Life with antidepressant medication! NEED STORIES AND ADVICE!?

Life with antidepressant medication! NEED STORIES AND ADVICE!? Topic: Life with antidepressant medication! NEED STORIES AND ADVICE!?
January 26, 2020 / By Kathryn
Question: I have depression and serious anxiety. I am taking Citalopram(antidepressant). It keeps me sane and normal. I can't be a normal without it. Is there a way to conquer this anxiety and depression without medication eventually? Should I go to counselling? Or is this a permanent thing that will always haunt me? My antidepressant makes me feel like I can deal with everyday stress and my anxeity. This medicine is completely helping me. So, telling me that life without this medication is better....won't help me. I beg to differ.
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Best Answers: Life with antidepressant medication! NEED STORIES AND ADVICE!?

Hepsie Hepsie | 3 days ago
I too have depression and know bad it can be. On a positive note, For Depression I take VITAMIN D, AND VITAMIN B6, and also Evening Primrose Oil, People who are deficient in these vitamins can suffer from depression. Type Vitamins and depression to search engine for more information. http://www.livestrong.com/article/269325... http://www.vitaminddeficiencyguide.com/v... http://www.real-depression-help.com/vita... For Anger and/or Anxiety I take Kalms or Quiet Life, they are herbal, again buy Boots Superdrug etc http://www.kalmsstress.com/ http://www.boots.com/en/Lanes-Quiet-Life... You can buy these from Chemists, Supermarkets, Poundland, Boots, Superdrug etc. I also found that writing things down helped, get all my emotions out, It is not good to bottle things up. Try deep breathes and breathe slowly, go for a walk, somewhere quiet away from people. Take Care Hope you feel better soon. Claire x
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Earnestine Earnestine
Antidepressants only work while you're taking them. If you have recurring depressions, then you may end up taking them for the rest of your life. However, this is the benefit of really good therapy. I'm not talking about "how are you feeling..what did your mother do to you therapy." I mean solution-focussed, good therapy. There are specific behaviors that put people at risk for recurrent depression--and you can change them. You can learn what are warning signs that you're going to get more depressed, and how to ward it off--exercise, disciplined good sleep, good nutrition, time with people, engaging at work, forcing yourself not to withdraw, etc. Look for a therapist--or good book--on interpersonal and/or cognitive-behavior therapy for depression and get off your meds. I did, and I haven't needed them for years. Getting good sleep and not letting myself avoid problems/people has been the key for me. I'm not just opining here; there is good science behind cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal therapy giving lasting results. Also, depression disrupts normal sleep patterns and this contributes to symptoms.
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Celinda Celinda
I was on a lot of SSRI drugs and they made me feel horrible than better. I don't want to be on a mind altering drug because soon you will be dependent on it. Once you get the right help which is CBT n therapy; it's soo much better feeling knowing your drug free and able to handle it on your own.
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Annmarie Annmarie
u can just try to practice yoga n meditation n this can help.you gain energy n stability mentally plz try to learn it at some yoga trainer take care
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