Is love necessary for a healthy life?

Is love necessary for a healthy life? Topic: Is love necessary for a healthy life?
November 13, 2019 / By Sheryll
Question: I don't have emotional intimacy in my life and it doesn't really bother me. I don't really allow my parents to hug me or kiss me. Sometimes I allow my mother to hug me, but rarely. (When I was younger, we were somewhat affectionate toward each other). Now, I rarely show affection towards her. I rarely say I love you to my parents. I never kiss or hug my father, and my brother I hug occasionally. I'm 21 and never been in a relationship. I've kissed a guy when I was 14 and found it absolutely nasty. I now have a really good guy friend, but find the thought of making out with him or kissing him disgusting. I have no desire to have sex and no desire to be in a relationship. I have no sexual abuse or trauma in my past. I don't really have that many friends at all. One close one... so maybe I'm just a loner. I can't say I'm happy with my life. I'm in college and have just concentrate on studying. I don't go to parties or clubs. My mom drilled it into me from an early age that basically all that matters is me getting a good career. I've thought about the fact that I might be gay, and while I do find some women extremely attractive, I wouldn't want to have sex with them.
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Perlie Perlie | 4 days ago
Oh.. So it's not just me.. Well,I have the same problem. I've never kissed a guy,although I've kissed a girl.. I'm concerned that I am gay too.. I share the same relation like you do with your parents.. I dont hug/kiss them much.. and I don't say that I love them that often either..I haven't got friends.. Besides the only friend I have in REAL life is not that close to me.. (the only close firends I have are all from skype..) So.. no worries.. I'm a loner too.. I'm even worse ^__^ And unfortunately love is necessary for a healthy life.. but only the requited one!!
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Perlie Originally Answered: Is love necessary for a healthy life?
I'd strongly suggest you consider going to therapy or counseling. You are too young to be thinking this way! You sound like a middle-aged woman who has had bitter experiences already...instead of a young person with their whole life ahead of them. You may be clinically depressed...and unaware of it! Get a good physical check-up done, soon. Find out if your hormones are at the right levels and see if you can go to therapy as well. Good luck. Life is not perfect..but it has wonderful things to offer. And love and companionship are two of them!

Marlee Marlee
Uhm Hunn ! You need to get a life . I'm not saying this to be rude. But the way i see it is you only have one life. Maybe you never experienced going to parties or something you need to try something before you know weather you like it or not. Most Jobs require to be social enough so you can do your job correctly. ! Uhm.. Maybe the guy you kissed when you where 14 was just a horrible kisser? And Maybe i would consider you to go out one night dress really nicely, go drinking or get high ! I find drinking causes hangovers and theres tons of calories - i usually get sick from drinking. Thats why i would recomend getting stoned it takes like 5 minutes - and then you feel amazing and its so much easier to talk to others... Hmm ! Just try it sometime. Then party the night with you're good guy friend. I could relate to not being close to my parents... when im older i plan on losing complete contact with them. And then just making friends it would be like the Familly i got to pick ! Oh - kay just experience this Lifee ! Live it the way you want. If you only want yourself - if you're comfortable with being a loner ... well thats cool also haha good Luck Hunn! Xo
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Krystina Krystina
Have you considered talking to a counselor or therapist to help you sort out your situation. And yes i do feel that everyone needs and deserves love, to truly have a happy and healthy life.I wish you the best.
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Jedida Jedida
I married later in life and I can tell you loneliness if not what it is cracked up to be. It is hard to be alone. I always needed somebody. So love must be the answer.
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Faye Faye
maybe you are, and that would be fine. All you need is love!! ^.^ the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.
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