can you get AIDS without doing anythign? symptoms can someone diagnose me?

can you get AIDS without doing anythign? symptoms can someone diagnose me? Topic: can you get AIDS without doing anythign? symptoms can someone diagnose me?
September 19, 2019 / By Annetta
Question: I have not had any sex kissed with tongue shared needles or any of the things that result in HIV But I have a low platelet count (went from 90 to 103 and now to 68) and am tired find that i get a mild cough (might be my allergies) Have irregular bowel movements have had weight gain dizziness Any idea what it could be? And could it be AIDS if I did nothing to get it? That's my biggest worry so answer that one first!!!! i was tested for AIDS about 5 years ago because I was a hypocondriac and it was negative. My parents do not have it.
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Wynne Wynne | 9 days ago
If you have not had sex or done any high risk activities since five years ago you're fine unless you were tested five years ago less than six months after having sex. I would go with a year even better. If you've had sex in the last five years at all or even oral sex especially if the oral sex resulted in ejaculation you might consider getting tested. If you've just kissed someone or touched someone sexually without exhanging bodily fluids I wouldn't worry about it. Just get tested anyway. Nobody is going to laugh at you. Look at the world we live in. You can not get hiv from the following: hand holding, hugging, talking, sleeping in the same bed with someone unless the bed is bleeding, using the toilet, using the shower someone else has used. You do not get it from sharing clothes the way people get lice. It would be very unlikely to get hiv from kissing unless the infected person's mouth was bleeding and yours was bleeding too. You can't get hiv from mosquitos either, but watch out for west nile. HIV is commonly spread through heterosexual sex [penus and vagina] as in vaginal fluids or in a man's ***, through anal sex heterosexual or homosexual though there is a higher incidence among gay men than among gay women due to anal tearing/bleeding. It is possible to get hiv from oral sex. Hiv is also possible to spread through sexual touch if the infected person touches themselve and then touches you in the genitals and vice versa. Some stds are spread through contact with nipple secretions. It's spread through IV drug use which you're not a drug addict. It's not at the gas pump waiting to poke you. That was a hoax though it might be at the gas station waiting in a skirt to pick you up. Since the 1980's contracting hiv through blood transfusions and organ doners is rare, but it has happened in the news recently. If you had hiv and the symptoms were starting this can take up to ten years to start showing symptoms though it happens more quickly for some people. Five years would probably in some cases be enough time, but if you're not having sex and you're not doing IV drugs I'm not sure there is much to worry. Still get tested. Weight gain no offense is likely due to over eating or eating fattening foods. And this could cause the irregular bowels. No one can diagnose you of Aids or not other than a doctor with lab tests. Low platelet count? If you're worried about it get more tests. Could be lukeima though with both aids and luke you usually would loose weight. Being tired, having a low platelet count and dizziness could all be serious, but get a full blood work up. Ask yourself have you had sex in the last five years? Sex one time even protected can cause hiv. Also, have an ANA. Relax. ANA tests for other immune problems such as lupus which no one does anything to get these types of diseases and they're not catching. Certain behaviors can result in HIV, but don't think of it as being a person's fault. Everybody wants to be loved on and feel affection sometimes sexually even. However, in today's society people must be very careful where and how they get their affection. HIV medications can cause weight gain, but you haven't even been tested. Just get tested. There are places where you can test and get results over night though they cost a lot more.
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Wynne Originally Answered: Can someone diagnose my symptoms PLEASE!?
I would get checked for Wegener’s granulomatosis. It is an autoimmune disease, and it is quite rare. Your doctor can test your blood for ANCA (Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies) and follow it up with lung biopsy. The good news is that currently there are medications that might put this into remission. Also, it would be good to be checked for atypical pneumonias caused by Chlamydia pneumoniae (this is Not the one that causes STD, it is a Chl that attacks lungs!) or Mycoplasma. These infections can be very persistent and not go away on their own. Mycoplasma is also not sensitive to Penicillin or Ampicillin, it can only be treated with antibiotics such as Erythromycin, Zitromax or Doxycycline. Myco and Chl infections are also associated with development of Autoimmune Disease.

