fast metabolism/skinny wrists and fore arms?

fast metabolism/skinny wrists and fore arms? Topic: fast metabolism/skinny wrists and fore arms?
December 11, 2019 / By June
Question: So for awhile i have known that i have a really fast metabolism, because i love food, and so does my family. I probably eat more than the average person, and some of my friends refer to me as "the human garbage disposal". Ever since last year when i was 15 my mom has been nagging me to eat more or asking if im anorexic. And a friend of mine was joking when he grabbed my wrist and said, "wow your anorexic". It hurts, because i know im not, and ever since my mom has started bothering me about that, ive tried eating more fatty and unhealthy foods. all that really has done is make my skin a little worse and my stomach a little bigger. The only problem is with my arms. I dont really work out that much, just push ups and crunches a few times a week. im 5'6" and 128 lbs. So are there any tips to help me be a little more bulky in my wrists and forearms?
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Goldie Goldie | 4 days ago
Eating more does not mean that u should eat unhealthy ! Its amazing that u have such a fantastic metabolism. U can eat wat u want. So be happy coz we people try to put off weight and ur mother is forcing u to eat more. My mom tells me to eat less !!! i do actually. Ok, u know that u r not anorexic, so let other say wat they want to. u cant shout that from the roof-top of ur home. dont bother about ur skinny wrists. eat healthy like fibre and do regular exercise even though u r skinny. coz regular exercise improves blood circulation which will ultimately improve ur skin tone. Want better skin ? drink coconut water. it flushes the toxins out and gives u a natural glow + shiney hair !!!
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Goldie Originally Answered: I,m skinny with a fast metabolism .how can I gain weight and get a little more thick?
I am a naturally skinny girl. At 13 I was 5'2 and around 85-95 pounds. My wrists were very thin also. As I got older I started to develop and gained a bit of weight. My chest went from 32A to 32DD and I started to get curvier. I started to eat a bit more but I still stayed the same until I was 15. Then I started to get 'curves'. I think genetics play a role here.

Deven Deven
This seems to be everyone elses problem not yours. Eat meals with your family to reassure your mom as she is just worrying about you. Still eat healthily as you have pointed out fatty foods isnt doing your skin any good. you are within a healthy weight range just on the slim side. If you find you lose weight for no reason see your doctor to rule out any thyroid problems. If yor happy with yourself dont try to bulk up for the sake of other people.
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Candice Candice
The wrists and forearms are the hardest places to fill out. (I'm 6 ft. and 140 lbs. with really tiny wrists) Don't feel bad because you are thin. It's great that you have a fast metabolism, as you get older you'll really appreciate it because while everyone else will be getting plump, you'll still be able to maintain your figure, and that will be your sweet revenge.
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Amaryllis Amaryllis
you've probably just got a thin build body (which means even if your muscles are thoroughly trained it will still look like you do only a bit of workout and you will never get fat if you eat right) cut out junk food eat healthy and if you're truly worried here are two sites one can do things like telling you if you eat right and another give you general tips on health and stuff like that hope this helped.
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Amaryllis Originally Answered: Fast and effective way to get rid of fat arms?
First, get the idea out of your head that there's any such thing as 'spot reduction.' Meaning, if you do certain exercises for that area, the fat will magically disappear just from there and your arms will suddenly be taunt and tone again. Let me give you a real quick lesson on fat. Your body stores fat. It stores it in general areas that are common to you as a female. Most men store the most fat in their stomachs. Women tend to store it in their thighs, hips and buttocks. But with anything, you can and will store fat wherever. So the first thing you want to do is...reduce your body fat. Your body stores fat and the only way to reduce fat in any particular area that is bothering you is to reduce fat period from your body as a whole. Second, in order for that area of your arm to become tone, you'll want to build muscle in the back of the arm. That is called the Triceps and there's several good exercise you can do to build up that area. Weighted dips * Close grip bench press * Close grip push ups * Lying barbell French press * Overhead cable extensions * Cable press downs * Reverse cable press downs. You will not get muscular, you will get toned.

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