How is it possible for high protein to help weight gainers AND people who want to lose weight?

How is it possible for high protein to help weight gainers AND people who want to lose weight? Topic: How is it possible for high protein to help weight gainers AND people who want to lose weight?
October 19, 2019 / By Joyce
Question: I just don't understand how that is possible. How can the same diet help people gain weight and others lose it. It just doesn't make sense to me. Can anyone explain it? I am not trying to diet and spammers will be reported. I am just trying to ask a question. 1. I am pregnant and they said a 'higher' protein diet is good for you. 2. Protein does help and replaces eating like a pig lol. But again, I am not trying to lose weight.
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Best Answers: How is it possible for high protein to help weight gainers AND people who want to lose weight?

Ghislain Ghislain | 7 days ago
The difference between gaining weight and losing weight is that when people lose weight they burn more calories than they take in.Our bodies naturally produce a certain amount of protein but it is not enough to sustain or build muscle. So the body needs some sort of protein supplement to gain or sustain muscle and it is either eating food that is high in protein like chicken or fish or drinking protein drinks. The reason people gain weight is because protein builds muscle. So when people are gaining weight, it is usually muscle they are gaining rather than fat. And the way that high protein helps people lose weight is that they take in less calories than they burn and the protein sustains the muscle mass so that the body does not break the muscles down for fuel. The reason that it is significant to take in a lot of protein to sustain muscle mass is because the body naturally breaks down and uses muscle before using fat for energy and by taking in a lot of protein the body first goes to fat. And Cords is not 100% correct about carbs. He is refering to bad, sugar based carbs. You need good carbs for your body to function. Good carbs come from whole grains like oatmeal, brown rice, and some breakfast cereals (eating a bowl of regular Cheerios for breakfast is a great way to start the day off right). Good carbs also supply the body with fiber, and eating a high protein diet without carbs, the person will be constipated (trust me! eat fiber!). So a good high protein diet is occompanied by plenty of fiber. So good carbs are whole grains that give the body energy and keep people regular. Bad carbs come from breads, pasta, white rice and many other things. They raise insulin which cause the blood glucose to rise and your body to store more sugars and fats.
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Ghislain Originally Answered: Any good weight gainers or protein shakes for teens?
I highly recommend Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition. It is excellent for bulking as I am bulking up from 160-180 pounds!

