Is it healthy to go on a High Protein Low Fat Diet?

Is it healthy to go on a High Protein Low Fat Diet? Topic: Is it healthy to go on a High Protein Low Fat Diet?
January 28, 2020 / By Keira
Question: I am a body builder,trying to get big and I have small amount of body fat like 7 kg at most.I am planning to go on a High Protein ,Low Fat Diet.I want to get big and lose the excessive fat at the same time. Is this healthy for my body? Doesn't a body builder's body need any fat to grow the muscles? Is it easy a body builder to keep growing their muscles when there's no fat in their body? Is it ok for the body to have no fat at all?
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Indiana Indiana | 5 days ago
Anyone who claims they've gone on the Atkins Diet who have lost their gall bladders due to infection have never read the book. So, don't make that mistake when going on a high protein diet. Protein is obtained by food combining leafy green vegetables and beans and whole rice or many varieties of fruits and vegetables. The human body has a symbiotic relationship with plant foods, so don't ignore them or your immune system will suffer. Also, don't avoid a certain kind of fat and avoid others. Avoid trans fats, like man made oils, such as margarine, Kraft food products, Skippy type peanut butters, or Wesson Oils... Why? They stiffen cell walls and create oxidative stress so that you tire more easily when working out. Eat fatty acids, a type of fat that takes the bad fat out of your body. Such as Olive oils, Flax Seed Oils, Avocados, nuts, seeds, or Fish Oils. Those fats reverse heart disease and improve your nervous system. There's more, but be healthy, stay healthy, and you will reduce overall body fat, increase lean muscle, and increase bone density through the proper nutritional tools.
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Indiana Originally Answered: high calorie high protein diet for bodybuilding?
Well sounds like you are going on a bulk to me. If you are serious about bodybuilding there are all sorts of splits in macronutrients you can do, but one of the most popular is 40/40/20. 40 percent carbs, 40 percent protein, 20 percent fat. Great carb sources are oatmeal, brown rice, and whole wheat bread. Proteins are probably the easiest, but when bulking it can get a little costly. I have found ON brand whey for pre workout and post workout is fairly effective if you are on a budget. They also make a great Casein blend for before bed for repair and mass building. Try to keep your bulk as clean as possible so you can minimize fat gain while you are on your way up. As for supplements fish oil caps are friggin great, so is CLA, and Flax Seed Oil. These are great ways to get your Essential Fatty Acids in and also keep your bulk lean as possible. Spread those cals out over 5 or 6 meals. Other then that man make sure you are lifting heavy and keeping the volume low and you will be fine. Don't make the mistake of eating a bunch of crap to fill out your calories, you will regret the hell out of it when it comes to cutting time. If you are super serious about it, check out Tom Venuto's book, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. It has a lot of great information on how to cut and bulk effectively. Your bulk should be just a caloried up version of your cut.

Elayne Elayne
I'm not a bodybuilder but I think I can help. If you want to get into the bodybuilding game you're gonna have to do a couple things. When it comes to diet, you need to limit how many carbs you consume, you need to limit how much fat you consume and you have to stack up on protein more than anything else. This doesn't mean that you should cut carbs and fats out all of the way (that would be unhealthy), but you should consume less than normal. Especially before competitions. Now I'll answer your questions more specifically: "I want to get big and lose the excessive fat at the same time." I'll tell you if I had a dime for everytime I hear someone say that, I'd be a millionaire. If you want to lose fat, you're gonna have to start doing cardio along with eating less carbs and fat. That's alot harder than it sounds. At the same time you're gonna have to limit cardio if you want to bulk up. That's the trick. You have to do cardio to lose fat but you also have to limit it in order to bulk up. What you do is eat big, lift big, and do SOME cardio and you'll reach your goal eventually. "Is this healthy for my body?" Losing fat isn't gonna harm you as long as you do it right. As long as you don't cut all fats out, you'll be good. Otherwise it's not healthy. "Doesn't a body builder's body need any fat to grow the muscles?" The problem isn't bulding muscle. The problem is that by not having any fat and not consuming it is VERY bad for your health. "Is it easy a body builder to keep growing their muscles when there's no fat in their body?" You need some fat for EVERYTHING. No matter what business you're in, you need some fat. Either way, it's impossible to have no fat at all. Even bodybuilding giants like Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman have a 2 or 3 pecent bodyfat. "Is it ok for the body to have no fat at all?" No, that's not healthy. Then again, like the answerer before me posted, proffessional bodybuilders don't have healthy diets at all. They do things that on the long run will break them down. At least modern ones do. Some of the natural bodybuilders from the golden age of bodybuilding did it healthy but there's no way that you'll win a competition with their body.
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Cherice Cherice
no, high protein can increase your cholesterol. and for boys you at lest need an 14-17% of body fat. to get a healthy body you need to have regular food on time and exercise it will keep you fit and healthy. green vegetables are good for body but not eating is not a diet. it makes you weak. you need about about 72% of water to keep it healthy.
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Ashlee Ashlee
it is NOT healthy, and bodybuilders have THE most unhealthy diets to look the way they do for competitions. but in the offseason, bodybuilders REALLY put on weight, fat and muscle, then right before the comp, they diet like mad for months even cutting out water intake.... i mean, they black out, pass out, have NO energy... then after the comp usually they binge because they've been starving themselves for so long. this is why i chose not to do a figure competition. i'm a girl, 23 and i've always been into weight lifting. but the diet is sooooo horrible and unsafe that i decided against it. so make SURE you know exactly what you're doing... and set a competition date, and register... then plan out when to start your diet... but remember, during the off-season, bodybuilders are NOT cut and do not appear lean. OFCOURSE the body NEEDS fat! in order to achieve the appearance that bodybuilders have, you have to put your health aside... :(
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Ashlee Originally Answered: Protein drinks or high protein diet?
I use protein shakes with a high protein diet, but my goals are to gain weight. I recommend getting whey protein, but drink it only olny once you've woken up, and after your workout THATS IT. everything meal in the middle should be with chicken, eggs and all that jazz. The importance of whey is that is the fastest absorbing whey protein out there. So after you workout and take whey your body will utilize the protein much faster than if you were to eat a chicken breast or have 2-3 egg whites.......so definatley get some whey protein. Since you are trying to cut up (lose fat) take the protein with water NOT MILK, milk just has excess calories you dont need. The whey protein I use is EAS 100% Whey PRotein form sams club...its cheap and effective. I ve also started using MuscleTech Premium whey protein, also from sams club, I just started using it so I cant give you any pros or cons yet. Ive heard that the Body Fortress whey protein from Wal-Mart is exelent, but it only comes in 2 pound boxes, whereas the ones from Sams club come in 5 pound bags. Yes definatley get some whey...no soy; soy has estrogen and will give you man-boobs. And also eat a high protein diet.

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