Does the Morongo Casino/Resort have a place for kids?

Does the Morongo Casino/Resort have a place for kids? Topic: Does the Morongo Casino/Resort have a place for kids?
July 18, 2019 / By Janey
Question: Does the Morongo have a place for kids, like an arcade or maybe like their own floor , etc. Somewhere where they can at least play without having to be near the slot machines and the cigarette smoke?
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Best Answers: Does the Morongo Casino/Resort have a place for kids?

Essie Essie | 7 days ago
Inside the same building no, but just across the parking lot, there is the old casino building they have turned into a bowling alley. Its about a one minuet walk, really just across the parking lot. There are a few casinos that have a kids center / daycare inside them. They are called KidsQuest you can google KidsQuest and find a list of casinos that have childrens play places in them. But Morongo does not offer this, but the bowling alley is for kids, and its very nice inside.
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Claretta Claretta
That is why we ask questions, to see if the casino has something appropriate for kids or near by to leave the kids while we enjoy the casino. You know like Circus Circus.
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Basmath Basmath
Hello Guy, I see what you mean you always have someone whose going to be judgemental! I don't gamble but I take my children there to the arcade and we enjoy the eateries and everything it's nice the games are inexpensive and they can win prizes and stuff
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