infant constipation/bowel movement question?

infant constipation/bowel movement question? Topic: infant constipation/bowel movement question?
September 17, 2019 / By Annemae
Question: MY son who si 5 weeks old had not had a bowel movement since monday morning. He was started on formula last week. I offer the breast to him after each bottle but I don't believe he gets much milk which is why I have him on formula now. Over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday he had three quite large runny bowel movements. They were yellowish brown and seedy as well. Then monday till this evening he didn't have a bowel movement. I went to the doctor with him today for some advice since he was very gassy ( and it stunk so bad too.. it had never smelled before) and he had been trying to poop for the last two days with no luck. My doctor told me to try a few differant things and finally he had a bowel movement tonight. His BM tonight was like it was on saturday and sunday except it was a little more pasty instead of runny. It was yellowish brown and it was all over the place. Down his legs and everything. So my question is... given the consistency of his Bowel Movement is it really constipation or is something else going on. I would have expected him to pass more solid stools so I was surprised when it was runny and pasty like it was. I'm dry and thats that. Please don't respond to this post if you only wnat to tell me to stop feeding formula and nurse. Not everyone can nurse and there are medical reasons for it. And he is on Similac Isomil Advanced Soy formula with Iron incase anyone who doesn't want to shove breastfeeding down my throat wants to know...
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Wymond Wymond | 6 days ago
It's the formula. You make enough milk for him, or you will when you stop giving him bottles anyway. If you really want to nurse, toss the powder and nurse. Um, nothing was shoved down your throat. You stated that you offer the formula because you weren't making enough, since this is generally not true and an assumption based on bad advice from ignorant physicians I was actually making a suggestion. And if you're dry, why are you even offering the breast? You say there's nothing there, I don't see why you bother. If you have no desire to breastfeed, that's fine but own that at least. At any rate, formula poo is stinky and peanut buttery. Your baby has formula poo.
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Wymond Originally Answered: Bowel movement question?
There are some medical conditions which cause a person to have irregular bowel patterns and frequent loose stools such as Crohn's disease or irritable bowel syndrome but if she has informed her physician of these symptoms they would have discovered the cause and treated it by now. Is it possible that she has not told her ND about this problem? This doesn't sound healthy given the fact that she is pregnant. The lack of vitamins ans minerals due to inability to absorb them could have devastating effects on her unborn child. Whether it is a true condition or a misuse of laxatives she is putting her baby at risk.

Shawn Shawn
it may just be because you are changing what he is eating, his system is trying to get used to digesting it most likely. Until he is eating solids or onto cereal his stools will be runny, once he is started on cereal or solids he will have more solid stools. He should be having a bm 1 everyday normally once his system gets used to the formula. And yes it seems that formula can make his more gassy and smelly- my daughter can outdo my husband some days. And dont worry about the breast feeding thing, you do what you think is best for your baby no matter what other people say.
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Nigel Nigel
my son is kind of the same since he was about 5 weeks now hes 11 weeks n from time to time he gets like that , he was on similac advance earl shield but his ped change him to similac sensitive due to his gas n fussiness n constipation, when i notice that my son has taken a poop in a day i give him some apple juice with water 50/50 , n i warm it up a bit n it works every time he poops n finally gets his rest, they seem to get more fussy when they cant poop, many ped tell u not to introduce juice to babies until they are 9 months i believe but i rather will give him juice then the suppositories they recommend, also try giving him water, a bit warm too, sometimes they need a bit more water to get their digestive system working good, Also if u jst switch him to the formula it takes a time for him to get used to it, but i guarantee that if you try the apple juice n water it will work great, good luck n i hope it works .....
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Kolman Kolman
Sounds normal to me. You want his stool to be runny. He isn't getting solid food so it is actually perfectly normal to not have solid stool. I would be worried if he did have solid stool. Transitioning from breastmilk to formula could be hard on an infant but i don't think you should give up on breastfeading. You will miss it and you can always do both breastmilk and formula because that is what i do. If you can't breastfead thats okay too. Sometimes the iron is too much for young ones and you may have to switch formulas if he keeps having this problem. Trying something without iron might help.
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Immanuel Immanuel
My son was is in a similar situation as your son. He doesnt have BM often but when he does it doesnt seem very hard or lk hes constipated. When i asked the dr. about it he said it just may take some time to regulate and it isnt really considered constipation unless the actual poop is really hard and not easy for him to pass. My son is 6 months now and his BM's have regulated beautifully =]
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Immanuel Originally Answered: What would be the cause of an infant having firm, painful bowel movements?
It is a sign of Constipation. And of course it def. can be linked to the Formula, since I doubt she's eating. My daughter had that, she had painful BM's & she also had Gas Pains. She was then changed by her doctor to a soy formula. Just talk to your babies doctor.

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