Shayne Shayne
Within 2-4 weeks after HIV infection, many, but not all, people experience flu-like symptoms, often described as the ?worst flu ever.? This is called ?acute retroviral syndrome? (ARS) or ?primary HIV infection,? and it?s the body?s natural response to the HIV infection. Symptoms can include: Fever (this is the most common symptom) Swollen glands Sore throat Rash Fatigue Muscle and joint aches and pains Headache These symptoms can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. However, you should not assume you have HIV if you have any of these symptoms.
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Nimrod Nimrod
Low platelet counts can result from other diseases, infections, or disorders besides HIV infection. If you have not engaged in any risky behaviors as you state, then there is little to no risk. Continue working with your doctor and also examine your nutrition to ensure you have enough iron and a balanced diet to restore your platelet level.
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Korbin Korbin
not sure what it could be, but you can get aids from your parents at birth or if you have been around an infected person with any cut or scrape and you have any opening for the blood to get it
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Indigo Indigo
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Indigo Originally Answered: Can someone help me diagnose these symptoms: dry cough that gets a lot worse when lying down?
Poor thing! You can't even get sleep with that crappy cough! Don't you wish something were coming out? At least then it would feel *worth it*! Ugh... Well, hopefully something here might be able to help you..... Here are some tips that help me when I'm fighting a cold, respiratory infection, or flu..... COOK YOURSELF UP SOME HEALY SAUCE: Boil some salty water in a pot on the stove. Turn off the burner. Blow your nose and cough out some phlegm. Make a steam hood by draping a small-to-medium-sized towel over your head and the pot. Breathe the salty steam in your nose, out your mouth several times. Breathe some in your mouth and out your nose a few times as well. Blow your nose whenever you need to. Keep this up until the steam is gone because the water has cooled. You can do this trick a few times throughout the day until you feel better. Salt is very healing. OVER THE COUNTER MEDS TO TRY: take a sinus decongestant containing Phenylephrine 5mg. you don't necessarily need all the extras it's often mixed with. but if you want some extras, here you go: Guaifenisen (Mucinex is the brand name, but it's way cheaper at dollar stores. always read ingredients!!) liquefies your mucus so it's much easier to expel. But you have to drink TONS of water or it won't work, and you must be near a bathroom because it makes you pee a lot. (yet causes constipation... another reason to stay hydrated!) Ibuprofen is an excellent anti-inflammatory, but it's strong, so alternate it with Acetaminophen as needed for pain, pressure, and headaches. ESSENTIALS FOR IMMUNITY BOOSTS: stay home. (even one day can make a difference to your immune system. plus, you'll keep your germs to yourself.) sleep. (bolsters up your immune system) drink plenty of water. (8 8oz servings a day=bare minimum!!) (pee out those germs and flush 'em away!!) take vitamin C, zinc, and echinacea. (also strengthen the immune system) eat too much garlic. (sorry, but it really is great for your health! and it will give you a good reason to stay home. :) ) wash hands well and often. use moisturizing lotion or hand sanitizer to keep from cracking your hands to bits. avoid milk and chocolate. dairy foods will thicken your mucus and make your fight that much harder. moderate exercise helps your immune system too! the meds and garlic are harsh, so don't take them on an empty stomach. i hope you allow yourself some time to feel better soon! take care. also i just learned a new tip from John Popper of Blues Traveler: very hot water, cayenne pepper, white vinegar, and honey. SOUNDS GROSS!!! he gargles it and spits up all kinds of nasty crap. might be worth a shot, but don't hurt your vocals! to be safe maybe just drink hot water with lemon and honey. that works too, and it's much more pleasant. COUGHING FITS: you will benefit most from the mucinex and water. (generic is fine... but don't take any DEXTROMETHORPHAN (cough suppressant) during the day. take it at night so you can stop coughing and get some rest. during the day, you need to drink a ton of water and break that crap up so it will leave you alone! NOTE: I am not a doctor or nurse. Consult a medical professional to tailor any of the above suggestions to your particular circumstances, especially taking into consideration your weight, age, health, whether you're pregnant or nursing. FEEL BETTER SOON!! :

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