diabetic dog is constipated?

diabetic dog is constipated? Topic: diabetic dog is constipated?
May 22, 2019 / By Susie
Question: my dog was just diagnosed yesterday with diabetes. today they also determined that she has an infection in her pancreas. we started the insulin today along with antibiotics. however she seems to be constipated. is there something i can do to help with that \?
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Randy Randy | 9 days ago
I agree with the first answer. Your dog has enough problems without consulting the vet first for her constipation. An easy call tomorrow should clear up just exactly what he will prescribe to help her. I wouldn't give her anything until I talked to him unless she is in pain or straining. You already are on the road to better health for her and I am sure the vet will be glad to tell you what to do for her. Good luck with her.
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Your cells have become resistant to the effects of insulin, which is the hormone produced by your pancreas that causes glucose in the blood to be transferred to the cells. Over the course of many years, if a person eats a high carbohydrate diet, the body produces too much insulin and the cells get tired of all of the sugar being forced into them. So they become resistant and won't "open the door". In turn as the blood glucose levels stay high, the body produces more and more insulin, trying to get the cells to open up and accept the blood sugar. Eventually, the cells become completely resistant to the effects of insulin and at this point it becomes apparent that a person is diabetic. However, the cells then start starving for food, so they start burning fat stores for energy. Ketones are a product of fat metabolism and are excreted in the urine. As the fat stores are used up, the diabetic person loses weight. You feel bad because your blood sugar is too high and it's imperative that you get your blood sugar under control. Go on a very low carbohydrate diet (no sugar and only very small amounts of complex carbohydrates) to get your blood sugar down to normal levels. Diabetes cannot be cured but its progression can be stopped if you severely limit your carbohydrates.
Randy Originally Answered: a diabetic has ketones due to stress, will the diabetic loose weight?
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Mercy Mercy
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Leola Leola
I am so sorry your dog has such problems and glad she has someone to help and take good care of her. When this happens to my dogs i give them a tablespoon of pumpkin but I don't know if that's okay for your dog please ask your vet! She has enough to deal with right now. This is not a mix already mixed for pies, please make note of that. I hope it helps if she can take it...good luck and best wishes to your pup and you.
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