what do you use to get rid of your acne?

what do you use to get rid of your acne? Topic: what do you use to get rid of your acne?
January 25, 2020 / By Hilda
Question: what do you use to get rid of your acne, black heads, white head or pimple, what soap or product that work magic for you? and tip that help get rid of your acne. what did you do?
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Ebony Ebony | 8 days ago
Hey dude, i was an acne sufferer for the best part of 9 years and i was forever dishing out money on differents creams, cleaning lotions and stuff like that, none of which worked. I then startet my own programme which consisted of 3 things: 1. Drinking lots of Anti-oxident juices (promegranate, cranberry, pure apple/orange juice, all pure and NOT from concentrate), as well as plenty of water on a daily basis. 2. Taking Zinc Suppliments everyday. (Available from Holland and Barrett). 3. Using a thin layer of 2.5% Benzoyl peroxide cream or gel everyday just after washing. (Available from Boots) You need to rid of the toxins in your body (enter the fruit juices) and heal the damage to your skin (introducing Zinc). Zinc accelerates the formation of new skin cells, therefore healing your skin at a much faster rate. Drinking water will hydrate the skin and will bring minerals to it. Once you have washed in the morning (use a facewash rather than soap as soap can irritate and dry the skin, and whatever you do, DONT SCRUB!!!, but go easy when you are cleansing) and your skin has dryed, put a thin layer of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream or gel (i prefer the gel) over the face as this dramatically clears up any current acne I highly reccommend using 2.5% and nothing more concentrated as 5 % and 10% creams can be very harsh to the skin and leave you with very dry, itchy skin, trust me, i've been there! Do these steps everyday and within a week you'll be onto a winner! My face has become ever so clear since following these steps and am continuing to do so everyday! J : ) P.s Also try not to eat fatty foods as this puts lots of toxins into your blood, instead eat more fruit and less fatty foods! P.p.s. And don't be disheartened if throughout the process you have the odd breakout of spots, it happens! Sometimes i have a clear face for weeks and feel really healthy and i wake up one morning with lots of new spots! Chances are, if your continuing to follow the steps than those new spots will be gone within a couple of days. All the best man!
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Ebony Originally Answered: acne how to get rid of it?
Most acne products only treat the symptoms and not the source. They even make your skin dry, sensitive. Prolonged use can even lead to premature aging and other health issues. The main causes of acne is toxins build up in the body and clogged pores caused by excessive oil and deadskin cells. THese provide a fertile ground for acne to spread and thrive. To effectively fight acne and prevent acne from coming back, you have to attack acne from inside the body as well as outside on the skin. So, look for an acne product that fights acne internally as well as externally. They should also contains natural ingredients since they're more safer to use and has less side effects. There are also things you can do at home to get rid of acne. Take actions to detoxify your body and take care of your skin and soon, you will permanently end your acne and have clear, radiant, beautiful skin! For the next couple of weeks, stick to the regimen below: -Drink a glass of warm water with lemon and honey in the morning and evening -Drink lots of water throughout the day to flush out the toxins -Drink at least 3 cups of green tea a day - green tea contains antibacterial properties to kill the bacteria -Try to do some exercise so you can sweat out all the toxins. Also, try to do meditation -Eat as many apples as you can. You should buy organic apples at Wholefood. Dont buy apples at local supermarket. Supermarket apples contain pesticides that can toxify your body -Eat oatmeal for breakfast -Eat 2 cups of yogurt a day - yogurt boost ur immune system and contain microbiotic organisms that help your digestive system and control the acid/yeast -Eat lots of green veggies (organic if possible) -Stay away from coffee, sugar, carbohydrates, fatty and fried food -Eat salmon and cantaloupe as much as possible -Wash your face in morning and evening with gentle cleanser, use natural toner, and follow up with oil-free moisturizer Check out http://www.amazingacnecure.com for more tips and secrets on the best acne product, how to get rid of blackheads, oily skin, acne scars.

Chanel Chanel
Try ProActiv Solution, here's the site: http://www.proactiv.com/index.php?uci=ou... Also, avoid oily foods and make sure you wash your face regularly. Put some pimple ointment on your pimples before sleeping. Do not touch 'em, they get infected with germs from your hands. And you can always go to a facial center to get a facial, diamond peel or something. They can help. Good luck.
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Anonna Anonna
The best type of acne treatment is a set. Usually it's three or four stages. This way, it target all of your acne and blemishes and portects you 24/7. The best acne package is ProActiv.
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Yorath Yorath
Use the Clinique 3 steps! it has facial wash, toner, moiturizer It has 3 varieties, for oily skin, dry and combination.. depends wat type of skin u have... It work on me...
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Yorath Originally Answered: How can I get rid of my acne?
Stress. Stress & Stress. Believe me the best way to get rid of acne is to exercise + good personal hygiene + drinking enough water. exercising encourages your body toxin to be forced out of your body that will eventually reduce acnes. On top of that, you must be drinking sufficient water to be able to allow this process of your body's self-detoxication. Lastly, do not forget to clean yourself throughly. I would advice you to refrain makeups as it encourages clogging of your skin spores. Adding on to that, If you are using soap that has moisturizers stop using it as it may result in having more acnes. Try using "PURE Glycerin" soap that contains no Fat usage during manufacturing. I know of some brandnames but i have no idea if it is avaliable over at your place. Eg. Pears, Simple. Try to look out for Pure Glycerin Soap as it will not encourage acne like other normal body soap or whatever showerfoam do. You can use it to wash your entire body. Face, body and all. No worries. I hope what i've provided is of some help to you. Cheers.

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