Demi Demi
I have not heard something approximately protein making persons imply however, each person is developed in a different way. I've by no means heard three protein shakes plus three foods earlier than. The handiest approach I can see that operating is that if the foods are small. The factor approximately protein is that it's problematic on your frame to take in it speedily so while your frame does use it, it makes use of it for quintessential features like constructing muscle. If you're concerned approximately your funds perhaps you'll be able to determine a compromise with him. Like one million protein shake an afternoon. Oh and you can also wish to check out watching at purchasing protein powder in bulk, or from an outlet retailer to save cash on it. Whatever you do, do not flip this into some thing that's going to compromise your marriage, not anything is valued at that.
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Calanthe Calanthe
Yes to both of your questions. High protein diets will help build muscle if you are working out and tearing muscle fibers. Eating healthy proteins in moderation, such as peanut butter two times a day will actually speed up your metabolism and help you loose weight. Fish has healthy oils which help speed metabolism too.
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Alvina Alvina
nobody needs HIGH protein, everyone just need the right amount of protein. it goes like this u find your weight in KG (if u use lbs to measure weight divide your weight in lbs by 2.2) ok so your answer is your weight in KG. u multiply this number by .8 if u are lazy and not active, by 1.4 if you exercise and by 1.8 if you are trying to gain serious muscle and/or exercise like a MANIAC. the answer is how many grams of protein u need in a day. despite what some people say 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is WAY too much. your body cant break it down well and it can in the long run cause liver damage. good luck
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Vergil Vergil
Even if you eat the same, the amount of calories you burn depends on what level of activity you do. You add 5 and take away 10 then you get -5 You add 5 and take away only 3 then you get +2 To lose weight, you do more cardio exercises to burn weight off. To gain weight, you do a minimum amount of cardio just to be healthy (heart needs to be stronger to pump blood into more muscle mass) and do weight training to build the muscle mass.
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Ronnie Ronnie
Protein is the building block of muscles. You lift weights, break down your muscles, and build them back up larger by consuming massive amounts of protein. As for losing weight, it's not really the protein that's responsible, it's the lack of carbohydrates. Carbohydrate cause the body's blood sugar levels to increase. This causes the pancreas to secrete insulin to move the sugar out of the blood and into fat cells for storage. When insulin levels are high, fat cannot be metabolized as fuel. When you remove carbohydrates from the diet, insulin levels are reduced and fat is free to flow out of the cells to be used as fuel. The high protein diet is just the result of removing carbohydrates. If you aren't eating any carbs, the ratio of protein and fat you are eating naturally increases. This is why it seems a "high protein diet" is good for weight gain and weight loss.
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Ronnie Originally Answered: Do people still eat a FEW carbs while following a low-carb, high-protein diet?
Hi Black Cards! Probably a better way to think about the diet is LCHF - you will need the high fat for your new fuel source. Carbs are in many foods, including wheat (bread, cereal, pasta), rice, fruits (sugar/fructose), milk (lactose), veggies (potatoes have high carb while spinach/broccoli is low). It depends upon what method you are going with as to how many carbs you ingest. With Atkins, induction phase (losing weight) is under 20g/day. After that you can add more to get more variety in your diet (usually in terms of fruit/veggies). There is also the paleo method which I suppose I'm on in a varied sort of way. I generally have less than 60g/day. Don't cheat - cheating is bad for your body. Basically, you need to get your body into a state of ketosis when you are using fat for fuel. If you cheat, even one it can take a week or longer to get back to that state. You'll be spinning your wheels. After you lose the weight you can cheat but I definitely don't as it is not good for my health. ------------------------------- @ Others: 1)"Low carb..no beans, grains, dairy, ceteal. Could cause gout. Not good. Balanced diet, better." Gout is caused by increased uric acid in your system, a direct result of increased sugar/fructose ingestion. You. Idiot. 2)Katie: Full source, please. Complete nonsense. Low-carbohydrate diet has a much greater sustained affect on weight loss than low-fat. And so my brain isn't functioning right now? I better eat some carbs! Your body actually uses fat for fuel. Carbohydrates get in the way. "So you may notice you cannot focus and have headaches on that diet. It is your brain telling you that it is starving." Completely ludicrous. Are you making this up as you go? Your focus actually is strengthened and headaches go way, as does indigestion, heartburn, constant hunger, weight, blood inflammation, cholesterol, uric acid, etc. Starvation and ketosis are two entirely different states. Common Dumb Statement #12: "If you are really serious about weight loss, unfortunately the only way to lose weight is by burning off more energy (calories) than you take in." This is a no-brainer but thank for sharing. Unfortunately it is very misleading. It treats all calories the same. "The recommended intake for diet is 45-65% of your daily calories for carbs, while protein is only recommended to be 10-35%." Sounds like a government spoken script. Always trust the government who came up with low-fat diet around 30 years ago. Due to the massive explosion of obesity and diabetes in this country, I'm glad you still spreading lies. Thank you. 3)shoney shoney "Katie+ High protein, low carb diets are also linked to the development of Cardiovascular Diseases." Source? Pure unadulterated crap. Total blood inflammation due to decreased sugar intake is the norm. Also, compare any triglyceride or LDL level against a low-fat diet any you'll be blown away. Just because you lose weight, or are skinny eating low-fat does NOT mean you are healthy internally. Sorry to break the news. "You also don't supply your body with the appropriate energy to function, which means you won't have the energy to say, work out efficiently." Damn, I better stop weight lifting, I must be doing it wrong. I guess I'm inhaling carbohydrates from the air in the locker room prior to working out. "High protein diets also usually go hand in hand with high fat diets (think atkins... nothing good comes from atkins..)" Not true. Most low-carbohydrate lifestyle individuals I know are LCHF (high fat). Too much protein is indeed an inflammatory but those actually versed in a wee bit of science and clinical (not meta data science) trials will know this. "High fat diets raise your body's Fat Storage setpoint, meaning they cause you to store a higher percentage of energy as fat than you would on a balanced diet." Um, no your body immediately burns the fat for fuel. Insulin is sleeping quietly while your body functions normally. "High carb diets (complex carbs) lower your body's setpoint, causing the opposite effect. (refined/processed carbs do the same thing as high fat diets)" Hate to inform you but putting the word "complex" before something else does not mean it is instantly healthy. All carbohydrates have an affect on human blood-glucose level, including "complex" carbohydrate. "Keep in mind, a "diet" does not necessarily mean eating less, it means eating healthy. Make sure you are eating healthy. A healthy diet promotes a healthy body, and that's what you are going for (I hope)" I would love to get your full lipid panel results for posting here.

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