Ways to get major weight off a horse?

Ways to get major weight off a horse? Topic: Ways to get major weight off a horse?
January 18, 2020 / By Kennedy
Question: I'm about to buy this horse. She passed the vet, x-rays clean, passed all flexions etc., the only thing is she is massively overweight. Like 100lbs-150lbs. It's pretty bad. What are good ways to get weight off a horse? She will be in light work to help get the weight off, but no jumping because of this weight problem. So far she has only been on grass where she is coming from. Any tip is getting this weight off of her?
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Ivy Ivy | 6 days ago
Work work and work! LOL You have to start steady but once her skin has hardened of a couple of hours walk and slow trotting a day will go a long way to decreasing her weight. Keep her off a lot of good grass and in a paddock where it is well grazed. You can shut her up for half the day but if you do so, give her a small amount of hay. Starving them for hours at a time does nothing as the metabolism stops during the starvation time, small amount of hay will keep it going and actually help her loose more. It can be harder work to get weight safely off a horse then getting weigh onto them. Once you can start some serious trotting work, then you will find that she looses it faster.
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Ellie Ellie
First thing is an exercise programme. If she's that fat then she's probably pretty unfit too so start walking out for a half hour every day, then after a week add a couple of short trots, after a week add some more trotting and make the walking slightly longer and basically build her up till she can hack out or school for a decent length of time gradually introducing more and more faster work. Make sure she's properly striding out, not just wandering along as this will shift the weight. Second thing is a major diet. Start by only turning out overnight (the grass has a lower sugar content over night so less calories) then when in during the day feed one slice of hay and bulk it up with a couple of slices of good quality straw - straw will not cause her to colic unless it's poor quality, you want dust free, nice yellow straw. This will allow her to have lots of fibre without calories. Get a chaff feed of some sort, in the UK I would recommend Spiller's Happy Hoof as it is extremely low calorie but has a general vitamin and mineral supplement already in it. If using a plain chaff make sure you use a general supplement as the restricted diet will not provide everything she needs. I also use treat balls as these are good for keeping a horse entertained just don't put loads of treats in and find low calorie ones, a handful or two of fibre nuts works well. Use a weigh tape once a week to monitor the weight lose as this is the most accurate way to keep an eye and make sure she's loosing weight. I would also put her onto a pre and pro biotic supplement, try NAF's Pink Powder in the UK, for the first couple of weeks you have her to help with the change in diet as this can upset their digestion. I would expect it to take a couple of months for her to lose the weight, good luck
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Christabella Christabella
Well first try not to get the weight off her too quickly, when they are very over weight it has to be a gradual process that they come back down again. If she is just on grass at the moment, keep her like that but restrict the grazing with either a muzzle which she can nibble grass through, strip grazing or keeping her out only at certain times during the day. Bring her work up slowly, start with just half hour walking hacks and then over a few weeks build up some trot into it in short spurts, if you have any hills some trotting work uphills for short spurts is really helpful. As she gets better start introducing some canter work into it, and bring her gradually into longer and fuller work. If she is unfit, it can take around 6 weeks to get them back into a good fitness, so gradual build up is what's needed.
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Aundria Aundria
-Change it's diet if that's ok with the vet and you and ask the vet about grains -Lunge it (this will also gain trust with your horse) -Ride it after it's been lunged -Walk it around the property of the barn. -Make sure you can put her in a turnout with not as much grass and another horse in the turnout she is friendly with so they can play this will reduce the weight too Remember give your horse about 1 or 2 days off this work each week. You can't over work your horse.
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Abbigail Abbigail
I would ask the vet to recommend the best routine for her. Usually a change in diet and more exercise helps, but the vet might be able to recommend the most effective routine for that horse specifically.
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