Anyone have any tips/tricks to cleaning plastic drinking cups?

Anyone have any tips/tricks to cleaning plastic drinking cups? Topic: Anyone have any tips/tricks to cleaning plastic drinking cups?
September 20, 2019 / By Brooklyn
Question: We have some pretty hard water and it kind of cakes in the bottom of the cups. We have a water softener and a filter, but it doesn't seem to help keep the cups from getting gunky. I've used a bottle brush, but it doesn't really help. My mom said to use a the dish washer, but she should have been here enough to know we don't have one. Also if anyone knows what I can use to clean them that doesn't leave a residue or taste like dish soap can, I would so appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance. You're right sweetpea, I probably should just go buy some new ones. :)
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Best Answers: Anyone have any tips/tricks to cleaning plastic drinking cups?

Alix Alix | 2 days ago
Okay, I have a few tips for you, since I USED to live without a dishwasher, until recently (can you IMAGINE?). Get some dishwasher cleaner anyways, it doesn't have to be the most expensive, just get the gel/liquid kind. Make a nice HOT bath in the sink with water and a 1/4 cup or so of the liquid dishwasher detergent and let it soak. Then wash as usual. You can also try the old baking soda in hot water also, cream of tarter I have heard of, but never actually used that one! I also use the spray oil like Pam for spraying the insides on any container I am going to put something in, like leftovers. But for my cereal plastic bowls and cups, I never had much of a problem, since I started using the dishwasher liquid and rinsing thoroughly. It is slippery stuff unless rinsed thoroughly. But a good hot water filled sink and some of that swished in will go a long ways to removing old milk, smells, oils, tomato sauce type stains, and so on. Let soak, then wash and rinse thoroughly. I now have the dishwasher (a portable unit) that we use, but if a glass of milk gets left behind and gets that dried out milk stuff, it seems so hard to get out unless soaked with the solution of dishwasher detergent, then rinsed and washed as usual. I have also used simple baking soda to soak the plastic ware in too, seems to help keeps smells and stains down and all my plastic ware is clean, clear and it original color. Good luck!
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Uriah Uriah
My plastic cups look horrid at times , because people are always leaving them outside , or sitting around and the drink dries in it , and when they do get washed in the dishwasher they come out with foo that looks like sand in them , so I run my dish water in the sink and add my detergent and then I always add 1/4 cup of bleach when I hand wash anything , and when doing this it cleans my plastic cups just fine and I have been doing this for 6 years now , never had any problems in doing so either .I just make sure to rinse extra good , and I also try and remember to wear rubber gloves so that the bleach will no irritate my skin , and make my hands smell and be slick so that I want drop any glass ..
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Rod Rod
The straw permits you to drink swifter. The alcohol does not react with the plastic. it quite is a lie. The cup purely permits you to drink extra at one time with each and each sip you're taking. stable situations!!!
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Michah Michah
White vinegar...or try some cream of tartar (find in the spice section) in water. Let it sit. Scrub, rinse. Repeat if necessary. Or, go to Big Lots and buy some new ones.
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