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keto diet Questions ? Topic: keto diet Questions ?
July 19, 2019 / By Annitta
Question: I have heard that if you take in a very tiny amount of carbs you will be in a very catabolic state. Why is it that the ~50g is so neccesary in the diet? Why is it such a bad idea to go lower?
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Yancy Yancy | 7 days ago
your body won't be in a catabolic state if your caloric intake is high enough. that's why when you decrease the carb intake you increase the protein and fat intake to make up for the calories. 50 grams really isn't neccessary it really depends on the size and activity level of the person. have you looked at the other keto diets like the TKD and CKD? do a net search on Lyle McDonald he's the king of keto diets and on the hormone leptin which regulates fat loss
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Yancy Originally Answered: Low-carb diets (like the Keto Diet)?
Yes. You would eat twenty carbs a day for two weeks, then forty carbs a day for two weeks, then sixty carbs a day for two weeks... When you start to gain weight you know what your magic number is and how many carbs you can eat per day without gaining weight.
Yancy Originally Answered: Low-carb diets (like the Keto Diet)?
food performs such an important section in our lives, and inspite of the incontrovertible fact that it’s certainly one of our worst enemies as precise. It takes basically approximately almost not something for a wholesome food plan plan to coach into one that packs on the pounds or motives wellbeing problems! replace this with Metabolic Cooking and make the nutrients a chum and not an enemy.

Shelley Shelley
Think of it like this: Protein are the building blocks, they repair muscle tissue and prevent muscle breakdown. Fat's (Essential Fatty Acids) are your oils, they lubricate and replenish your joints and cells Carbs are the fuel for the body, it's what makes us run. Keep in mind there are different kinds of carbs. Simplex carbs have no value to the body, sugars, sweets etc. While Complex carbs are breads, pasta's, rice. Your body takes longer to burn a complex carb than a sugary carb i.e. the "crash" after eating chocolate, ice cream or other sweets. Cutting carbs from your diet is a bad idea! Instead, change the time you eat them. In other words, have your pasta, rice, bread or potato carbs for lunch as opposed to dinner. That was your bodies' metabolism has the rest of the day to burn those calories versus eating them at 8pm then going to bed an hour later. Make dinner a protein rich meal (chicken,fish,beef) with either broccoli, salad or other veggies
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Noland Noland
What really matters is the Ketogenic To Anti-Ketogenic Ratio. The amount of carbohydrates is different to everybody but it pretty low. Take a look at this Keto Calculator : http://www.mydreamshape.com/keto-calculator/ you can customize your macro-nutrient proportion yourself and see if they meet the equation used to induce ketogenic diets into childhood epilepsy, the ketogenic ratio of K to AK must be 1.5 or higher. It's very easy to use :)
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Noland Originally Answered: Please answer anyone who has ever been on a low carb keto diet.?
I've been on a low carb diet for 2 years now. I've lost almost 150 lbs so far. It takes 3 days of low carb dieting to kick your system into ketosis. The first 2 weeks of dieting I was religious, no more than 15 carbs per day. That helps get your body adjusted to it. I noticed a difference in how my clothes fit the second week. (I was in a 28W, now I'm almost in a 14!) Now I eat 20-30 carbs per day and am gradually taking off the last 40 lbs. This diet has been a blessing for me. My blood sugar was 223, now it's low 70s. Blood pressure was 179/96...now it's 116/74. I haven't eaten any processed foods for a long time and don't miss it at all! I shop the outside of the grocery store and it totally makes sense. Good Luck!!

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