fiber pills (Miralax is now OTC and is pretty gentle compared to some other brands).
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Normand Normand
Prunes & Coffee are normal laxatives. If you've got the ones, consume/drink them instantly! Personally, I advocate consuming a scorching cup of espresso after which drink some thing bloodless instantly later on. The severe temperature difference many times stimulates the colon.
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Normand Originally Answered: I'm constipated and taking laxatives?
Taking a laxative every other day is most definitely not a good idea. The problem is the body gets used to needing that extra help for you to defecate. It is a much better idea to eat properly. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Make sure the breads you eat are whole grain. It is also important to drink enough water throughout the day. If you do these things, both you AND your dad will feel much better. Stay away from any fad diets, as they are just designed to separate you from your money.

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