P90x nutrition plan while breastfeeding?

P90x nutrition plan while breastfeeding? Topic: P90x nutrition plan while breastfeeding?
September 17, 2019 / By Anne-Marie
Question: I am about to start the p90x fitness program and it comes with a nutrition plan that I'm not sure is good for me while nursing. It consists of more protein and low carbs. lots of veggies and 1 fruit a day with protein shakes and powder.....does this sound safe for brestfeeding? my son is 8 mths and he is eating solid foods so is nursing less and less.
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Wymund Wymund | 7 days ago
You should not use any restricted diets like that while nursing without first consulting a Dr. Either ask a Dr. or Stop breastfeeding first. Keep in mind that the body will sacrifice itself for the baby's milk, so you could get malnourished. A lactating woman should take in at least 500 more calories per day than a non-lactating woman. OB/GYN RN
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Wymund Originally Answered: can i use my own diet in p90x workout .not p90x nutrition plan ?
I've do the P90x and I just eat a health diet. The only problem I've been having is not enough energy to workout really hard but I think that's because I'm not eating enough. So I've picked up my eating and it seems to be working. It's been about 2/3weeks and I can tell I'm already stronger and can do a lot more then I first could. I'm thinking about adding a protein shake as a after-workout drink, since I don't eat a lot of meat. This will help my muscle grow better, stronger so I think I will start seeing better results. I guess what it boils down to is when I 1st stared out i couldn't do a lot, so I could get away with eating less. But now that I'm becoming stronger, I need to eat more to have the energy. So just make sure to adjust your eating habits. Also take this into consideration: I've heard that the program usually burns about 600 calories per workout but honestly, (right now) who can do the whole workout just like Tony? Not many people so if your eating like your burning 600 calories (p90x nutrition plan) but really only burning half that, you're not going to get results. BOL! I'm starting to love the abs workout!
Wymund Originally Answered: can i use my own diet in p90x workout .not p90x nutrition plan ?
Don't get suckered into those workouts. They are just regurgitated knowledge that is free. Just read up on basic stuff like muscle twitch fiber and workout techniques. P90x has circuit training and 1-2-3 minute muscle anabolic thing I think.

Shay Shay
I am on the power 90 program now and have lost 10 lbs in two months but a lot of inches and I did not go on the nutrition plan. Due to you breastfeeding it is very important to eat for your baby not yourself. I know it may seem like a slow weight loss but you will notice a big difference in your clothes all over. I only do the program 5 days a week. Good luck to you, and congratulations on the breastfeeding, your baby and your body will thank you.
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Niles Niles
I breastfed my son, and I remember finding places in the mall to breastfeed. Some of the woman's bathrooms in the department stores have a sitting room before you enter into the bathroom. So I would go there. If I couldn't find a place I would breastfeed him in the back seat of our car out in the parking lot. But you can easily breastfeed your baby without anyone seeing you do so by simply draping a burp cloth or blanket over your shoulder - just make sure the baby can breathe of course. If you still insist on bringing breast milk in a bottle - you can pack the bottle and breast milk in a cooler with an ice pack. And then just ask someone in the food court to warm the bottle for you. I've done this before and they don't mind at all - gave me the feeling that Im not the only one who asks them to do this.
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Niles Originally Answered: Do I have to follow the P90x nutrition plan in order to get results?
No you don't. Just eat healthy and some what on track with what they are telling you to eat. My brother did it and he didn't follow the eating plan and he got a six pack.

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