Severely constipated cat?

Severely constipated cat? Topic: Severely constipated cat?
September 23, 2019 / By Sydney
Question: my cat is severely constipated. can I use a portion of fleets enema to try and loosen the constipation?
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Rebeccah Rebeccah | 1 day ago
If you suspect that he is that severely constipated then the kindest thing you can do is to take him to your vet, have him diagnosed as such and treated in the clinic. The vet can handle the problem - sometimes the best thing is light sedation while manually helping him. This results in him being in the best place with the results that can be very messy. The vet usually keeps him in the clinic until finished and they can give him a good bath (even partial bath) afterwards. Do not try this at home. I also believe that the fleets enema may have an ingredient that is not good for cats. One more consideration...since this is a male make sure that he is urinating okay. Sometimes clients think the cat is constipated when in fact a male cat is actually urinary blocked. It is sometimes hard to tell the difference.
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first off eat a damn sandwich and second try the activia yogurt its suppose to help. or get a bowl of colon blow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaUogmewRyc you wont have to worry about gaining weight hell youll be lucky to have any bones left after that one

Merrilyn Merrilyn
NO, do not use Fleets Enema on your cat!!! It could be intestinal worms, stress, or another illness (serious or not). Worms can very serious, even deadly. You didn't say how long it has been constipated. If you are concerned, take it to a vet. I can tell you of a few times when my cats were constipated -- Once, I changed my cats from wet (homemade) food to dry commercial food. One cat was constipated several days, but, eventually, started going again. Twice, another cat had intestinal worms and was constipated for a week. As soon as I realized he (an outdoor cat) was constipated, I gave him "tuna in oil" (canned), every meal until he pooped. I also gave him vegetable oil (3 Tablespoons?), several times, on a plate and let him drink it. He, eventually, pooped and was (is) fine. I started treating him with tuna and oil after I losing a cat to worms. I had only just realized something might be wrong when he (an outdoor cat) disappeared. He was gone for almost 3 days, as I recall. He came home and died hours later... shortly after I found worms gushing out of his butt. I played, over and over, the scenes of my seeing that cat outside, wondering if any other signs were there. I noticed, once -- and only once -- that he turned, real fast, as if something bit him on the butt. He didn't lick, bit, or scratch it -- so, I think he was annoyed by something he couldn't reach (inside... intestinal worms). So, now, every time I see a cat do that, I either give him oil, or tuna in oil right away, or watching him very close to see if he poops or shows any signs of worms. So, that's all I know. If it's been a while that your cat has been constipated, and if you are concerned, you should, probably, take it to a vet.
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Lessie Lessie
You need to take him to the vet. They can tell you if it constipation or something more severe like a blockage. And they are the best option for treatment. A fleets enema is meant for humans only. While fleet does have different types of enemas, there are ingredients in them that are going to be toxic to your cat and could kill it. Do not use it.
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Joss Joss
if he is severely constipated he needs to be treated by your veterinarian. if you were to try to use an enema on him and something goes wrong you could perforate his rectum then he'll be dead. if constipation is an ongoing problem for him you should ask your vet before attempting anything like this. they may be willing to instruct you on proper methods.
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Gerry Gerry
No, they contain salts that will dehydrate and possibly poison a cat. He needs a vet visit, not home treatment at this point.
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Your body can become addicted to laxatives, you dont want that to happen. Constipation can happen because of many things, are you on any medication? Opiates can cause it.. anxiety can cause it..Not to scare you or anything.. but if you are constipated for a long period of time, you can get a fecal impaction which is easily treatable but can be dangerous.. go to a doctor or a walk in!

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